Reader Mailbag: Consequences of Banging So Many Chicks

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Reconciling morality with pleasures of the flesh is the topic in this edition of Reader Mailbag

We get lots of interesting questions and comments here at The New Modern Man. Some of the most hilarious ones are from outraged SJWs and other sorts of miscreants. Others, like the first installment of our Reader Mailbag series pose intriguing philosophical questions.

Here is one TNMM reader’s email, broken into paragraphs with Relampago’s response to each one.

I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles, and your comics…they are hilarious, and at the same sharp as razor in surgically exposing the truth and separating the disease from the bone of the patient which is our society.

Heh. This is why I get up every day and do this blog. Not for personal gain or glory, I remain anonymous after all, but to provide what I feel is a much-needed service for men in America and Europe. All the better that there are men who enjoy the product, and glean some sort of enlightenment from it.

I have a question: As a Christian how are you able to reconcile sleeping with sporadically attached to you women, live a life of PUA, and yet not suffer degradation of your character and harm to your soul and psyche?

This question really needs to be addressed with an entire article, because I have wrestled with this very conundrum on multiple occasions. Suffice it so say, I come from a Christian background but I am not Christian myself. I have sympathies for Christians, though. I personally identify as agnostic, even though I realize the importance of religion for the vast majority of people out there who would become utter nihilists (like most agnostics and atheists are) without its belief system and teaching of morals.

As far as degradation to my soul and psyche: I am the happiest I have ever been since releasing myself from the shackles of the artificial Blue Pill world I just wrote about on Return of Kings. I pretty much do what I want, when I want and that includes pounding enough pussy (of every shade of skin imaginable from vanilla to mocha to dark chocolate) that I really need to consider installing a turnstile in my bedroom. I’m just a good time Charlie, I guess.

All jokes aside, I often ponder if I would trade the more than 130 women I’ve slept with for one good one, especially in times when I have gone through 5 or more in a week’s time. I even did an article about this entitled Too Much Sex and Success With Women Can Lead to Burnout after I had spent several weeks having threesomes, doing coke off bitches’ asses, and other sorts of debauchery.

I generally find those sorts sentiments are short-lived, for me. It’s not long before I want to do it all over again. I remember women’s true nature and that I am only adapting to the cruel realities of the world and the sexual marketplace. That usually alleviates any moral issues I have.

But, religion is clearly important for the proper functioning of a High Culture. Without it, you get the clusterfuck and Decline of the West we are all witnessing happen before our very eyes.

Statistics show profound effect of spinning the plates has on promiscuous women, but aren’t we, men, affected too? And yet, is there any other way out for the functioning of our instincts?

I believe there is definitely truth to this. I know that I will never be able to commit to a single woman the way I would have before I got used and abused by them in my teens and 20s and then started playing the Game and becoming a master at getting laid in my 30s. All it would have taken was one good woman to stop what I have become. But I’ve come to believe mythical “good women” are truly unicorns and women are only good when they’re forced to be that way by cultural and economic constraints.

It is true that every time I have a relationship with a chick beyond just having sex it doesn’t take long before I grow tired of her, no matter how perfect her face and body might be and want to move on to the next conquest.

So, some research is warranted when it comes to spinning plates and its effects on men.

Please feel free to answer as sharply as you wish, I’m asking respectfully, in a true desire to learn and gain understanding.

And this is what makes the manosphere so great. We are all truth seekers, and not scared to hear sharply worded, non-politically correct responses.

Thank you for your email, reader.

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  • “women are only good when they’re forced to be that way by cultural and economic constraints.”

    Yes, a million times this^^^^^^

    As for Too Much Sex and Success With Women Leading To Burnout, that is actually a good problem to have in my opinion as I have never experienced that in my life and I’m not sure I ever will. I am a little envious of our host. But cheers nonetheless.


    • Don’t know how much money you have but I would recommend visiting FKK clubs in Germany (sex has been decriminalized there). I go once or twice a year for a 6 or 7 days. Sex with a hot model can cost as little as 50 euros!!!


  • Good points, I got used and abused until waking up when turning 30. After that no more Mr Nice guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m averaging 20 to 25 women a year still while in my 40’s. They love men with money and power.


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