The Frivorce Court Lottery Strikes Again: Godfather Actor Must Pay $8,000 a Month to Ex


$5,000 a month for her? WTF?

At this humble outpost for men, it’s often said that marriage is just legalized prostitution. Here’s how it works. Women expect to be paid for services rendered, i.e. use of the Golden Vagina whether it’s a prostitute turning tricks on the street corner or an ex-wife who goes through the dissimulation of marriage before calling her lawyer and cashing in on the divorce court lottery.

Every woman has her price.

Unfortunately for legendary Godfather actor James Caan, the price for his ex-battleaxe is going to be extremely steep when her lawyers and the vagina-worshipping, lawyer ruled court system get done with him. The Daily Mail reports:

James will be responsible for paying Linda $5,000 a month until she remarries or one of them passes away.

I wouldn’t give you $5,000 to hit every hole this woman has got and have her serve me breakfast in bed the morning after. As a man who has been living quite happily on $500 a month abroad, I can promise you I hit better quality ass than this broad every day of the week. I guarantee the twenty-something foreign hotties I deal with are much more pleasant to be around than this high-maintenance granny, too.

What makes this case even more disgraceful is that this legendary actor is being forced to do work in bad movies, tarnishing his legacy in order to keep up with the payments that resulted from his court-ordered indentured servitude. The gynocentric media didn’t like Caan saying anything about his legacy being threatened. Check out the snippy tone in The Daily Mail:

Perhaps the most striking claim in the documents is that Caan feels the money issues are forcing him to take sub-par roles in order to keep up financially.

Ooooh, I guess he really stepped out of line, there. See, you have to smile as you’re being divorce raped.

By the way, what ever happened to the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra of feminists? It seems they DO need men, at least when time comes to settle up for sexual services rendered at the end of a relationship or marriage. Well, they need his finances.

Evidence is mounting women never actually love men as much as they love male social status, financial status, and power, as detailed in a previous TNMM article on the subject: Can a Woman Love a Man?


Another legendary actor gets cleaned out by the Anglo-American frivorce court system

The Frivorce Court Lottery

So just how much in total will Caan’s post-expiration date granny be winning from the Frivorce Court Lottery when he is turned upside down and shaken by the court system?

The 76-year-old Godfather actor reportedly must pay $400,000 in retroactive spousal support and child support, a sum which will also cover their joint assets. In addition, the Hollywood legend will pay $3,124 per month in child support until son Jacob, 18, finishes high school next year.

What makes the excesses of this system worse is the fact a man must continue to make payments even if he becomes disabled or is unable to maintain his income. Now we know at least one plausible explanation as to why legendary actor Robin Williams offed himself after being cleaned out and enslaved by the same farce.

As reported by The Washington Times in a separate article on such abuses of the court system, those of the same type as the Caan case:

Alimony reform is sought in many states because it can result in grotesque financial abuses: Hefty payments can be ordered for life — even if a marriage was brief — and can be hard to change or terminate even when the payer loses a job, falls ill or reaches retirement age and end of a salary.

Shakespeare must have written “Kill all the lawyers!” for a reason. The family law book has been extensively expanded in the last 50 years, in a way that benefits women and lawyers and filches men.

Family law has been intentionally grown into a lengthy, complex process that forces divorcing couples to hire experts to get them through it — and this has given rise to a lucrative, $50 billion-a-year industry.

So, what does Caan get to keep? It’s definitely not his dignity or testicles. As reported by gossip rag TMZ:

He gets to walk away with most of his fine art pieces… some worth tens of thousands of dollars a piece. He’ll even get to keep his prized horse. Head intact.

Still want to get married someday?

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  • To “Suffer no fools”

    I must add; “There’s no fool like an old fool”

    8k a month could get a guy a lot of nice, young tail around the world but he succumbed like a bitch to his blatantly faulty programming.

    There are several stages to taking the redpill that are discussed here, at RM and elsewhere in the manosphere. One aspect that I haven’t seen come up much is how incredible and dumbfounding blue pill behavior seems once you’re r.p. aware. Watching blue-pillers get clobbered for their beliefs is just so hard to believe. How can this miss all this stuff right in front of their face? You might as well be watching 3 year olds play in the sandbox and listen to their cartoon-based fantasy lives as listening to bluepillers talk about their lives and what they want or more often; what they think YOU should want.

