Are American Women Really The Worst on the Planet?


How dare you have an opinion that differs from mine!

As 2016 draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about goals for 2017. Both personal goals and goals to push an agenda for Red Pill men.

Most of the goals I’ve been dreaming up are positive ones, like continuing to grow this outpost for men, visiting new places, having new cultural experiences and of course banging new chicks. (By the way, I maintain WE are the true multiculturalists in the manosphere, as we respect other cultures who don’t think feminism is the gospel, etc. The fake multiculturalists want all cultures to adhere to Anglo-American norms like feminism.)

The thought occurred to me this evening that I might try to quantify what makes for good and bad women, and then use observations from my travels to answer the question that most of us already believe to be true: Are American women really the worst in the world?This would be a two-pronged approach – quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitatively the quality of women would reflect the demographic viability of an ethnic group and/or nation along with other important measures like outcomes of any offspring they have; and qualitatively I could also ask men around the world what they view as a good and bad woman.

Obviously, manliness, whorishness, bossiness, Penis envy, and all the other issues American women have would score low in most world cultures.

I’ve been to three continents so far, North America, South America, and Asia, and nowhere have I found women who are quite so low-quality as the females we must live with in the USA. Either way you look at it, they’re low-quality. I don’t want to make any investment in them whatsoever beyond getting a pump ‘n dumps from them.

They’re not reproducing in numbers sufficient to keep the population from dying off for Anglo whites, children who are reared by single moms end up addicted to drugs or as drop outs at a much higher rate, and they’re generally a pain in the ass to deal with or be around. They’re also not very good financial investments or life partners as they can – and often do – financially rape men at will.


In search of the world’s worst women: quantitatively and qualitatively

Really the Worst?

My goal would be to search for women who would be even worse than the women in America, as daunting a task as that might be.

I’ve already found women who are much better than they are, one only has to hop on a plane and leave the country to find that out, but I’d like to see if I could find an ethnic group that is even more entitled and even more coddled and pedestalized. And, I’d like to see if there’s a group of women who hate men more and are more ungrateful than the females we share a nation with. Hell, one could even rank them with regards to how they perform in the sack.

So why do it?

If there are women who are worse than American women a man could compare and contrast the two groups, and then rank them along with women who score higher in terms of demographic viability, outcomes of offspring, male opinion, etc.

The research would also blow even more holes in the feminist narrative as different world cultures’ opinions about what makes good and bad women would give us a truly multicultural (heh) perspective on the estrogen-fueled train wreck we are witnessing before our very eyes.

Besides that, it’s fun to meet new people, get different perspectives, and bed foreign hotties while doing some occasional blow. That said, as I do my part, feel free to post your personal experiences with non-American women so we can get a dialogue started while I continue some hands on research this year. I’ll be headed back to Asia and to Africa for the first time.

Look for reports from the field, along with my own photography from around the world coming in 2017. This is only one of the ways The New Modern Man will be enhanced and improved in the coming year.

Stay tuned, as the search for the world’s worst women gets underway.

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  • Most American women are real Psycho’s today. Enough said.


  • The female of the pic is angry that you, the straight male, saw her chest as she was reserving that for her underage male students as a demonstration for tranny LGBT freak sex using pedophile Ben Levin’s Ontario Sexual health curriculum.


  • And That Is The Truth

    American women which most of them are very severely mentally disturbed which unfortunately is real fact and God forbid for many of us men that would try to start a simple normal conversation with one of these pathetic low life loser morons which may cost us our life. God what have you done to these very psycho women today?


  • Hi Furioso come to India and you will get to know that Hindu women are giving fierce competition to their Americunt counterparts as we have aped all your divorce and family laws blindly….there are even women coming from so called traditional patriarchical families who are fleecing men coming from progressive and liberal families all in the name of women friendly laws…..


  • As an eligible bachelor with 5 dollars in the bank….I refuse to lose my sh#t to lifetime alimony,child support,maternal presumption,no fault divorce….Or have an “independant women who is flat broke,”trade me for a section 8 roach infested apartment,block of govt cheese,free phone,for medicaid or food stamps…

    As creepy ignorant and priveleged female ding bats in America both take black mens jobs and college admission,while bragging about their degrees and college debt uncle sam guaranteed they would end up with, which will bog them down for life,while they claim victimhood and ignore the equal pay act of 1963….

