Fighting Back: Adopting Minimalism to Starve the Gynocentric Beast


Men should pull their resources from a gynocentric system full of ungrateful women

If there’s one thing feminists and society in general takes for granted, it’s male utility value. Women often complain about being objectified for their sexuality, but have no qualms about objectifying male utility value. No matter how poorly they treat men, disenfranchising us of our traditional roles in society while simultaneously enslaving us with an onerous welfare state and child support system, our participation in the economy is taken for granted.

To them, Mr. Beta will always be there to pay the taxes, take out the trash, do the grunt work, and smile while his children are taken away from him 85% of the time in child custody hearings – no matter how many cocks mom rode on her carouseling adventures or how bad of a job she does at raising her children.

As an example of the results of shoddy parenting since mommy dearest started talking sole control of the next generation, moms shoving a doughnut into little Johnny or Susie while she runs off to work for her corporate “husband” then goes to visit the bad boy after work, after cashing her child support check from Beta Bob (a check she’s never held accountable to show how was spent) has led to an obesity epidemic.

Using lamestream media’s own reporting, Courier-Journal confirms one of the effects of single mommery on society:

America is experiencing an epidemic of obesity in our children. That’s bad news, but worse is the fact that things are getting worse at an accelerating rate. Indeed, in just the past 30 years, the incidence of childhood obesity has doubled, and the incidence of obesity in teens has increased a whopping fourfold.

But fat, wimpy kids are only one symptom of a system that has totally divorced men from their own children. There are countless others painstakingly detailed by this blog and many others in the manosphere as society sinks into inexorable decline. So what does the discarded male of today do to regain some modicum of control over his life and stop financing the insanity of today’s society?

It’s time for men to stand up and say My Body, My Choice when it comes to what we choose to do with our minds and our labor. If society no longer fulfills male hopes and dreams, and leaves him with figurative blue balls sexually, he has no incentive to participate in such a system beyond the minimum it takes for him to get by. This idea has been popularized by Aaron Clarey with his Red Pill treatise on earning as little as possible:

For example I refuse to make more than $30,000 a year (if i can help it) and ensure that I take at least one month of vacation in a remote destination with 3 weekend vacations a year to split up the horrible Minnesota winters. Why do I refuse to do this? Because life is short and any money that I make beyond a certain point is taxed into oblivion and all I end up doing is becoming a host to the economic parasites of this formerly great nation. Additionally, it ain’t like there’s a lot of jobs out there anyway. Regardless, since I will die inevitably, I am packing in as much fun as I possibly can and avoiding working as much as possible.

As Clarey knows, the government has devolved into a giant leech, or perhaps a better term would be a beast, that exists only to rob the male of his utility value to women and society through excessive taxation and government programs aimed at diminishing him economically while redistributing the fruits of his labor to those who do not deserve them.

The best way for the masses of men to slay this beast is by starving it of its lifeblood, for it cannot function without the tax dollars and grunt labor of the average Joe.


Adopting minimalism maximizes freedom and minimizes investment into a system that threw men overboard two generations ago

Enter Minimalism

Women made their lives all about their wants starting in the 1960s. Men need to do the same in the early 21st century. What do most of us want? It’s really quite simple, and doesn’t involve worshiping at the altar of materialism:

  • Reasonable shelter
  • Reasonable food
  • Regular sex
  • Freedom to pursue our interests

All of these bullet points can be achieved with much less money than men are conditioned to believe they need. In fact, the very essence of masculinity is being able to survive and thrive without massive homes that only serve to enslave us with massive mortgages, meals eaten out from the corporate slop bucket, bossy women who think occasional sex is enough to justify the massive laundry list of demands they make, and being enslaved by our own materialistic desires.

Instead, men should take a page from minimalist Joshua Becker.

But what if, in reality, there is actually more joy in owning less? That truth would change almost everything about us. It would change the way we spend our hours, our energy, and our money. It would change where we focus our attention and our minds. It would change the very foundation of our lives. And if it were true, it would free us up to pursue the things in life that we most value. In other words, it would be a life-changing and life-giving realization.

Not only does this realization have the power to change everything for men, it also takes their resources out of a system that wastes them and only demands more as it tightens the noose around the Western male’s neck with money stolen from his own wallet by the government mafia.

Indeed, as the Editor of this blog and countless other men who have taken the Red Pill have realized since running of the plantation, less truly can be more when it comes to what we choose to do with our lives. However, not all men will be able to benefit from this strategy.

Unfortunately, for some, the idea of intentionally living life with fewer possessions is just too counter-intuitive. It’s an approach to life they have never been introduced to or have never been invited to explore. The benefits have never been articulated. As a result, it’s too far a leap…too long a stretch…and jumping in with both feet is just not going to happen.

But for those that do jump in, or even ease themselves into a life of minimalism the rewards can be enormous.

I have demonstrated a man can live happily on $500 a month abroad. What if men en masse decided to work 6 months out of the year, then spent 6 months a year abroad? The pussy is sweeter, the freedom is addicting, and the beaches are beautiful abroad, but for some staying Stateside is their preference. Some men may prefer to be minimialists who stay inside The Matrix, just as Clarey has decided to do.

The details aren’t important, what’s important is men finally starting to live lives their way instead of the way they’re told to live them.

Think it can’t be done? It can. It’s only a failure of imagination and adherence to social conditioning that keeps men from realizing this epic, freedom-giving truth. If you save 50% of your income, you literally only have to work half a year even if you stay inside the Anglo-American Matrix. This window of not working can be doubled or tripled if you spent your time off abroad.

There’s a two-step process to saving 50% of your income: Make a decent income, and live below your means. Future articles will be dedicated to detailing how men can do both. Or, if you want personalized advice, RF Life Coaching is available at a very affordable rate.