    Like Zan above, I have to say “Sorry dudes” to bluepill guys. I can’t react to it anymore. I just don’t care. People can’t be helped. The information is so accessible and the horror of Western women simply could not be more bare-faced. There is simply no incentive even if it were to work out okay. One good year of exciting lays and then boredom. And that’s the BEST-CASE scenario of having a successful marriage to a supermodel. But there will always be people making stupid choices. Drive around in a low-income part of town for an hour and count how many idiots nearly get killed jaywalking with stoplighted crosswalks 20,10, even 5 feet away. People can’t be helped.

    I recently played poker with a guy who was manipulated into near suicide TWICE by his insane Western ex-wife. She is trying to kill him, literally. And I am correctly using ‘literally’ here. When the subject of another buddy came up (who married an EE girl), the guy (who nearly offed himself only a few weeks before) just scoffs about the ‘mail order bride.’ Like “What a loser! Has to get a second rate EE woman” The guy was led to the brink of suicide by a typical American monster and when a RP strategy (foreign wife) comes up, he scoffs. That’s how deep the programming is.

    I’ve had several guys look at me sidelong like “Who’s this loser?” once they know I never married. These same guys have had their lives destroyed in divorce court but I’m still a loser for not having my life wrecked. A few high IQ friends of mine (who, of course, had their lives ruined by marriage and divorce) are the ones who are like “You were smart, dude”

    The brainwashing is so total; equating your self-worth with female approval….measuring your value as a male by the degree to which you cater to a woman’s financial whims.

    The third world is out there, boys. Full of busty 19 year olds. And more are on the way.


    • Melmoth, I’m totally with you on this. There’s a million new young girls turning 18,19, 20, 21, everyday all over the world. But, like you said, “There’s no fool like an old fool”… I recall something my Dad taught me.. “That the only thing worse than a Fool… is a Knowing Fool.

      I’m almost of the opinion that having a Beta mindset / lifestyle may be a form of mental illness…because what type of man in his right mind, given all the facts and data we have, along with the empirical evidence and real-life examples, in most cases (like the example you gave above) with previous personal bad experience, would willingly and voluntarily choose to embrace and in most cases, defend a path of emotional, mental and financial destruction. I swear, it’s like some sick Stockholm Syndrome / PTSD shit.

      I’ve had friends that I’ve had to distance myself from…

      I’ve tried over the years to be empathetic, patient and helpful, only to learn the real, sneaky nasty truth about them….and it’s this…..that deep down they love being bitch boys, they love the drama… it’s equivalent to the street prostitute, you want to save… has it ever occurred to you, she likes being a street HO. You waste all your time and resources dragging this HO off the streets and as soon as you turn your back, she right back where she wants to be.

      Beta boys will complain like bitches but watch their actions…when the opportunity arises watch what they do…they will go back to being exactly who they are… whiny, little bitches. And bro, I have no time or energy for that Bullshit.


      • Yeah, you just have to ignore it. My manosphere phase is almost over. I’ve got the mechanics down and I’m sick of the stages and the beta-wailing. I’m sick of the anger phase that most guys get stuck in and I’m way more excited about the future plays to make now that I know the facts. I’ll visit here always because it’s an exciting take on what the future holds. I still like RM but the concept of doing the most obvious thing ever (LEAVE) doesn’t factor in to that world. I can no longer stand the commentariat at RM anyway. It’s like none of those guys ever held a passport and I just can’t interact with anyone who doesn’t know how unbelievably poor the selection is in the USA. They’re always going on about ‘alpha this, alpha that, maintain frame etc’ when young women over 220 are so commonplace that you don’t even see them anymore. But stay alpha! Whatever.

