An Internet “9/11” is Possible as Globalists Become Desperate to Regain Control of the Narrative


Establishment media regularly try to pass off Democratic operatives as unbiased journalists – Chris Cuomo, the weakling son of Governor Mario Cuomo and brother of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is only one example

There are those who think we should only get our news from “official” sources. You know, like the Democratic operatives Big Media try to pass off as an unbiased source of news. Chris Cuomo, son and brother of two leftist New York governors is only one example; George Staphylococcus, a former press secretary for Bill Clinton is yet another.

If there’s anything the 2016 election showed us, it’s that the American people are increasingly distrustful of and not listening to the commands laid out by the once mainstream media. They’re increasingly reticent to commit national and demographic suicide under the guise of “diversity” and other nebulous ideals. They’re desperate not only to “drain the swamp” but to restore some sense of national pride and stability to the declining USA.

In response, the controllers of the presstitutes (the people who really run the world) are already hard at work trying to find some way to create a false narrative about “fake news” sites in order to lay the ground work for censorship and control. The Internet has all but destroyed the corporate-government narrative, and there is a shit fit happening at the highest levels of the propaganda ministry (i.e. CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, et. al.) because they have learned the American people know how full of shit they really are.

Sites like Return Of Kings are on the front lines of this war in support of free speech and it is vitally important we stay on top of our game to avoid a reversion to the managed propaganda the centralized control of mass media gave us over the last 50 years.

Make no mistake, one of the reasons leakers of misdeeds done by politicians and the elite they work for have been allowed to continue leaking dirty laundry is because it plays into the hands of those with designs on censorship and re-gaining control of the information the sheeple get to listen to. Having Julian Assange and Edward Snowden doing leaks of information and giving them extensive press coverage plays right into the hands of the censorship brigade because they can also play the protecting national security game when the time to silence dissent comes.

Fake news is only the first assault in what is sure to become a full scale war on free speech on the Internet. We can be thankful Trump won the election rather than The Bitch since his election will slow the process of censorship, but the aggressiveness of the “fake news” narrative shows us how determined some people are to shut us up and shut us down.

The New York Times is already on the front lines of this assault on free speech on the Internet. Only days after The Bitch lost the election, publisher Arthur Sulzberger published a Mea Culpa and promised to rededicate the newspaper to “honest” reporting.

We cannot deliver the independent, original journalism for which we are known without the loyalty of our subscribers… [The New York Times promises to] give the news impartially, without fear or favor… We also approach the incoming Trump administration without bias.

Don’t buy into it. This is what’s known in Public Relations as a diversion tactic. While we focus on our seeming victory, they’re already moving on to their next false narrative – so-called fake news. No sooner than the ink dried on the promise to give Trump a chance, The New York Times was moving to shut up the very people who made possible his rise to power – the alt-right and alternative news web sites.

While some fake news is produced purposefully by teenagers in the Balkans or entrepreneurs in the United States seeking to make money from advertising, false information can also arise from misinformed social media posts by regular people that are seized on and spread through a hyperpartisan blogosphere.

They did a spurious case study on how a “rumor” got started about protesters being bussed in to protest at Trump rallies. Never mind the mainstream media is a business that runs lock, stock and barrel on fake news. Almost every narrative they create is a false one. One need do no more than a Google search to discredit many, if not most of the mainstream media’s stories. The hypocrisy is astounding.


Who will decide what is “appropriate” speech? Why Big Daddy Government, of course

Pulling The Plug

Whether or not the “fake news” narrative gains traction, the next step will be for the elite to create a problem that affects millions of people online, then follow through with the Hegelian Dialectic with a pre-ordained “solution” to “make everyone safer online” and to “stop the spread of false information” while “protecting free speech” online by destroying it.

Look for no less than a figurative “Internet 9/11” if the elite become desperate enough. No, planes won’t be crashed into Silicon Valley by government operatives. But, “hackers” (CIA sourced, no doubt) could cause a catastrophe.

They’ll pull the plug on the backbone of the Internet, shutting down e-commerce and communication online for a few days, blame it on a “fake news” story (just like Benghazi was blamed on a YouTube video) then spring in to save us from ourselves by passing all sorts of creative laws and restrictions aimed at nothing more than eliminating competition to the corporate-government narrative and gutting yet another of our Bill of Rights protections.

