There’s No England, Anymore: Feminism and Leftism Are Scouring Whites Off the Face of the Planet


A Muslim mayor is only getting the party started when it comes to demographic conquest in England

Leftists celebrate the “changing face” of America and Europe as if it’s a good thing that white people are being ethnically cleansed from their homelands. In their minds, the very existence of white people is unacceptable, in a modern, racial twist on Bolshevism.

Only ethnic people are good and kind. Whites are the epitome of evil in their twisted, often drug-addled minds.

Therefore, they should be thrilled with reports that show the trend of white people dying off is accelerating – it is not slowing down, and it is definitely not reversing. These trends are completely unsurprising to anyone who has studied the rise and decline of empires, and J.D. Unwin’s study of anthropology which detailed how feminism would destroy the West 30 years before women’s lib.

Unwin knew when a society loosened restraints on female sexuality, it was pretty much over for that society. There were no exceptions to this rule in his study of 80 tribes and 6 civilizations. Strike one against the West.

Historically speaking, Oswald Spengler (whose epic civilization model forms much of the philosophical backbone of this blog) knew when a society reached the tipping point, and started debating about whether or not life should come into being at all it wasn’t long until that society disappeared from the face of the planet. Strike two against the West.

Such can be said for the debate about abortion in the West, aided and abetted by other leftist “progress” such as feminism, Marxism, and Racial Bolshevism. Fateful American demographics were just highlighted recently at The New Modern Man, showing the toll feminism and Marxism are taking on the USSA. Here are the numbers from England:

A record one third of all babies born in the country last year had at least one foreign-born parent – as sky-high immigration fuels a population boom.

Parts of London are turning completely non-white.

Staggering figures revealed that in some parts of London nearly 9 in 10 newborns had a Mum or Dad from overseas. In the borough of Newham, 5,378 or 86% of kids had at least one foreign born parent in 2015.

The tipping point was reached long ago when it comes to to whites becoming strangers in their homelands. We are just playing out the string of tides that turned long ago, ones that the Englishman Enoch Powell warned against, before being shouted down and labeled a racist for daring to think self-interest was important. Strike three.

Now, a full third of the next generation of England and Wales will be non-white.

The total of 33% for England and Wales compares with just 21% in 2000.

As these trends accelerate, it obviously won’t be long until whites will be minorities in their own lands. This means democratic control of their governments and their society will soon rest in the hands of people who share no common history or bonds with them. These people will have very different ideas about what England and Wales should be.


Congratulations, feminists – you’ve debased your nations

Ethnic Cleansing of Evil Whites

The demographic implosion of white people is happening everywhere in Europe and North America, but Anglos in England and America particularly have made it easier for their people to be conquered demographically through suicidal feminism.

On a recent road trip across America, I was astonished to see that even parts of states like Nebraska and Kansas looked more like Mexico than the country I grew up in. England is in for a similar fate, except they’ll be outnumbered by people from the Middle East and Asia rather than Latinos.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me because I don’t see much worth saving with Anglo culture in the form it’s in: lives of meaningless consumerism, manly, whorish, and entitled women, micromanaging government, police and surveillance states, etc. Let’s be clear – whites brought a lot of this shit on themselves by allowing our families to be sold out and the women of our tribe to be corrupted by corporate and government interests.

But, for those of you that do think the West is worth saving, your antennae should be raised. No, you should be alarmed. Very alarmed. Tory party Philip Hollobone was referred to in a condescending tone by the Establishment press for daring to state the obvious:

Immigration is changing the face of our country. Immigrants have more children than indigenous people that the make-up of the country is changing in front of our eyes. We have to get control over immigration and Brexit is the best way to achieve that.

At least Great Britain figured out the ruse that was the Soviet…er…European Union. Now it’s up to other European nations to reclaim their sovereignty before it’s too late. The clock is ticking and it’s already 11:59 p.m. The demographic conquest of nations draws nigh.

Brexit campaigners argued that staying in the EU would see the UK adding a city the size of Liverpool every 12 months.

An old Kinks song perfectly describes the current demographic situation in England, as a once mighty empire withers away and dies.

All the stories have been told
Of kings and days of old,
But there’s no England now.
All the wars that were won and lost
Somehow don’t seem to matter very much anymore.
All the lies we were told,
All the lies of the people running round,
Their castles have burned.

The “deplorables” of England and America are awakening, but it’s very likely too little, too late. At this point, one might foresee the current political lines of England and America being changed by a bang, i.e. an uprising of the people who have been betrayed and sold out by their leaders.

Another possibility – Western civilization goes out with a whimper instead of a bang as social engineering succeeds in convincing the majority of white people they don’t even deserve to live.

Either way, there’s no England, anymore. Just don’t expect everyone to celebrate their collective suicide.

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  • One thing about the immigrants in the UK is that the majority of them are from Eastern Europe. Places like Poland, Ukraine, Romania etc. . They are not British but still christians and European. It’s the same thing in most of Western Europe.

    That being said, the UK is definitely on the edge and the worst off demographically of all European nations. France is a close second.

    I do think Europe will end up saving itself, simply because the euro is as good as done for, people are starting to have less money, less of the luxuries they were used to and when it all comes apart they will take out their anger at the dregs of the third world who have been imported and not the elites. I think this is the main reason why they imported them in the first place. There is no other explanation, especially not in an economic sense.

    I spent some time in the US aswell. Last time i was there was early last year. Couldn’t help but feel like the place is done for. People walking around with their headphones in staring at their screen, racial tensions and BLM protetsts, people just simply not talking to each other. Contrast that with only 10 years ago, people walking around with joy and a sense of purpose. You could feel the drive of hope and success in the air.


  • @Becoming Monolith,

    The ol’ ‘Stand and Fight’ battlecry….too many Conan novels dude. There is no ‘stand and fight’ if you are an individual. Let the collectives duke it out themselves. It’s their party. They’re getting what they wanted. I have no investment in the collectives; not financial, emotional, social or time-related. I don’t know if you’ve noticed things like your tax burden and the out of control entitlements and fraudulent military spending, but when you ‘stand and fight’ you are just paying for it all. Go out and swing your broadsword on your porch if you must. Then get in your car, drive to work and spend half your day to pay for your enemies imperatives. Don’t get excited about the other half. That half goes to pay for your food, shelter, survival and gas; basically the second half of your day is so you can survive to shouldering the burden of your enemies objectives. They’re not. You’re paying for your own demise. Go to the gun range and feel like you’re all jacked up to ‘stand and fight’ when it ‘all goes down’ but you’re just being tooled if you are a tax paying white male.


  • So what is our end game? Enjoy the decline and let these people take over or fight. That is the only way. There is no where left on the planet for us to go and start anew. Our women have been turned against us, and our “men” are barely worthy of that word. Sure, masculine men still exist in the margins, but I agree that as a people, we’ve fucked ourselves.

    Truth be told, the leftist idea of the world will fail. If all white men stopped working tomorrow, the country would implode, and some say we should let it. Let their muslim overlords take over. They can trade in their purple hair for burkas and see how well feminism holds up to Sharia law.

    I think it will be a hard fight to fix our country and maybe it cant be saved, but I am fighting for myself, my family, and my people. Will it all be for naught? Will we win? Only one way to find out.


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