        You never know what another guy is getting out of being some woman’s bitch-boy. Great point. Maybe Caan is so bored that the only tingle he has left in life is the feeling that his bitch whipped him in life. That gives him some kind of BDSM spark or something. He’s her bitch until he dies and maybe he likes it. I’ve seen behavior among my own family and friends in which the only explanation is some kind of deep beta-submission tingle is the only explanation. You know the guys who like to say “I have to check with the boss first” when a poker night is suggested. Then they smile and look like they can’t wait to go home and rub one out at the thought of their dominant wife (who’s off doing whatever the fuck she wants). It would be a dark road to go down. In a culture where physical sexual health is almost totally absent for the 30 and overs, the guys have to find other sources of sexual spark. Submission or having an ex putting them in a gimp costume for life might be getting these guys off. Power is an aphrodisiac and it might be the only aphrodisiac left because sexy bodies in the USA are like keg parties; it’s for the 25 and unders only.

        Stockholm Syndrome for sure. The biggest losers are the guys who divorce, and remarry right before retirement or just after. Then some 54 year old formerly hot gold-digger attacks their life and their pension with the heartlessness of a raccoon. To those old gits I say, “Take your pension to Vietnam, ffs”

        Bottom line; Who cares? In Asia (and any non Anglo-bitch shithole) sexuality is about physical beauty and I want to keep it that way. Once a guy’s sexuality starts to connect to bitch-boy servility, then it’s over for him. The abuse has to get worse and worse for him to get turned on. I’ve seen it up close. Guys get led nearly to their deaths just to keep the dynamic exciting. It’s like they hardly care.


      • All very good points…that’s why I like this site so much…

        Rel, seems to have an easy process with his articles…

        1st, he makes you aware of the problem (giving red pill to the blue pillers) or re-inforce red pill knowledge, which is always good.

        2nd, he doesn’t just focus on girls but he goes into lifestyle and freedom.

        3rd, he doesn’t just write about the solution, he actually lives it and that’s something you have to respect.

        All the best to you in 2017.


      • Likewise, have a good year. I guess there’s no point in critiquing other sites in specifics. I can just say that a lot of them have started to feel like the leaders of a jail riot. Yeah, they’re all full of bluster and their points are correct (that the FI sucks etc) and their anger is righteous and they’re articulate…okay…but for how long does it have to go on? Some manospherians have trapped themselves in a never-ending trap of confirmation bias. I was there for too long myself. There are a lot of manospherians content to be vocal about the poor conditions of the jail but if you showed them an open door they would recoil. RF is all about “GTFO and this is why”


  • Hey, happy New Year..RF.

    Listen, I think you are doing us all a great service by writing these type of articles…for the young and uninitiated, it’s an advance dose of reality they should take to heart and for us Vets, a fresh reminder of how important it is to Respect The Game.

    Now, here’s my second angle… I’m a believer in the old adage “Suffer no fools.” Whether it be Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, now James Caan or in the near future Russell Wilson. All these guys new what was up from the get-go.

    Everybody on planet earth has been well aware of the divorce-rape laws, child support, etc… and what do they continue to do in spite of?….exactly. So I say “Let them eat cake.” Let a fool wallow in their folly.

    And, by the way..on an ending note… I know some may disagree with this next statement but “Women only do to you, what you allow them to do to you.” In other words, weak-ass men will always be taken advantage of.

    And just keep in mind as men complain about what women are doing, let me remind you, it was men (specifically white men) NOT WOMEN who passed these laws that are screwing men over… again women are only doing what men have allowed. (If you doubt me- fine…example: No Fault Divorce 1969 Ronald Reagan, Governor of California, look it up).

    Men (specifically, white men) have created the fucked up situation men are in right now… remember it was men who created feminism and women are doing what women have always done (take advantage of any situation given to them, BY MEN). So, OK, fine..blame women…(duly noted) but the power behind all her behavior and actions was a (white) man who enabled her and empowered her through the court system.


  • Every time I see a young man getting married, I think of the Biblical term, “sheep being led to the slaughter”, it saddens me knowing he just forfeited all his hopes and dreams for the “love” of a psychotic western cunt. And the young man has no clue what he is in for, for no one has the balls to tell him. I literally beg the young men in my life not to get married, but of course they all believe they found the NAWALT, and their cunt is different! It’s sad. And so “another one bites the dust”. At 51, I now consider a wedding far sadder than a funeral. At least the dead man gets to rest. No rest ever for the clown, chump, beta slave. I do = life over.


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