    Collecting cats,wearing mens crew cuts,covering up the feminine with make up,oversexualizing themselves horridly,while they lead the world in America in abortion,obesity,single motherhood,divorce and most likely debts…Women refusing to play traditional female roles,while gladly requiring men to provide for and protect strong and independant supposed super women….

    Celebrating fat acceptance while little kids in the world die of starvation,initiating 75% of the 50% of all marriages that end in divorce,aborting 60,000,000 babies,leading the world in abortion and single motherhood at the same time…..having sex out of wedlock while the aids virus is on the streets,somehow getting pregnant with over 30 contraceptives available,including the morning after pill being available,gladly aborting out of motherhood while men are denied the right to opt out of fatherhood….

    Declaring to be equal to men who have salty balls,after men created womens epidural,c-section,abortion,morning after pills,daily contraceptive pills,the i phone,laying every inch of asphalt on the roads,mining the coal,natural gas and refining the gasoline for the cars……and farming the foods…

    What is this western woman????Is she alive??? Our American women have become undateble,overpriced,narcissistic,repulsive,entitled miss piggy jackas#’s….

    I remember encountering a female in dating,who couldnt believe I left her because she was flat broke,dating a man on the side I found out about,who’s 3 cats in her 1 bedroom apartment had their litter box in her bedroom which smelled like complete piss,fleas in her house,who’s,”deep,”hobbies were eating spaghettios and watching cable tv…..I WAS THE BAD GUY FOR LEAVING….LOL

    American women have morphed into zombies who just offer just a lousy vagina monkey pocket in times of the aids virus….because thats all the colleges,the work place,uncle sam and the welfare state,as well as all most womens boyfriends ever required out of them.

    I am tired of western women,who are former shells of their feminine selves,who think a vagina is enough to give them rock star status….While most women are out of their minds and obese because of the anti-depressants they are on and the overload of harmones in contraceptive pills….which make nutty American women even nuttier….I have never seen such a breed as this western woman claiming to be strong and independant and mens equals,who are so obviously not mens equals,being spoiled rotten,entitled,scared,mentally ill,frady cats….who when you call them out on their shi#t threaten to scratch you,because they are entitled to assaulting people too which is why lesbians in America have the highest rates of domestic violence….There are reasons as I have described in this post,why lesbians themselves cant stand other women either….DUHHHHH….

    I remember a woman who was in a marriage to a guy,yet was some kind of “swinger….”who put the moves on me and just the thought of her made me want to vomit.There is a chick I know who gives me the,”come hither eyes,”as she is on her second marriage after marrying her ex-husbands best friend….I think about that dude that married this woman….if that man is lucky,when she leaves him too for his best friend,I hope the pain he feels wakes him up…yet some men are just too damn stupid.Him marrying his best friends wife shows how much of an ahole and vagina worshipping cave man he truly is…

    The problem with America is that the people who live here,who are even foreign suffer from low iq and are dumb as a box of hammers…thinking with their lower primate mind about vagina’s and weiners all day long…Idiocracy has come true in America and its horrifying….Many of us in America are scary stupid.GOD SPEED MGTOW!!!


    • Women in the USA dream of meeting a French or Italian man, who would do anything for love, while USA men spend their time on the internet whining on about women. Of course men invented C sections because not many women attended university until recently, but Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie still made amazing discoveries


  • marrynotanameicanwoman

    The statistics speak for themselves, 2/3 of American women are overweight, 5% with foreign women, American woman grew up with a self-entitlement, utter arrogance and feminist attitude that is almost inexistent in foreign women.
    Even the most pretty American girl ranks average compared to beautiful women from Russia. Yet the pretty American girl is inaccessible and with a gold digger attitude, which is not the case with an exotic girl.

    At last the US has the worst family laws in the world, 60% divorce, 2 out of 3 divorced men are dragged into court on false allegations. Family courts are bent toward women and husbands rights are violated.

    American women represent 5% of the women in the world, yet they are the bottom 5% for the best wife to be, the best life term a man could receive is to marry a foreign woman and avoid an American woman.

