Piercing A Paper Thin Veil


The facade most people disguise themselves under is paper thin

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

When you live in a world which is highly socialized and technologically dependent, most people rely on a paper thin facade they wear over their true selves to get by.  Now that the numerous tentacles of technology reach deep into the blackest corners of our lives, a pervasive sense that you are constantly on display permeates our minds.  In order to cope, the average person learns quickly to pretend that everything is A ok and their lives are happy and merry. Just like everyone else.

The problem for these types is that after awhile they forget their facade is all made up, that their lives are a projected image and the projector is just about outta juice.  It does not take much scrutiny to see the cracks rippling out of the paper thin veil everyone drapes over their nastiest, most despicable selves.  The thought of being uncovered and those loathsome fears to be exposed bring torturous waves of fear to electrify their most frightening insecurities.

Unique And Special Like Everyone Else

While everyone is in a frantic race to prove to the world they aren’t a loser, they fail to notice that everyone else is doing the exact same thing.  As if hypnotized everyone seems to be fumbling forward in blind fear and willful helplessness, hoping and praying no one takes notice of the horrors underneath their smiles.

That you aren’t special.

Your thoughts and ideas aren’t unique.

Absolutely no one cares.  Especially you.

Indeed the thought of having to endure such shattering realities causes the masses to go into anaphylactic shock.  Symptoms from severe allergic reaction to truth.

Form Over Substance

The West is a people in decline.  The feminine mindset has become the de facto state of thinking for the masses.  They cannot see past their own toes,  yet wallow in the petty, relentless criticism of others.  The feminine mind loves form over substance and artifice over authenticity.  Thie West is a people who love delusion and loathe self improvement.

To improve they must first be able to admit they aren’t perfect, complete or all knowing.  But to mention this fact would cause the feminized swarms to convulse violently and foam at the mouth.  As the murky froth of their ego and self indulgence give birth to a demoniac form emerging from their empty souls.

Truly, a man whose eyes are open is handsomely entertained watching the little goblins rise from the depths of such great and wonderful people.

With all this fakery, posturing and self deceit among the many, there is great power in the ability to pierce the facade of others.  Often this is necessary to move through the throngs of pedestrians.

Pierce The Heart, Shatter The Moon

A man, a savage man can with his primal eyes, peer deep beyond the obnoxious facade others use to hide within.  To do so is quite simple yet most people do not have this skill because they are too focused on themselves.  On covering up themselves and hiding from the truth.

The Sun represents light and Truth.  To live in the light is the brave road a man must travel down.  He must not fear the light to shine in his darkest heart and uncover his demons.  The fire of this light refines him and causes his own soul to shine beautiful and terrible.  A man of fire.  A force which causes division in the world.  Division of light and darkness.

A feminized world loves the moon and the dark night.  They must hide away from the revealing truth, the penetrating light.  They have become lunatics unable to think or see clearly.  A man must prick them, pierce them and shatter their reality.  To do so requires you see beyond the paper thin veil and pierce it completely and without remorse.

The Slithering Underbelly Of Projection

Fear is such a powerful emotion people will spend their entire lives attempting to avail themselves of it.  In so doing they dedicate themselves to the chains of it’s control.

What does someone fear most?

That which they hide the most or make every attempt to appear it’s opposite.  It is in these opposites to which is projected that one can see this slithering underbelly.  Does a man puff his chest and act tough often in obnoxious ways?

He is a coward that has never been tested. 

Indeed he fears most this trial.  It would only take a minimum of leaning on this person and they collapse.

You know there are so many fields of study in every facet of life that we forget the most important study of all.  Studying people.

Especially those around you.

Dark emotions churn and overlap within the cauldron of other people’s minds and hearts.  Often you can sense this bubbling to the surface when you have pierced through their little masks.  It is not the words themselves which others say but how they say it which betrays everything about them.

Remember this.

Beware of those who appear as nothing and reveal nothing under scrutiny.  These are the most dangerous foes.

The Master Key To Unlock Others

What is the one most powerful tool you have to understand those around you?

It is you.  Your own self.

To know yourself, your fears, lusts, dreams and hopes with cold accuracy and brutal honesty is to know all of mankind.  To test yourself constantly and put yourself through the fire of the Sun, you shall rise above the rest.  You are a microcosm.  A world within a world.  To know yourself is to know the safeguarded secrets of mankind’s darkest dreams.  The phantoms lurking in the shadows and the uncomfortable truths buried under all that fancy debris.

Search the boundless expanse of your own black soul and traverse the wild rivers which coarse through your own savage heart.  Open the crypts of your own demons and face them down like a fucking man.

Then the jeweled thrones of the world can be yours to lay hold.

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