How Feminists Use The Religion Of Diversity To Destroy True Diversity


Feminism has become a religion for atheistic leftists

One of the oldest tricks in politics is to accuse your opposition of your own crimes.

Modern leftists regularly accuse conservatives of being opposed to diversity. We all know the “rayciss” moniker gets tossed around way too often as a way for leftists to silence debate with cheap but effective ad hominems. But, it can be argued many of us in the manosphere and the alt-right are supporters of true diversity while leftists are attempting to destroy diversity by pushing a gynocentric monoculture that will span the globe.

We still believe traditionalism has a role in the world, and have been the poster men for tolerance even while women performed their little science experiment called feminism. We only started speaking out when it started to debase and destroy the society we men built up. They believe the entire planet must be assimilated into the It Takes A Village mentality and spit fury at dissenters, while we have been exemplary in our patience until recent years.

Evidence is beginning to mount the ultimate goal of the Establishment is to take the gynocentrism of the United States and Western Europe global. Boilerplate feminist rhetoric is now appearing regularly in foreign newspapers, as we will see with one recent example in a moment. Of course, the many traditional cultures left in the world will be destroyed if this happens. Which means “diversity” as practiced by leftists will destroy true diversity.

They push their myopic belief in female supremacy via Hollyweird and American media which are both increasingly force-fed to the masses of the world. It is their way, they think, of bringing “progress” to the rest of the world. But what if what we’re progressing towards is a matriarchal hell in which men are reduced to the human equivalent of worker bees orbiting a queen bee rather than men who have a role in society beyond laborer and sperm donor?


Women are angels, men are devils in the religion of feminism

Saving The Heathens

In many ways, the high priestesses of feminism follow the same principles as those pushing religious conversions. They believe must “save” the heathens who still believe in masculinity from themselves. Never mind the fact women are more unhappy post-feminism than ever before. As reported by Return Of Kings last year, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found:

By many objective measures the lives of women in the US have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.  The paradox of women’s declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.

There’s actually no paradox at all. As red pill men know, women are happier doing the exact opposite of what feminists tell them to do. The University of Pennsylvania study is bolstered by another one from England that found women who are housewives and who have children are happier than ball-busting, testosterone laden Anglo women of today. The top 5 happiest professions for women are as follows:

  • Housewives – 87.2% happy
  • Hospitality and events management – 86.3% happy
  • Creative arts and design – 84.4% happy
  • Charity work – 83.9% happy
  • Leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7% happy

Notice, all of the above career paths are traditional female fields. It’s as if biology and evolutionary adaptations for women to do different work than men actually matter, much to the chagrin of those who would only add the the pile of mounting evidence proving Freud’s Penis Envy theory correct by forcing women into male roles and male jobs in society.

Feminists try to be just like men rather than just like women. It’s as if they’re ashamed of anything associated with being female—motherhood, nurturing instincts, and deference to male authority—so they try to figuratively sew on their own penises. This psychological behavior has manifested itself in increasingly bizarre ways – such as the Go Girl, which allows women to pee standing up!

Obviously, us knuckle draggers do not realize how “advanced” women have become now that they have their own plastic penises available at Walmart.


Paging Dr. Freud, your Penis Envy theory is once again verified

You Will Be Assimilated

When feminists say they support diversity, what they really mean is they want to assimilate the world’s diverse cultures rather than letting them continue with their “outdated” traditional beliefs. They want to bring in the “unwashed” so they can enlighten them with their Communist Utopia, 1960s era propaganda.

However, this creates a dilemma because feminists can’t support diversity and the destruction of patriarchal cultures at the same time. I stuck this shiv in the feminist narrative just yesterday:

Becoming a true lover of cultural and sexual diversity – rather than haters of true diversity feminists are – underscores this point. Ladies, being a truly multicultural person means you respect masculine cultures as much as you do feminine cultures. You should be able to respect those places on the planet where men are still very much in charge rather than trying to convert the world.

But, feminists in their rabid fervor to completely dominate men don’t respect the diverse beliefs of non-gynocentric cultures at all. It’s not good enough that they’ve destroyed an entire ethnic group’s vitality and its demographics with feminism. Now, they’re preaching the evangel of female superiority in other nations. Recently, I dissected a propaganda article published in The Bangkok Times attacking traditional Thai men that reads as if Gloria Steinem herself wrote it.

