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Commenter john smith wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. He adds weight to the argument that materialism is an empty prize with by showing us even though he is a wealthy man he finds contentment by living on less, a truth that is regularly preached here at TNMM. The rest of his comment reads just like the female playbook we constantly try to warn men about and educate them on. In response to Fighting Back: Adopting Minimalism to Starve the Gynocentric Beast, he wrote:

When my lifetime of work was forcibly stripped from me and transferred to my lying, adulterous, money laundering ex-wife with the help of her female cop friends, corrupt prosecutors, even more corrupt private attorneys, and white knight judges, it hurt, it hurt very bad. That was five years ago.

I had to find some way to cope with the loss and the ensuing bankruptcy, forced unemployment, disintegrated social life, and despair. Then it hit me. Possessions are merely the bars of a gilded cage and most people I knew were merely the jailers of the cage.

Prior to the catastrophe, $5,000 disposable per month was never enough. I worked my ass off for a house she wanted and to support her lifestyle. She was a good looking woman and her pussy as sweet as ambrosia.

I now get by on less than $1,000 per month total. I am full time in a motor home, have very few possessions, and have never been happier. I’ll be 62 years old in a few months and my greatest regret in life is that I was a clueless, blue pill simp, tradcon for almost all of it. Now that I am awakened, I am a new man exploring a new world on my terms and mine alone.

ZFG is my mantra. All of my former slave masters, male and female, can shove it. MGTOW and minimalism are my new religion. I now sail solo upon a sick turbulent sea at the helm of a finely trimmed ship inhaling the sweet salt air of freedom into my lungs and my soul.

My mother passed a few days ago. She was my last duty on this planet. I honored her as I did my late father, even though neither truly deserved it. But I fulfilled my duty. In a few more days I will be a millionaire. What does it mean to me? Truthfully, absolutely nothing. The only thing it will change about my life is I will eat steak more often and smoke more cigars. I will not allow it to put me back in the gilded cage – minimalism from here on out.

I have already been hit on by two women who were aware of my mother’s net worth. I wanted to puke in their faces. A woman’s greed knows no bounds or age limits. Young men be aware.

With that, my friend, I conclude this reply. The tide is turning and I have a ship to man. Cheers.

The reason I am the way I am today, a ZFG asshole with women is because I tried it their way from adolescence to age 30 and got nothing but abuse and tragedy in return. I’ve also seen the destruction being a nice guy has wrought on countless other men. There’s a reason I do what I do, I feel it’s time somebody took a stand against the abuse of men with good intentions.

So, he’s right about women’s greed knowing no bounds, as I personally experienced that in my Beta days and still have to stay on guard against women’s predatory instincts now that I have a lifestyle worth defending.

The Gilded Cage is such a nice turn of phrase it inspired a forthcoming article here at The New Modern Man. Expect to see it soon.

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