American Women Are Déclassé for Worldly Men


There are still a multitude of cultures in the world, a sophisticated man should choose one that fits his personality and needs

American women are not good enough for me, anymore.

That’s the conclusion I’ve reached after suffering through over three decades of their bullshit then running off the Anglobitch plantation, as so many creative men have done before. English anti-feminist scholar Rookh Kshatriya put together research showing men who expatriate in a desperate attempt to flee the gynocracy are in good company. There is ample historical precedent of uncompromising men running away in his excellent book, Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society:

Creative and intelligent Anglo-American men have always been so disenchanted with Anglo culture that many have followed Fletcher Christian into exile. This Savage Pilgramage (as D.H. Lawrence called it) often incorporates mutinous undertones: a quest for sexual and personal fulfillment unattainable in Anglo-American culture. Since Anglo women reserve particular dislike for creative and intelligent men, it is unsurprising that these are the most likely to take the Savage Pilgramage.

Indeed, men like me are indeed treated like savages when we escape the clutches of this culture and encourage other enlightened men to do the same. Even though Anglo-American women seethe at those of us who see through their game, William Blake, Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, and even Ernest Hemingway are listed as men who abandoned poor quality women in England and America for sunnier, more libertine cultures.

Five years since popping a Red Pill then venturing out to see what I could find when it comes to women and experiences, I now know I could never have anything to do with them beyond straight business deals and rare pump and dumps. The grass, and the pussy are indeed sweeter on the other side. All those literary figures were onto something.

But, it’s much more than a tight piece of ass.

It’s being treated like a human being instead of a utility object. It’s about spending my valuable time and energy with someone who respects me. It’s about female youth and fertility vs. old age and baggage or sterility. It’s about a culture that welcomes men rather than shaming us. It’s many things.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I must admit it is bliss to have a Latina cooking tasty meals for me on a daily basis. Why would I ever go back to women who have no kitchen skills, or no skills at all beyond trying to turn themselves into carbon copies of men, being consummate materialists, and queens of snark?

Once you’ve been to heaven, it’s hard to come back to hell in high heels. Or, in the gender confused, Penis Envy rife Western culture of today, hell in construction boots since women try to copy men’s sartorial choices. But, footwear aside any man who experiences non-feminist women for an extended period of time will find it extremely difficult to accept American women as “normal” again.


Feminists must never be allowed to have a monopoly on world culture – that would destroy cultural diversity

A Lover of True Cultural Diversity

To add another dimension to this counter-cultural philosophy, expat men are lovers of true cultural diversity and realize the myopic way American women expect men to behave and live is not the only way of living life. What a frightening thing a man who practices self-determination and who refuses a shitty deal must be to those benefiting from the forced extraction of the fruits of his labor by the State!

Taking a page out of the YouGoGrrl’s own leftist playbook, feminism is culturally relative, which means only a batshit insane culture need believe in it since it is proving to be demographically suicidal – not every world culture need subscribe to the same view.

Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual’s beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual’s own culture.

In other words, feminists need to practice what they preach and view all cultures as equal, even those dreaded patriarchal cultures. They can finish destroying the West while those of us who see what’s coming abandon the matriarchy.

Getting back to the male point of view, it becomes even more obvious American hoes are déclassé when a man who suspects he is getting a raw deal starts comparing and contrasting the sweet, pretty, foriegn young thing he just got off of to the domestic, snarky, demanding, and statistically sterile, anatomical female/personality male corporate drone who is screeching at him demanding he emasculate himself even more.

In a supreme display of hypocrisy, feminists are the same women who judge men based on what material and social rewards women can collect by association rather than his personal qualities.

Fortunately, American women do not yet hold a cultural monopoly on the rest of the world.

A well-traveled, cultured, worldly man – who also has intact testicles and a functioning cerebrum – will find the attitudes of women in the USA and Western Europe downright bizarre after experiencing a traditional culture.

In my case, this realization resulted in an absolute refusal to put up with American women and their shit anymore. Even though I had a chance to marry into wealthy families twice, the risk of frivorce rape and child support slavery as well as the prostration men are expected to put themselves through for the “reward” of a well-used Golden Vagina is just insulting and unacceptable to any intelligent man.

To put it succinctly and in economic terms: Expected male investment in Western women is astronomical while return on investment is microscopic.

Becoming a true lover of cultural and sexual diversity – rather than haters of true diversity feminists are – underscores this point. Ladies, being a truly multicultural person means you respect masculine cultures as much as you do feminine cultures. You should be able to respect those places on the planet where men are still very much in charge rather than trying to convert the world to be part of the feminist claven.

And I should be able to choose which culture I want to participate in as a liberated male in the early 21st century. Why accept an American girl when a man can get femininity, culture, and class for a fraction of the price of a materialistic sack of solipsism?

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  • Dang son. That turns me on just thinking about it. I have a thing for high heels.

    BTW, I agree 10,000% with Mr. Furioso’s stances on nearly every issue. I haven’t found any other blog as good as this one.


  • Thank you RF,

    This is true Manosphere writing. This is the stuff healthy, heterosexual males need to be thinking about.

    I like the self-awareness to make an immediate catch of ‘high heels’ and tweaking it to the more accurate, ‘construction boots’.

    Any young buck needs to see a Chinese girl walking around in their hotel room nude and in heels before making any commitment that will have you stuck in the USA. “Why would they just walk around nude and in high heels?” It’s because you asked them to and they want to do what you like. I know, WEIRD. I’ve been home in the US for three weeks now and I already need to leave. I love a lot of things but the women are just failing so miserably.


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