Comment of the Week | January 1, 2017


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Commenter Gentleman Jak wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us with this synopsis of the global warming swindle. In response to Government Employees Tampering with Temperature Data, he wrote:

It’s going to be interesting how the libs spin this “issue” if what I heard on the Phil Valentine show a few months back is correct. Apparently around 2020 the sun is supposed to go through a quiet cycle where there are less solar flares and surface activity. This means a significant and rather quick drop in Earth temperatures. I think they realize this which is why they’re trying to now change the term to “Global Climate Change” which can mean literally (Hitler) anything.

He’s right. A number of prominent long-range forecasters including Joe Bastardi (formerly of Accuweather before they became another global warming propaganda agency) are saying the earth will enter a cooling phase over the next few decades.

This is why “global warming” – which has never materialized the way profits of doom said it would for over 30 years now – has been re-branded “climate change” so literally anything can be blamed on it.

Nobody ever said lying to keep the sheeple afraid of normal weather events was easy. But it is ridiculous.

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