    Read “Marry not an American woman” at Amazon, for a detailed study.

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  • Furioso is on point. If you go overseas to areas not stricken with obesity you will find blacks with more balanced proportions and a healthier shine than American blacks. Diet plays a huge role. Dosing racism into your sexual preferences is a common attitude found in the US which I believe is a symptom of being threatened with few sexual options. I don’t think it’s the best response to throw women who you consider “ugly” under the bus, I actually used to do that and I realized it made me feel pathetic. I simply stepped back and asked myself why I felt one type of girl was worse than another and to attempt to find positivity in all situations. Low status men are threatened by black women and fat white women because they are lowest on the totem pole in terms of sexual status but compounded on top of that men are forced to make ever greater investments into women with ever greater risks as females become monstrously picky in the US. American men have the most powerful nation on Earth, they should be enjoying harems, but the marital laws are lopsided due to religious white knights who fear in their souls that wealthy men would take all the women. So the laws become rigged more and more in the female’s favor. What happens in practice is women gain massive bargaining power over the access to sex both casual and for pair bonding. Additionally rich men simply find loopholes to the immense advantages granted to the females like being able to go overseas.

    What happens is the average male begins to suffer, first by having casual sex withheld from him for a steep price, then by having marriage and babies come at an even steeper price of his entire paycheck! The females gain possession of a man – and a majority of his future earnings with divorce in the US. If the female position were lowered, if sex with normal weight women were more available and babies less of an anchor around the man’s neck then sexual experimentation would come with a much lower “cost” for the man. With access to harems all women become more of a commodity, much like how it is in non-english speaking areas of Europe and definitely South East Asia. Black women wouldn’t be faced with this denigration from men all around if males were given more sexual luxury to include them in their harems. Black women have good bodies when their diet is more natural, they are just different, their looks are not for everybody but there is no reason to label them as masculine she-beasts. Their position in the sexual heirarchy has suffered due to weird forces from the US attempting to curtail the social flow of the globe. In this world of perverse sexual morality where white anglo religious standards are held as the gold standard for men and a Chippendales dancer is held as the gold standard for women, the men are forced to work, risk and negotiate until they are grey just for a chance, a rare one at that, to sample a thin white woman!

    So a lot of the denigration of various non-standard women occurs only because the white knights and the elite women have sabotaged the marital laws so much. We men made the society. We should allllll have the harem to go with it. That is our birthright. This obscene lopsidedness is not natural and represents a perversity of masculinity and blind adherence to the doctrine of punishment for the men while allowing the women to cavort with their alpha stud boyfriends until they are wrinkly. Signor Falfalla’s point about hypercompetition between the men for the slim women is very astute as well. For years I’ve recognized this in the women. Even semi-attractive women in the USA basically only choose men if the male can stand toe to toe with a Hollywood celebrity. I have always asked if this was beneficial for the society to basically allow the women to demand a new generation of modern day dandies out of the men? Males are under massive pressure to become these aesthetic dandies in the US lest they end up cold and alone on the dating scene. Not only do we end up with mostly jack of all trades oiled salesmen with puffed up muscles, but also the mentality of the men becomes focused more on display and ornamentation rather than on utility and production. Can you even begin to imagine how many innovations and new sciences we’ve forsaken all to appease princess? With men focusing more on feathering their hair than founding coliseums, how much new art, science, medicine, products, innovations, discoveries and advances have been poisoned by the social crush of feminism and its idiocy? When did princess’s demands become more important than the mission to mars? The cure to cancer? The development of AI? Free energy? The extension of life span??? My heart breaks when I realize that the rampaging female ID has siphoned energy away from civilization building itself! i could have had robot servants at this point in time! For this disgrace in negligence the females and their male sycophants from alpha to omega should be held accountable to the highest measure. Their arrogance has stifled the very foundation of a forward moving society.


  • And The Truth Is

    Just look at those ugly two lesbian old ladies in the picture. Well that is enough to make us men have an upset stomach.


