Feminism: Turning Women Into Wannabe Men


Comments from the manosphere from those who are on to the androgyny agenda

My latest ROK article in a series assailing feminism just dropped. As always, there was a lively discussion ensuing in the Disqus thread following the article from men in the know about what feminism is really about. Hint: It isn’t about “empowering” women, it’s about turning them into laborers and taxpayers rather than mothers and grandmothers.

Anigmaris wrote this in response to the article, which turns out to be a succinct and accurate analysis of just what feminism has done to women.

If you peel back the fem-speak and really look at what feminism is pushing, it is turning women into men financially and socially – doing male jobs, being more aggressive, competing with men socially and economically. Now we see that feminism is turning women into men physically, as well. That’s f’n hysterical. Feminism: empowering women by literally turning them into men.

What’s even more amazing about feminism is not only do women eschew anything traditionally associated with their female sexuality when they get infected with feminism, i.e. nurturing, motherhood, childrearing, etc. they literally start showing higher levels of testosterone and this manifests itself in everything from the digit ratios on their hands to man-jaws to brutish behavior.

Disqus user michealmobius is on to the androgyny agenda, which The New Modern Man has been warning about all year long.

“If you think women are becoming manlier—they are. In fact, it’s becoming clearer sexual dimorphism (distinct male and female appearance and behavior) is an enemy of social engineers who want to see the sexes blend into one androgynous human pod in the coming generations.”

This is absolutely true and arguably a major part of the transhumanist agenda (although not necessarily the ray kurzweil type). It is properly understood though in terms of alchemical process, the reduction of male / female elements back into the prima materia of gender, either as an end itself, or with a view to being remade.

I noticed an example of this when David Aaronovitch was praising the appointment of the new female director of Shakespeares Globe (she was subsequently forced out blubbing about sexism). This woman basically wanted all male parts and all female parts to be interchangeable. Aaronovitch waxed lyrical about how great this idea was, anticipating how in 50 years all acting roles (or was it all roles full stop) would be absolutely interchangeable and we would look back on the bad old days as absurd and unequal.

Whether Aaronovitch, or that feminist director would understand it as such this is all part of the raising up of the below to the above – part of man’s occult historical mission to flounce to his destiny by make things completely gay or rather completely transginger.

Remember the Baphomet has breast. This is pretty much the only detail you need to understand about the modern gender revolution. Any idiot who still thinks its about equality or fairness in its trajectory really needs to be sympathetically put down. That is not what it is about.

Reality is stranger than fiction, guys. What better for social engineers and a maniacal elite than sexless worker drones? Cuts down on all that messy sexuality they have to repress with everything from Puritanical laws on prostitution to cultural shaming of heterosexuality.

What remains to be seen is how men en masse will react to this domestication of humanity for an elite’s diabolical ends rather than true well-being of the commoners.

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  • The most interesting thing here is the assertion by SJWs that women can literally be men and men can literally be women. Even I, as a female with gender dysphoria, understand that I can never truly be male. Yes, I bind my breasts, cut my hair short, don’t wear makeup, take testosterone supplements, work out, and wear masculine/neutral clothing…but at the end of the day I still have XX chromosomes. Thankfully, I can usually pass as a very young man, so I don’t have to worry about any chivalrous shit and my friends treat me as a man just like them.

    But what SJWs seem to forget (or perhaps willingly dismiss) is the scientific fact that trans/dysphoric people only make up .03% of the US population. That’s right. Less than 1% of us have neurochemistry/neurophysiology more like that of the opposite sex than the one we were born as. Yet these social justice “warriors” would have the media believe that gender dysphoria affects *millions* rather than mere thousands of people.

    Maybe this is their ultimate goal? To corrupt the very idea of gender? To make men feel bad for being men, and women bad for being women, and insist that people who are born normal are “wrong”? By the stars, I hope not. Equality cannot be reached by telling 99.7% of the population that they are scum for having a normal gender identity. That way lies political correctness of the type only found in insane asylums.


  • Is the deck stacked against men in many cases here in Anglo America as RF would call it? Sure. Will a man often take it right in the teeth no matter his efforts in the PC HR driven corporate cesspool and elsewhere? Absolutely. The only answer is to go full throttle hard core indomitable male in pursuit of your very best – no matter what. In the end you will indeed make your way and help change the culture. There is no way the SJWs will be able to keep up by their very nature. If every legitimate man bit the bullet in Anglo America as such we would outlast them all and turn the tide back to the natural order of things. In my opinion,TNMM is the tip of the spear to get it all started. Keep it coming RF.


  • this is about as RP as it gets. understanding that if you side with the system, you will have no choice but to go along with it. many guys have great jobs in big liberal cities, thinking they can avoid the pitfalls of liberalism while simultaneously enjoying the upside. but it won’t be long until they start to form mam-boobs and develop that oh-so-sought after low energy every cuck embraces at they spiral towards the end of their genetic lineage.


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