Comment of the Week | November 20, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter jackronin wins Comment of the Week with his take on MGTOW Ghosting as a way for men to stick it to a system that sticks it to them on a regular basis.

Though I’ve never described myself as MGTOW, I’d say I’ve been ghosting for a long time now. I went through a period of gaming women non stop and I ended up in a serious relationship for years with a girl 10 yrs younger than me.

Ultimately it was toxic and brought me down. She was highly highly insecure and jealous. After the relationship ended I fucked one of her friends (ex friend) a few days later. She was even hotter than the girl I was with but you know what? After fucking her twice I just felt like shit.

Since then I’ve basically been a ghost with women and society. Also since separating from the ex gf I have made more money than ever, work less and have all these opportunities opening up because my mind is free from worry and stress.

I work the kind of hours that would make many men jealous. I run the show and now I’m building a crew of loyal men to become a part of something much bigger.

The western woman is a loathsome and worthless creature. I’d rather pay a prostitute to suck me off than waste even a few minutes talking to these women. I don’t help them in any way. I also don’t help and exclude from my life any weak men and white knight types. In fact I fucking hate them and hope they die painful and miserable deaths and no one remembers them.

I am building my empire and when the western whore comes to me for work or absolutely ANYTHING, I will laugh at her and kick her to the wayside along with every punk bitch white knight. You made your fucking beds.


I laugh at their misfortune and misery. I spit on all of them and spit on the society which breeds them. I’m above it all now and my loyal men are above it. While you take it in the ass day in and day out I’m smoking weed first thing when I wake up, driving around in my fancy car honking at you fucking zombies and yelling at you. Get the fuck out of my way imbeciles or I’ll run your bitch asses over.

I see a woman who needs help with something. A broken down car or what not……sorry bitch, you’re an independent woman, YOU take care of that shit while I zoom by tailpipes blowin smoke and a big middle finger out my window.

Haha my life is good and this is how I fucking made it.

Living well is indeed the best revenge. The odds are stacked against traditional men in modern times, but by providing free guidance and a little wisdom we can begin the process of freeing men from their bondage to women and society one life at a time.

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