Comment of the Week | December 11, 2016


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Commenter Kaminsky wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. He had a great comeback to a feminist who wants to rule male sexuality with an iron fist by outlawing robotic mistresses as detailed in Robotic Blowjob Cafes: The Anglosphere Just Gets Weirder and Weirder When it Comes to Sex.

Kathleen the Feminist;

———–“I want people to stop thinking about the word ‘robot’ and think about the word ‘property’, and what we’re being encouraged to do is have relationships with property. While we live in a world which still considers women as property, then it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to start creating property that looks like women and then encouraging people to have the same sort of relationships.”——–

Classic projection. It’s males’ earning potential that is the property. Kathleen. It’s males who still want sex and relationships. It’s women who have turned men into disposable mules (property, iow).

But I have to give credit to her hamster on that one. The situation is that inanimate objects can beat out real women. That’s how low-quality Anglo women have become. But instead of thinking; “Uh..there are machines that are better than us. We better step up our game a little bit.” She hamsters it into a male-bashing moment. No, Kathleen. It’s just that Anglo women have become so value-less and monstrous that men are more than ready to explore this option, weird as it is.

It reminds me of the mail-order bride days or men going to the third world in general. Women immediately turned that into a male-bashing opportunity. But shouldn’t they instead have thought; “Wow. Guys would rather have a stranger delivered to their doorstep than deal with us. Maybe we should step up our game a little.” Or, “Wow. Guys are willing to go off and risk the death and violence of the third world rather than deal with us. Maybe we need to step it up a little.”

Yeah, nah. Just bash the males over it.

I’m actually surprised feminists haven’t made an attempt to outlaw male masturbation and pornography. Kaminsky is right that women in America never stop to think that maybe – oh – they’re seen as the worst on the planet for a reason. It’s ALWAYS the man’s fault in the eyes of a feminist. One might call that extreme solipsism. And that’s exactly what it is.

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