Meet Mr. Alpha and Mr. Beta President


Pick out the Alpha and Beta male in this photo

One man looks like a self-assured lion who just pulled off a stunning upset and rebuke of 8 years of Communist policy. The other man looks like he was just pantsed in the locker room.

Make no mistake about it, the surprise election of Donald Trump with a solid win (over 300 electoral votes)  is a symbolic, giant FUCK YOU to Obama and his globalist minions who thought their agenda was unstoppable.

Trump has promised to reverse everything Obama has done during this tenure in office. With Republican majorities in the House and Senate he has a chance to do so, that is if the Cucklicans don’t mutiny and obey the mandate of their corporate bosses rather than the mandate from We The People. This will be the biggest possible caveat to Trumps ascendancy to power, as the Cucklicans have proven time and time again they’re state-worshiping Democrats Lite and not Conservatives or Libertarians by any means.

As we await for the coming transfer of power, look for Obama and other globalist interests to stir the pot as much as possible as they try to fuck with the results of a democratic election by creating riots and a narrative that Trump is “divisive” or some other focus group-derived nonsense.

We must not let Trump be marginalized by these evil people.

In the Grand Scheme of things, Obama will more than likely end up being little more than a shit stain on the underwear of history. He really has been a terrible and divisive President, and living through his reign of terror has been no cakewalk. But that photo reveals he knows his presidency is about to pass into obsolescence.

The look on his face is priceless as he must now realize the jig is up and he’s been called out on his Marxism by Tuesday’s election results. As one radio commentator said earlier this week, God’s hand is all over this election. Even if you’re not religious, you have to admit the victory of the nationalist Trump over Clinton, Inc. and the globalists is the secular equivalent of the biblical victory of David over Goliath.

It doesn’t stop here. Trump has his work cut out for him. While we all heave a collective sigh of relief about this 11th hour reprieve from the total destruction of the United States of America, we must realize our fight has only just begun. Trump will be opposed by some of the most calculating and evil forces imaginable before and after he is sworn into office, and his life will be in danger at the hands of people who will stop at nothing to turn us all into serfs toeing the line painted by New World Order interests.

The Marxist media is already hard at work constructing a narrative to try and debase Trump, thereby debasing the collective decision we all just made at the ballot box in favor of what THEY want for America rather than what YOU want. Look for political betrayals from the Cucklicans and a bitter four years as the globalists fight tooth and nail to regain their stranglehold over our republic.

Meantime, let’s enjoy our well-deserved victory, as for the first time in a long time the Silenced Majority’s voice has been heard.

If nothing else, it is beyond enjoyable and satisfying to see the stunned look on Obama’s face as the bastard thought he was going to get by with everything he’s done to “Whitey” and the other groups he and his racist backers hate so much. The real racists are the ones who hide behind the cloak of racism all the time.

Trump’s election could ultimately be one of the most crucial turning points in the history of the nation. Let’s not squander what we’ve achieved. Let’s do everything we can to Make America Great Again, while realizing the gravity and reality of the situation we are in means we shouldn’t expect any miracles.

Trump is America’s Hail Mary pass. Let’s hope he makes the touchdown when he’s in office.

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