Remember, men. Money buys freedom. Which is why you should set up a lifestyle designed around you, not designed around a decrepit system designed to exploit male utility value. If even 10% of men take 10% of this advice, a serious wrench can be thrown into the gynocentric machine.

So spread the word.

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  • this is really important article. thank you TMM. great resource.


  • i think for most of us minimalism is the only option.

    the challenge all of sudden is to be able to afford heathy food. you either rent or couch serf. i’ve been left to sell the house after she realized the gravy train just derailed. funny how that works – ask them to contribute equally and watch them bolt for the door. we didn’t have this kind of backlash back in the day, so i’ve had a couple of the exact same experience off the exact same template. my house (which i can no longer afford) is empty of everything from furniture, plates, etc., all the liquor, the weed i didn’t hide, you know the regular shit.

    so for me at least i’m still trying to adjust to the kind of minimalist lifestyle i will need to lead to move forward. BUT i work out more, read more, write more, get outside more, eat healthier – no more fancy fucking restaurants.

    the price is worth it, gents.


  • Minimalism is fascinating. It’s not only about sacrifice in order to work less and move more. It actually adds happiness to your life, not just convenience. It does this by laying down a few tracks in your brain between letting go of something physically and then being rewarded for that. Live minimally (on physical terms) for a half year or so and watch how your brain starts heading down the same track in emotional terms also. Pretty soon, your brain learns to let go of stuff, first physical, then emotional. You will soon become an emotional minimalist too, bringing you back to the purest state; you’re just waking up the next day for all the new things it offers. It’s like being a kid again. It puts you in the present because your brain is as clutter-free as your bedroom. You no longer filter life through any tired, old emotional paradigms. As sacred as you think they are; they’re not. They were hatched when you were 20, 15 or even as young as 5 years old. Really? Your 5 year old self is deciding shit for you?

    So get started. Strip your life of clutter and your brain will learn to like it. I knew my minimalism was fully implemented when I was happy to buy myself an 80 cent pocket notebook because my other one was full of workout data. It was time for a new one and making that purchase probably fired off as many endorphins in my brain as someone buying a car. (Depends on the car, honestly) But the point is, I had learned to minimalize and apply worth to my own tiny (replaceable) set of possessions. I enjoy having some cool shit; good clothes, shoes, neckties, a decent watch and a top shelf slipjoint pocketknife, a kindle, but it fits in a suitcase. It’s all replaceable too, that’s the best part. No enchanted totems/heirlooms or something. If you do have something like Grandpa’s old pocket watch then put in a safe deposit box. A guy who can head off to a foreign land with two suitcases (or less) is living right. Better still is if you’re glad when the airlines loses your suitcases and you had them insured for a grand a piece. 2k for you to go out and load up on 500 dollars worth of clothes and a 1500 profit.

    Whenever I see a news story of a hurricane or fire gutting someone’s home, I always feel some pity for the people. “We lost everything!” Okay it’s sad they lost everything. What’s more sad than that is that they had a bunch of inanimate shit in their house that they had invested emotions in. A common trait of serial killers is to have a nearly insane fixation/attachment to some or other object from their youth. Stay away from that sickness.


  • As I look around at my blue pill friends and colleagues, the truth of the hedonistic treadmill become clearer by the day. Depending on their level of wealth, what, really, do I see? Tennis courts that are never played on, swimming pools that are never swum in, rooms that are never used, cars that are never driven, clothes that are never worn.

    A life defined not by warmth and human connections, but mostly, by emptiness.

    Emptiness of one type or another is the end point of everything the blue pill teaches. The red pill teaches instead how to live a full life, and, as far as I can tell, this path, whilst more difficult, doesn’t have an end.


  • When my lifetime of work was forcibly stripped from me and transferred to my lying, adulterous, money laundering ex-wife with the help of her female cop friends, corrupt prosecutors, even more corrupt private attorneys, and white knight judges, it hurt, it hurt very bad. That was five years ago.

    I had to find some way to cope with the loss and the ensuing bankruptcy, forced unemployment, disintegrated social life, and despair. Then it hit me. Possessions are merely the bars of a gilded cage and most people I knew were merely the jailers of the cage.

    Prior to the catastrophe, $5,000 disposable per month was never enough. I worked my ass off for a house she wanted and to support her lifestyle. She was a good looking woman and her pussy as sweet as ambrosia.

    I now get by on less than $1,000 per month total. I am full time in a motor home, have very few possessions, and have never been happier. I’ll be 62 years old in a few months and my greatest regret in life is that I was a clueless, blue pill simp, tradcon for almost all of it. Now that I am awakened, I am a new man exploring a new world on my terms and mine alone.

    ZFG is my mantra. All of my former slave masters, male and female, can shove it. MGTOW and minimalism are my new religion. I now sail solo upon a sick turbulent sea at the helm of a finely trimmed ship inhaling the sweet salt air of freedom into my lungs and my soul.

    My mother passed a few days ago. She was my last duty on this planet. I honored her as I did my late father, even though neither truly deserved it. But I fulfilled my duty. In a few more days I will be a millionaire. What does it mean to me? Truthfully, absolutely nothing. The only thing it will change about my life is I will eat steak more often and smoke more cigars. I will not allow it to put me back in the gilded cage – minimalism from here on out.

    I have already been hit on by two women who were aware of my mother’s net worth. I wanted to puke in their faces. A woman’s greed knows no bounds or age limits. Young men be aware.

    With that, my friend, I conclude this reply. The tide is turning and I have a ship to man. Cheers.


    • Poetic, brother. The Gilded Cage imprisons a lot of men with female desires, and their own too. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and readership. Best of luck to you now that you are a free man.


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