Only A Piss Weak Culture Worships Actors

Hollyweird is represents the piss weak culture Anglo America has turned into

Hollyweird worship represents the piss weak culture Anglo America has turned into

Welcome Jack Ronin from The Savage Lifestyle to The New Modern Man team! He’ll be contributing weekly articles to the blog.

A man in his most natural state trusts his instincts. When he looks forward in the mists of his dreams he sees only himself.

For he must survive.  He must breathe, slay and conquer, begetting heirs to his throne.

On this wicked, this unforgiving earth mere chance or some cruel punishment sentenced us here. So the savage men of old knew the score. They hacked their way through this frigid bitch mother earth and raised spires that reached to the mother fucking sky.

From the very moment they were pulled from the womb, a merciless earth was there to greet them.  A vicious crucible to test their hearts.  Only the strong, only the most resilient and stout did claim thrones of their own.  Asking no one’s god damn permission and showing absolutely zero fucking mercy they took it.


Because no mercy and no reprieve from the open arms of the Reaper was ever bestowed upon them.  They looked to the sky and across the sea, the great wide blue and beyond.  Across the cresting waves and blazing high above the clouds they saw immortality.  In those sparkling stars and shooting mysteries they saw themselves.  The gods they worshiped reflected the most beautifully brave and terribly strong avatars of themselves.  Those who had ascended to astral planes now shining back to us, beckoning the brave forward and upward.  This was the direction of their hearts. Forward across the limitless sea. Upward to the sky.  Ascending to heights unimaginable, whom the weak would scoff and proclaim impossible.  They worshiped the Sun and it’s massive power to both sustain and purify the earth with light and heat.  Our ancestors had a fire inside like the shining Sun.

How far and how low we have fallen.

A Feminized World

From the heights of the stars to the lunar eclipse of a dark and dreadful nightmare have we found ourselves.  We live in a feminized, conformist hive mind.  A giant, STD stricken vagina.  Meat flaps open wide to welcome the refuse of the earth.  Faggots roam the streets holding multi colored dildos.  They are showered with praise and attention while the HIV erodes their diseased bodies.  A virus received with delight through their now prolapsed anuses.

We live in a culture which hoists the weakest and most degenerate of us on a pedestal and demands the strong to pay tribute.  We sit in front of a programming device at all times taking in all the poisoning and all the mental feces our decaying brains can possibly hold.

Our heroes are celebrities and our idols are actors.

People who get paid to play pretend are venerated like saints and demi gods.  Worshiped by every pozzed out faggot in this steaming pile of shit which was once the west.  At the feet of a faker the masses sit and hear infantile opinions attaching all their pathetic hopes and deranged dreams.

What Is An Actor?

Nothing more than a professional poseur, a liar and deceiver.  A petulant child who still plays dress up and make believe.  That the majority of our culture places such profound reverence for a pathetic profession like that is enough to completely turn villain against the prevailing orthodoxy.

The weak, entropic and filthy masses look upon these imbeciles and swear they just saw Jesus/Bhudda/Baal or whoever the fuck.  The actor being such a good faker and the degenerate masses savoring the shallow facade so gratuitously is a sight worthy of total contempt by any men who still breathe.

When society was right and orderly the actor was held in such lack of respect they were not even given gravestones.  To an upright and upward striving people the actor is seen by their true colors.  A wandering vagabond and parasite that has no skills to offer.  Only to prance around and play a game of make believe.  He has never done anything significant.  Not scaled any mountains, not felled towering foes, not crossed black seas.  He has pretended that he has though.  You paid to see him do it.


Because a frail and feminized people have not the balls nor the will to achieve for themselves.  They pay to leech emotional power from the lowly actor who at best can conjure these emotions in the hearts and minds of utter weaklings.

The Cold Truth About Actors

Roosh’s article about a cult running Hollywood has documented some very sinister implications for the whole of the western entertainment industry.  These actors are often used as fuck toys for the faggot elites.  They often have been raped or traumatized early in their lives.  Corey Feldman, 80’s child actor admitted in an interview people fucked him and others as a boy in the acting business.  Bryan Singer who produced recent X-Men movies was outed as a boy fucker who raped a 16 yr old.  The Miley Cyrus derangement was planned just like the rise of that filthy whore madonna.

It has been proven that those who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder have received serious trauma(s) like rape early in their lives.  This is the kind of person worshiped in our piss weak culture.  Brain dead slaves praising abused, deranged kids and their molesters.

Time to pull the plug you fucking degenerates.

The feminine lunar eclipse will not block the searing light of the Sun forever.  All that has been occurring in our society is known by occultist’s as the Left Hand path and is a utilization of the feminine principle.  The principle of chaos.

Western male, savage men are coming to a place near you.

Turn Your Fucking TV’s Off

The television has been such an effective device for mind control that the masses do not even think twice about having at least one in every room of their homes.  While daddy and mommy watch some degenerate filth in one room, their kids are groomed for a life of perversity in another.  The TV is their real father, mother and life instructor.  An unholy altar placed in every home to enslave witless fools and their beleaguered children.

The destructive effects of tv has been documented on this very site as well as my own.  You can read about the history and some of the science behind the mind control techniques here.

With minimal searching online one can find a plethora of information on this topic.

Stop allowing yourselves to be programmed and poisoned like some cursed faggot blindly clamoring for their day of extinction.  When the fires of righteous men blaze down like the furious Sun and burn away all the lies and all the diseased.

Give to shallow actors all they deserve.  Your naked contempt and the spit out of your mouth.

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  • A very well written, deep disection of a large & accepted dysfuntion within society. Vicarious fools have reached critical mass. I still ponder how few can see through the veil yet most are lost in oblivion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At first it was frightening for me to realize how easily deceived and malleable people are. Now I just laugh at it and continue hurling the truth like a poison tipped spear. Mockery and ridicule is really the only thing to keep one sane at times when you see the masses and their suffocating weakness.


  • I had thought television had become irrelevant back when the mainstream networks switched from analog to digital broadcasting back in 2002. I was quite horrified to see the vast numbers of people going out to retail stores for black box analogue/digital converters and HDTV’s. That was my first experience with the zombie apocalypse. This was like just right after 9/11/2001, so basically everything has been one big blur ever since.


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