  • Just look how very horrible most of the women have become nowadays since the great majority really do have very severe mental issues now more than ever unfortunately since they have no respect at all for us good men, a very bad attitude problem, no personality, very nasty when you try to start a normal conversation with them, and they always look so very mad most of the time too. What the hell good can you say about them these days? Well nothing at all a matter of fact. And the ones that have their careers today really think that they’re the greatest thing walking the face of this earth which is a real laugh anyway. And the ones that have their so called careers are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths as well which makes them very scary and very dangerous altogether now as well. And God forbid like i just mentioned if you try to start a conversation with these type of low life pathetic loser women which they will curse at us men for no reason at all just to show you how very sick they’re nowadays. It is very obvious why many of us good men now are MGTOW because of these retarded women which will really keep us single now since this is the very smart thing for us to do since this is when it is time to start using our brains to keep us innocent good men from suffering from a lot of pain and misery which this will keep us safe altogether.


  • After my divorce, 24 years 4 years ago of marriage and now 53 finding most American women as self absorbed snobs and feel thry are beauty queens. What a waste of $ taking them out; if I even get that far. I’ve dated quite a few attractive women before I got married. Online dating is a farce! Spend money on my Harley and some great furry friends.


  • The real good old fashioned women of years ago really did put these women today to real shame altogether.


  • Well mental retardation is at a all time high right now.


  • In the USA I met women from all over the world growing up in Amherst, Mass the son of college professors. By the time I was twelve I knew that american “women” (moe like a hybrid – after yeas of equality lies and unisex nonsense) could not compare to the women of italy, france, latvia, greece, poland, russia, korea, thailand, chineese. Years later I realized that ethiopia, pakistan, sudi arabia, morocco had far superior women. American women always treted me very well, so thanks but no thanks ladies. Besides a few first generations stil remaining in the most toxic society and culture ceated ever, AMEICAN WOMEN AE THE WOST. It all started with a book or a short story cant remember since I knew it was b.s. at the age of nine when this poison was read to all gen x kids, called “baby x” That is why my generation is not my generation. My hometown now is pc hell. I want nothing to do with Gen X weather named after this very radical feminist book or the Billy Idol group, or anything else gen x has to offe other than snowboarding. The one saving grace of being a gen xer. Thank God I was raised by Catholic Korean war generation parents. Got news for you though, way too late to get out of dodge for your typical gringo. Places that used to be cheap aren´’t. Places that used to be easy to get visas aren’t. Places that used to be safe aren’t. Feminism has ravaged over half of Europe and now creeping through Agentina and chile and other countries al ove the world. Luckily here in Colombia Machistas still run the show and women ae feminine, respectful of men, love their dads, stay on good terms with the fathers of their children, love to flirt, love dick, and do not get their advice from their fag hairdresser. Cockblocking does not exist here. for every time a dude rightfully removes his girlfriend from whatever vacinity youy are, you will be introduced to a hundred available beauties. THAT IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. Enough with blaming the women, they have always treated me well. The men in the USA step on each others toes, gossip, ae celebrity obsessed, compare themselves to other men, are petty and jealous, speak in soundbites, cant make eye contact, have no social skills, no testerone, and are a bunck of cock blocking faggots. Men are supposed to lead, men are supposed to have fraternity, men are supposed to marry their daughters and little sisters off to good men. Men are supposed to introduce single friends to one another. Men are supposed to support their families and build community. Not IN TOXIC USA. I blame the men for not rejecting feminism and crushing it. Instead men of hippy gen x were all about abortion, birth controll, bra burning, divorce, women working fulltime and competing agiainst men in the workplace after years of beating up on each other scholastically and in sports. And all to get a pathetic feminist piece of ass or even worse marry one, smart ones like me oogled countless pairs of braless and pantiless sluts and allowed these sluts to use us for our bodies. I was so turned off after years of easy one nighters or affairs and the rise of lgbt and so called gay marriage and all the swinging that I WAS CELIBATE IN NORTHAMPTON AND EVEN MIAMI for at least two years determined to get of the country. MIAMI. Thats right. I did not want to risk anything having experienced everything sexually a man could ever want to while being torn up inside all the same since al I have ever realy wanted is to get married at twenty and have a big family. Here those thing are still possible for any muchacho.
    Viva Manizales, Viva El Papa, Viva Colombia, viva machismo! I am the happiest cultural refugee in the world. Enjoying my faith, living with people that share my values, being introduced to hundreds of women formaly in a decent society while doing cultural events with my colombian music teacher. Imagine that, I am enjoying my faith and making a living my talent and my college degree, neither are possible in TOXIC USA. Nor is marriage, raising kids, or even having a decent girlfriend in the USA. Hell, you can not be a man in that freaking country. Northampton, MASS to Manizaes, Colombia. From the Catholic bashing feminazi – lgbt capital of the world spewing poison in all directions constantly to the promised land here in Colombia 10,000 glorious feet above sea level. Wow.