Make no mistake, Freedom of Speech is the most important of Amendments to the Constitution. Once that is taken away, it’s Game Over.

Obama has already been floating the idea of official news web sites. This is nothing more than proposing the creation of the American equivalent of Pravda in the Soviet Union, in which only the state-approved newspaper was considered the truth and everything else was considered lies. Obviously, the New World Order socialist narrative would be the only truth under a system such as this, and traditional and conservative views would be relentlessly silenced

Check out what The Messiah said in Berlin recently.

In an age where there’s so much active misinformation, and it’s packaged very well, and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television, where some overzealousness on the part of a US official is equated with constant and severe repression elsewhere, if everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect. If we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.

The fact he is saying these things should frighten you. It should also make you angry. This statement is a PC way of saying the goal of the power structure is to shut us the fuck up. They want us to listen to clueless “journalists” who encourage the idea of microchipping your children and later, yourselves so every aspect of your life can be controlled by the government.

We must fight back by discrediting the “fake news” narrative at every turn and informing those who will listen of the possibility of a fake “Internet 9/11” designed to give the government a reason to curb free expression on the very Libertarian Internet of today.

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One comment

  • Law and society have already flushed the rights of men down the memory hole. Prepare to have your thoughts and then your body flushed down a similar hole, all in the name of “national security”.

    As has happened throughout history, the best creations of nature and also man have been weaponized by the unscrupulous, tyrannical, and greedy. The internet, just like radio, television, nuclear power, and republican government before it, will be forged into a weapon of control and destruction by the power elite.

    The power elite, in our age the NWO, have never feared the pitchforks of the embattled farmers they rule, for the power elite of every age has had its version of the Gestapo, Stasi, or the now militarized American police to enforce their rule. But as history has proven time and again there is one thing they fear so greatly they must not allow it to sprout, for if it sprouts, it spells their doom.

    The doom of the tyrant is not pitchforks, muskets, machine guns, nuclear bombs, hijacked airliners, or suicide vests. The doom of the tyrant is simple, and he knows exactly what it is – it is an idea.

    An idea that galvanized the sheep to fight back against the wolves toppled Trarist Russia, Mandarin China, the Iranian Shah, Communist Russia, and too many banana republic tyrants to count. Our new overlords know this history well.

    The sheep must be kept ignorant and docile by controlling their environment. The Romans did it with “bread and circuses”. The modern equivalent is mindless television, sports, and an unholy alliance between mass media and the power elite. Replacing a spiritual God with a new opiate of the masses, the religion of consumerism, and the environment is as designed. The sheep are fat, their wool is thick, and their minds in such a new opiate coma they don’t notice their occasional missing brethren or the introduction of goats into the pasture.

    The election of Trump has shocked the ruling elite as nothing has since Martin Luther launched the attack upon the Catholic orthodoxy. They thought Brexit was controllable, and via the British courts they are succeeding. Brexit is far from a done deal, but the election of Trump is a different story.

    As of now, they don’t fear Trump. They are busy figuring out how to control him and cow him into submission as they have always done. Business as usual for them. But their deepest fear has been awakened – the sheep are galvanizing around an idea. They will cow Trump by any means necessary including extreme prejudice.

    But how to cow the sheep and kill the idea that has sprouted? Their attacks will be multipronged, but the surest way to kill the idea is to destroy its source of strength – freedom of speech on the internet. The idea that elected Trump is powered by the same mechanism that is causing the explosive growth of MGTOW.

    Prior to the internet, men of a MGTOW mindset thought themselves, if not alone, in a very small minority. The same with people of a mindset of the Trump idea. The internet communities showed individuals of both mindsets that they were far from alone, if fact they were already one of countless millions thinking the same thing. The internet is the lifeblood of both, and the elites know it.

    As usual, our erudite site host is spot on with this article. The war for the internet has already started and I fear it might take force of arms for either side to prevail. A new Dark Age is looming on the horizon. I also fear the vast majority of sheep will blindly accept it and those of us who rebel will be too few in number to win. “Give me liberty or give me death”, may soon become more than an historical anecdote.


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