An Establishment media hit piece on Thai men just came out shaming them for everything from having multiple sex partners, to expecting sex from their wives, to drinking, and expecting their wives to look after the family.

Think its harmless? This type of culturally imperialistic propaganda was astronomically successful at destroying the Western male beginning in the 1960s. And now it’s spreading around the world. Look out, gender equality (a Matrix code phrase which really means female superiority) is set to infect the rest of the world’s traditional cultures if the Elite have their way.

What an atrocity! Expecting sex, having a beer, and expecting a woman to take care of her own children.

Suffice it to say, the best way to destroy women and the family (a stated goal of Cultural Marxism) is by first debasing the men. That’s why hit pieces on Thai men are put out on a regular basis. And, this gives us yet another clue that the people who really run the world are adept at what they’re doing when they infiltrate a culture and destroy its traditions.

The end result will be the cancer of American culture metastasizing and spreading to infect other organs in the global body unless feminists are called out on their cultural imperialism at every turn.

Always remember, feminists are out to destroy true diversity in the world by assimilating diverse cultures into the Church of Pussy Pedestalization.

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  • Yeah, certainly seeing the same in Peru. I’ve made five trips down here, and I’ve seen more women doing traditional male jobs like cobrador (attendant/collector on buses who helps the driver), police officer, etc. During our trips around Lima, we’ve seen a MARKED INCREASE in the number of women as police officers. Granted, they’re transit police directing traffic, but there is a marked increase in women doing what men had done previously down here.


  • Why is it when you drive down the road, everything you see, including the road, was built by men? When you drive by a construction site, why do you see few to no women at all? Why is it that when there’s a war, 99.9% of the front line combatants are male? Why do we have a male-only draft? Why is male circumcision not genital mutilation? Why is it OK that 90%+ of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women? Why is all of this accepted as the norm?

    See, the real human trafficking and victimization is the sacrifice of males to hard labor, financial destruction and death for women’s rights and privileges over men. But why is this truth never spoken? Why do we only ever hear about female victims, with some stories ignoring the male victims entirely and literally pointing out only the female victims? Because gynocentrism. Because systemic cultural misandry. Because long enjoyed male disposability and the exploitation of men’s innate honor, bravery and love of women.

    Thanks to the misandry and white hating racism of feminism and BLM, we now have Trump as POTUS. The two served as powerful campaign ads for his rise to the most powerful position on earth. The more they promoted the idea of ‘white privilege’, ‘the patriarchy’, ‘male tears’, ‘ironic misandry’, ‘man-splaining’, ‘man-spreading’ and ‘the problem with whiteness’, the stronger Trump became.

    Thanks to NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers), a feminist organization, we have no-fault divorce, which is rapidly destroying marriage. Thanks to feminism, we have Affirmative Consent, stripping men of due process and presumption of innocence on college campuses. Everything the left touches is destroyed. The Democrat party is little more than a front for domestic terrorist organizations like feminism and BLM. Feminism destroys entire nations.

    Feminists created MGTOW through their rampant misandry, ‘women’s studies’ degree programs and their demonization of men and massive distortions of history. My mother and sisters are feminists and I haven’t spoken to them in decades nor will I ever again. I’ll let them be strong, independent women.

    MGTOW are the counter revolution. How do we beat the misandric mindset into oblivion? Simply opt out. Walk away. Don’t give a woman financial and legal power over your life through ‘marriage’. Why would you when you face a coin-flip’s chance of surviving ‘marriage’ and losing everything in the aftermath?

    Every year, in the US alone, hundreds of thousands of men wake up too late to save themselves from all of the above truths. Why? Gynocentric brainwashing through movies, books, TV shows, music and the socialist indoctrination gulags we call schools and universities.

    I’ll give this to feminists: Marriage is slavery. No man should ever get married. Thanks to feminism and their success in tilting the law against men, I and a great many other men will certainly never give a woman financial or legal power over my life – in any way, shape or form – not just marriage.

    Having said all of the above, do I hate women? Not at all, but I profoundly and malevolently loath feminists in the same way Jews hate Hitler and blacks loath slavery.

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