  • Good morning. A woman named Ro Elori Cutno has already done this for you. Only worse women in the world are on the African continent. Nigerian woman are the worst of the worst.


  • It’s quite fitting that in my own native land I didn’t even have my first sexual encounter with a native female. My first notch was courtesy of a Bulgarian chick with that thick Eastern European gymnast build that I met in my Intro to Psychology class. The funny thing is, I tried to get the situation loosened up with alcohol so I could just get everybody into that fun, tipsy, irrational decision making process. However, I didn’t calculate that being Eastern European she was well acquainted with the drink and I ended getting more drunk than her. But the damndest thing is, and truly a turn of events that I could have never even guessed in my wildest imagination was when she said this: “You don’t need to get me drunk, I wanted to have sex with you, why do you think I’m here?”

    This wistfully recalled Christmas Carol like vingette about my first clumsy attempts at seduction happened when I was 19. I’m 30 now, and during the interim my game has grown, my muscles have grown, and most importantly my wisdom regarding life has grown. But, my respect for the Modern Empowered American Woman has tragically diminished. And, most importantly, it hasn’t diminished due to abject failures with women, it has diminished due to resounding successes. One such brazen success has garnered me legendary praise due to my seduction of a woman in a position of authority with a terrible choice in men. In striving for success and authority women have become bitter, neurotic, physically unattractive, and most notably – desperately lonely. They have become much the same as the early Feminists/Lesbians all by their acceptance of a toxic value system for social rejects.

    All human endeavors yield toward the unconscious desire towards procreation, even if procreation is biologically impossible the innate desire still exists. At it’s heart Feminism is a Trojan horse conceived of by troglodytic lesbians that wanted to scam some puss and knew that convincing any attractive woman to show them some mouth love was ludicrously out of the realm of possibility. E.g. Gertrude Stein:

    As funny as it sounds the future really does depend on good looking people getting together and fucking. So really; hit the gym, learn game, become wealthy, eat organic, learn to play a musical instrument, become a well rounded and interesting human being and pass those genes along! Unless the elites have some sort of Svalbard genetic vault somewhere this glorious sight is on the endangered species list:

    P.S. I’ve got a thing for redheads!


  • Also we are better off without fatherless children, they contribute nothing. 80%of black children are born out of wedlock. They will likely become the next herd of black lives matter protestors. Those children are better off being aborted.


  • All of these good points and you haven’t even begun to address obesity yet. So imagine factoring that in. We’ve been trained to ignore fatties in our assessment of women and the thin ones still fail hard as a group. But the fat girls are the elephant in the room, for sure, not being discussed but killing the whole conversation.

    The other thing I can’t stand is the voice of American women. How did they evolve those thickened vocal chords in just 25 years? I can’t stand the empowered, low, flat, man-growl. They can be asking a clerk where the toothpaste is and their voice still unloads all kinds of “Don’t fuck with me. I’m stronger than you. You will NEVER UNDERSTAND what I’ve overcome! I am literally bigger and heavier than you!” empowerment growl.

    USA—Maximum competition among males for the world’s lowest quality women. This is how you end up with guys who; take roids while studying tax law who spend their weekends as suicidalist X-gamers who also front a rock band and do alternative sculpting and who are thinking of intentionally getting caught stealing a car to do a six month stint for their bad-boy credentials….all to land a girl who doesn’t even compare to the kind of tail some fat, 45 year old Thai cabbie is getting. So even the unbelievable MMA fighting, tatted up Iraq vet who models and has published poetry, finally gets an attractive woman. So what? Attractive women are just supposed to be there for men. Life isn’t this huge buildup to see if you can make the evermore competitive cut just to see if you can get a woman who can be seen in a bikini. When you’re overseas, that kind of body is just something that is there for you to enjoy. Your emotional focus is on other things.

