Rel’s Strip Club List: Catwalk | Memphis, TN


Ebony hotties abound at Catwalk in Memphis

Catwalk | Memphis, TN
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As regular TNMM readers will know, black strip clubs are typically held in high regard among those of us with hedonistic leanings. That’s especially true for those of us who enjoy the look and feel of ethnic women. The Editor of this humble publication maintains black strip clubs are the best you can find in America for legal bootylicious fun.


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Let’s first define what makes a worthwhile strip club. I am not into clubs that filch money from clueless Beta males who pay for pointless dances that leave them broke and with a bad case of blue balls. Most strip clubs are set up to take advantage of sexless and hopeless Betas, Gammas, and Omegas. Why men let themselves be treated this way, I’ll never know.

I approach strip clubs from a totally different perspective. The women in them are obviously attractive, promiscuous and already have their clothes off, it’s up to me to take advantage of this situation by gaming them. I maintain that if I can pull tail out of these clubs, men who study Game can do the same thing.

Whenever I wind up getting laid with a hot girl who works in one of these clubs, it gets a gold star. I never pay for sex unless it’s in a jurisdiction where it’s legal…so these aren’t pay for play experiences. To me, the good clubs are those rare ones that have the right combination of easygoing management, quality women, and girls who don’t hate the men they strip for.


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Which brings me to my experiences at Catwalk in Memphis. As usual, I found the most fun at a strip club on the bad part of town, near the airport.

From the minute I walked in, I was approached by a 7 who had a gorgeous ass. It was as is I had a gravitational pull and she couldn’t help grabbing me before another girl did. I guess confidence really shows, as I had just come back from Latin America for a visit home and I had been through more women that week than most unawakened men go through in a year.

After throwing around a few negs and turning on the charm, it wasn’t long until she was talking sexually with me. Long story short, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and she came over to my place to have a few drinks after she got off work. Meantime, I hung out for a few hours and enjoyed multiple hotties dancing around on stage. Granted, there were a few fatties mixed in the night I was there, but the fatty ratio was not that high especially considering the South has the highest obesity rate in the nation.

There was a lot of enjoyable eye candy, worthless conversations, and beer drinking until closing time.

Anyway, back to my sexual chocolate story. She came over, I poured some wine. We talked, chilled out a little while, then the clothes started coming off. She looked great totally nude, perky titties and the classic black girl ass along with sexy thighs. I couldn’t wait to get inside this girl.


Ethnic strip clubs are more fun than white girl strip clubs if you know how to hang

Long story short, she didn’t even bother getting a condom as she climbed on top and rode the hell out of me. She was very into our lovemaking session, which isn’t unusual in my experience with strippers. I dated one about a decade ago, and in addition to sharing the money of the Beta males she got dances from she would always come home in the mood for love.

She ended up falling asleep on my chest.

This particular stripper did tell me right before she left the next morning I reminded her of the late Paul Walker appearance wise, so having good looks does help grease the skids with women.

I’ve since returned I was able to pull another 7 out of this club using the same play book. The dances are reasonably priced and the drinks are also very reasonable. Overall, Catwalk gets a Recommend. It’s a fun place to hang out, and a guy with even modest skills in Game will have no problem taking a stripper from Catwalk out to breakfast the next morning.

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