Weekend Reading | December 16, 2016


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of December 16, 2016.


4 Reasons Modern Beta Males Will Become Extinct

After thinking more about it, though, I then realized that the modern species of beta is closer to a walking dinosaur. The decline in Western society and the announced cultural collapse has not destroyed them all, only because the observable phenomenon is too recent and we have yet to see how brutal it will get.

How to Talk Like a Man

What does it men to talk like a man? Does it mean to say “bro” a lot as well as curse as much as possible? No, not at all. Does it mean to always use polite language and be respectful of women? Fuck no. I bring up two examples because they are ones I’ve heard before and made me write this article. In case you haven’t noticed males today aren’t the best at communicating with one another.

The Neediness Scale

Love is the alibi of neediness, and neediness is the accomplice of love. The two are rarely without each others’ company, yet they are an irascible, codependent pairing of old friends that would do one another a lot of good if they were separated and communicating via time-delayed diary entries.

Gamma is as Gamma Does

Earlier this week, I banned a monomaniac calling himself Wild Man from VP, since he was prone to intellectual dishonesty and insufficiently tall for the ride there. The wisdom of that decision was subsequently proved by his all-too-typical response of the gamma scorned, which was to a) continue trying to spread his gospel of Western egalitarianism while b) bitterly complaining about the wrongs done to him in a revisionist account of events.



Fakebook Empowers Communist Left to Bury “Fake News”

Facebook has announced it will empower Snopes, an organization with a clear left-wing bias, to bury so-called “fake news” on its news feed, a move that clearly opens the door for the outright censorship of conservative content and opinion.

House Passes Bill Allowing Government to Microchip Citizens with “Mental Disabilities”

Those in support of the legislation maintain that such programs could prevent tragedies where those with mental or cognitive disabilities wandered into dangerous circumstances. Yet, others have called these good intentions a “Trojan horse” for the expansion of a North American police state as the bill’s language could be very broadly interpreted.

Newport Introduces Marijuana Cigarettes

Newport Cigarettes, one of the world’s most popular cigarette brands, announced today that they will join the marijuana legalization trend and start producing marijuana cigarettes.

U.S. Budget Deficit to Reach $600 Billion

The White House on Friday predicted that the government’s budget deficit for the soon-to-end fiscal year will hit $600 billion, an increase of $162 billion over last year’s tally and a reversal of a steady trend of large but improving deficits on President Barack Obama’s watch.

Sheriff’s Probe Finds Obama’s Birth Certificate Fake

A years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate image that Barack Obama released during a White House news conference during his first term and presented to the American people as an official government document concluded it is “fake.”

Book of the Week

A sweeping overview of world affairs and, especially having come across the name of William Yandell Elliott, Professor of Politics at Harvard through the first half of the 20th century.

Sean found that Elliott had created a kindergarten of Anglo-American imperialists amongst his students, who included Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and McGeorge Bundy.

Upon further investigation, Sean came to understand Elliott’s own integral role, connecting the modern national-security establishment with the British Round Table Movement’s design to re-incorporate America into the British ‘empire’.

Whether that goal was achieved will be left to the reader to decide. However, it cannot be denied that W.Y. Elliott’s life and intellectual history serves to demonstrate the interlocking relationship between academia, government, and big business.

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