    I envy a guy who is 20 years old right now. The signs are all so glaring and obvious; GTFO and pursue an alternative life. There is no real option unless you are top 5% in all four; looks, height, wealth, social status. I know the temptation when you’re young; “I can be one of those guys. I AM one of those guys secretly. No one knows it yet but it’s coming.” Yeah, yeah. Knock yourself out. Just know that while you’re trying to find a way to will your facial bones into changing, somehow being a bad boy who also makes 300k a year, 90% of the females don’t give enough of a shit to even go for walks. It’s a degrading, one-sided competition. Go to China instead and chase your true interests while easily having your face used as a seat by international 8’s and 9s on a nightly basis. Don’t confuse an international 8 with an American 8, btw. An American 8 is an international 5, maybe 5.5.

    The obesity, the laws, the attitude, the competitive desperation of other males are all at apex levels. ALL are at apex levels. One of those factors would be bad enough to make it mandatory that you leave. All four? Oh, man

    @Relampago; You should go to Eastern Europe. I think you’ll be amazed. It’s like being on the set of early 80’s sex movies like Porky’s etc with sexy white girls everywhere acting girly and feminine. Back when white American women could actually excite men. Then add in the pure femininity of EE girls and you’re back in a natural heaven of being attracted to white girls again. It’s really nice to have all those feelings come rushing back. I had no attraction for white girls for a full 20 years. That ends fast in EE and it’s quite nice.

    @Dave Steele,
    Unless you’re a black dude, you’re not going to be mixing with American black women anyway. There is just a total barrier there 99 times out of a 100.


    • haha I was just having a convo with a buddy here in Thailand…told him I saw a 9.5 in the coffee shop. He asked was she a Westerner? I said hell no, western girls max out at 8s, they have an auto deduct of 2 points for their lousy attitudes.


  • I would say Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand are all on par with the USA for having insufferable cunts due to the feminist laws on the books that goes out of their way to facilitate women being cunts while cucking the average man. And there seems to be no end to it in sight. If there is, it will be violent for sure.


    • The laws might be similar but I think French, Spanish and German women are all much sweeter and pleasant than Americans. Canadian girls are often really cool too but they’re getting cuntier. I don’t know Swedes, Aussies, and Kiwis that well. I still think they are far better and more feminine than Americans. Even if they’re similar in attitude, their obesity is far behind ours that it naturally leads to them having to at least having some competitive drive as a female. A girl who stays thin in America is like a goddamned celebrity in her town.


    • Maybe you’re the one with the problem and angry you can’t keep a woman trapped in an abusive relationship with no confidence?


  • To argue that white women are more of an issue than American blacks is just flat out misinformed. The “ebony”‘ “women” for the most part are some of the most disgusting depraved manly single mother whores you will ever meet. I can’t take this website seriously due to your bias.


    • Relampago Furioso

      You’re getting too emotional. Even if what you say is true, they’re still demographically more viable than white women, who have basically doomed their entire ethnic group due to being statistically sterile.

      Isn’t that the ultimate betrayal and humiliation? White men build the most peaceful and prosperous society in the history of the world and white women won’t reproduce with them or have families in sufficient numbers to maintain the economy and population. Every problem the West has boils down to this. This is why immigration is necessary and why Western leaders have opened the flood gates to refugees (an opportune moment for them to consolidate power by doing so, too).

      Cliff’s Notes: The perpetual, infinite growth economy needs an ever increasing supply of warm bodies to keep it functioning. When white women don’t bear enough children to keep it running, and white people in general become too effette to do blue collar labor, leaders bring in other groups to keep the machinery of the economy moving.

      To see it any other way, that white women became so derilict of duty they doomed Western nations to demographic conquest is White Knighting.

      The women you are biased against may be all those things you say, but the future belongs to those whose children will be in it.


      • We can agree to disagree, location wise southern white women are the best you can get here. Blacks are not attractive to me the smell, their mannish faces and std rate is too much.


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