Comment of the Week | November 28, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter fuzziewuzziebear wins Comment of the Week with his commentary about what the end result of rampant consumerism will be. In response to Black Friday is as Black as Consumers’ Souls he replied:

Great post going to the heart of things. Yes, the source of women’s power is their ability to spend. They have turned the economy around from one based on production to consumption. I didn’t know they were spending ninety percent over what they made. this can’t stand indefinitely. Not with fifty percent of adults being married and less than thirty percent of 18 to 34 year olds. Debt is going to wreck women. It is only a matter of time.

He’s right indeed that this type of economy can’t stand indefinitely. Especially if men (the producers) remove their labor en masse from a system that uses them. The entire house of cards could be brought down very quickly if the masses of Beta males realized they’re financing their own slavery by working so hard and for so long.

Nature never operates very long in a vacuum. Right now there’s a huge sucking sound coming out of men’s wallets into women’s purses. Someday, somehow there will be a correction to this insanity.

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