Passions: Possibly the Best Strip Club Experience in the States


Black strip clubs are always more fun than white strip clubs

Passions | New Orleans, LA
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Let’s be honest. Most strip clubs in America suck. This is especially true for strip clubs where the majority of the dancers are white girls. Men go in, empty their pockets and get little more than some tepid dancing from girls with entitlement and pedestal complexes. Worse, the girls often talk down to the men as if they’re supposed to be carrying some sort of piss bucket for them. My recent visit to one only confirmed this.

Call it a product of Anglo culture and women who have been told from birth they’re betterer than men, men are evil, sex is evil, straight sex is really evil, etc. Bad strip clubs are just another piece of evidence pointing to a fucked up, sexually repressed, and increasingly socially engineered, androgynous society. So naturally, the girls are going to have prudish attitudes.

So, first piece of advice: Avoid white girl strip clubs since white chicks are the origin of and the purveyors a Puritanical attitude in America. It shows, trust me.

Make no mistake about it, and take it from someone who has been around the block and around the world – ethnic strip clubs are where it’s at, and they’re the best you can get for legal, sexy fun in the States. In the Southwest, Latin strip clubs are the place to go. In the South, black strip clubs are where it’s at.

The white girl clubs up north or anywhere else are really a waste of time for a guy looking for a genuinely good time. You know, going home with happy memories instead of an empty wallet and unrelieved erection.

In my travels around The Matrix, there are a few standouts as far as clubs that feature topless and nude ethnic girls dancing. So what’s the best strip club I’ve found in my travels around 40 or so States in The Matrix? Passions on the East Side of New Orleans is probably my favorite place in the States.

It’s on the “bad” part of town in a hole in the wall, and some guys may be intimidated by the clientèle and the atmosphere. But, I’ve never had a bad experience. That said, I’m a Don’t Give a Fuck kind of guy like Eminem, and I know how to carry myself, so your mileage may vary.


Get your fix of sexy chocolate at Passions

The Experience

Black strip clubs are without a doubt among the best America has to offer as far as a good time for the straight man. Latin clubs are also very good at times, but in my experience black girls go that extra mile and provide the best bang for the buck.

Here’s what to expect.

First of all, at Passions the dancers are all black girls from all around the South. If you like dark flesh, this is the place to be. You’ll have a veritable smörgåsbord of sexy ebony women in every corner of the club. Girls from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s not hard to find a stunner, and it’s not hard to find a hood chick if that’s your bag. Granted, this is America so there will be a few fatties and train wrecks but every time I have been there I have managed to hook up with a sexy girl with a stunning body.

And anyone with eyes knows just how amazing black girls’ asses can be. But, I digress…

Second, it’s all nude, all the time. The layout of the club features two large stages and stools lined up all along it. It’s not hard to get up close and personal with the merchandise as the girls walk by. It can also get very wild as the night goes on. Overall, being there is a blast and drinks are very reasonably priced. You WILL BE approached by sexy chocolate and mocha women with no clothes on.

Third, just about anything goes. A man can have a VERY good time here. There are numerous VIP areas – stalls, really – in which you and your favorite girl dancer (or girls) can go inside and enjoy some privacy.

Fourth, it’s relatively easy to “shore” (as Mark Zolo calls it) in Passions. Shoring is a term to get free sex by using the principles of Game from girls who work in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Passions girls can be fun to be with and fun to hang out with if you’re experienced with women and can avoid the gold diggers you’ll inevitably find anywhere you go. I have developed long-term friendships with some of the girls who work in Passions. When is the last time you heard that about a strip club?

Overall, I’ve never walked away unhappy from Passions, which is much more than what I can say for 90% of the other strip clubs I’ve visited in the USA. I highly recommend the black strip club experience virtually anywhere you go, but in a city already known for its nightlife like New Orleans is, the word to the wise is avoid spending all your money and blowing your load on Bourbon Street and come over to the East Side for the best strip club experience anywhere.

At least, the best one I have been able to find in my domestic travels thus far. That said, leaving the States for Latin America has been the best decision of my life thus far.

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