Feminists Want Equality, Let’s Give Them Equality: End the Female Free Ride


The Anglo female’s life of empty consumerism is statistically unsupportable without the labor and tax dollars of the Beta males she hates

If we are to live in the truly “equal” world feminists and leftists claim will bring about Utopia on Earth, the time has come to end the Female Free Ride through life.

Women have been protected against failure in life for thousands of generations. It seems not only is a golden vagina nature’s credit card, it also comes with an insurance policy that protects them from the consequences of terrible financial and life decisions. The men they’ve discarded who are footing the bill are tired of picking up the tab.

The time has come for women to finally live up to the YouGoGrrl™, Strong, Independent Woman™ and Don’t Need a Man™ mantras. They’ve been slackers for too long, spending too much while earning too little and receiving far more government benefits than they pay in. Even in this Empowered™ Age, women receive an inordinate amount of resources for the amount of work they put in to society. In fact, according to some estimates over the course of their materialistic lives they statistically spend some 90% more than they earn!

Of course, forcing women to carry their own weight only means more leisure time poolside for men since we are natural minimalists. It doesn’t take much for a man to live on.


Never enough shoes – just one way women are responsible for trillions in wasteful spending and environmental destruction annually

The Free Ride

All things being equal, according to some interesting statistics men could work half the number of hours they work now and live happier lives of minimalism while letting women pick up the slack to support their own cult of materialism and exorbitant medical expenditures. There can be no gender equality if men are doing all the heavy lifting for a consumer economy in which women make up 80% of purchasing decisions. (Those stats come straight from Harvard University.)

Those statistics alone prove Anglo women get a free, coddled ride through life and they never have to face the harsh realities men do when it comes to resource allocation and the threat of living under a bridge for irresponsibility. (The vast majority of homeless people are men.) Here’s some excellent research from Real Sexism to prove just how good women have it. These numbers show the U.S. government as it exists now is nothing more than an agent of wealth redistribution – forcibly extracting money from the men women supposedly “don’t need” to buy female favor.

  • Men pay 3/4 of income taxes
  • Women consume 2/3 of public spending
  • There are 3 times the amount of health services for women than men

Larger healthcare expenditures might be understandable in a society in which women actually reproduced in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, but since more whites are now dying than being born it seems women’s health care is more about medical entertainment and feeding the beast (i.e. the infinite growth economy) than it is any actual healthcare issues.

They also receive an overwhelming amount of government largesse paid for by Beta male taxpayers.

  • Men earn nearly 62% of all income
  • Men only account for 20% of domestic spending
  • Women make 38% of all income
  • Women control 80% of all domestic spending
  • Therefore, women spend over 90% more than they earn on average

These numbers present one of the most promising possibilities of male liberation when one realizes the potential ending the Female Free Ride represents. In the Utopian world of Equality, women need to spend no more than they contribute to society.


Free men from indentured servitude and let us return to lives of freedom

Stop Male Enslavement

We’ve all heard the story. Girl uses her predatory instincts to get some poor (but well-paid) Beta to get her pregnant. She has children, kicks the Beta to the curb, calls Mr. Alpha Fucks and her lawyer, and receives an 18-year annuity from Big Daddy Government.

The hapless Beta then has his child (or children) forcibly taken from him by the State and he is literally enslaved under threat of imprisonment to pay this annuity (otherwise known as child support) even though mommy dearest is never held accountable to show the money is actually being spent on said child.

In many cases, the Beta can now be enslaved even if the kid is demonstrably NOT his after DNA testing, as in one injustice meted out in the Colorado court system:

Even though a DNA test has revealed the daughter is not his, Atkins is still on the hook. His child support payment is a whopping $730 a month, and he has to pay or go to jail only because his name is on the birth certificate. He cannot be taken off the birth certificate without the real father signing it. Making this story even worse, the genetic father of the child, a Mr. Lonnquist, refuses to sign the birth certificate for his own daughter so Atkins can be released from child support responsibility. And, the man who won’t claim responsibility for his own daughter is the man mom, Lori, wants to spend her life with.

Outrageous cases like this one are far from unusual in the injustice system. The family court system legal book, extensively expanded and rewritten by lawyers to make other people’s miseries more profitable for them needs to be tossed onto a big old fire. A new beginning is desperately needed when it comes to family law, and Shakespeare’s advice to kill all the lawyers seems wiser now than ever.


Win every time with the frivorce court lottery, if you’re a female

Stop The Frivorce Court Lottery

Rich men must be the stupidest men when it comes to dealing with women.

That includes rich “Alpha” type CEOs and actors who regularly allow themselves to be filched by gold diggers. Whether it be worn out, battleaxe women asking for $400,000 a month for the rest of their lives as in the case of the Cancer Centers of America CEO’s divorce, or a flooze receiving a multi-million dollar divorce settlement as in the case of Johnny Depp’s divorce, women regularly receive huge payouts in court for disposing of ex lovers in a manner that would make a Black Widow spider proud (Female Black Widows kill then eat the male spider after mating with him).

A Strong, Independent Woman™ should not need to rely on laws that were written for times when women were considered helpless and hopeless after a divorce. Alimony and other forced wealth transfers must stop. Otherwise, women are being totally hypocritical when they say they Don’t Need a Man™ then proceed to clean him out in exchange renting him a vagina for a few years. (As I’ve repeatedly stated on my blog, marriage is most often just legalized prostitution!)


Along with living a life with cats rather than nasty human children, feminists carrying their own weight will help us reach the socialist Utopia

Empowered At Last

By stopping government subsidies to women (paid for by men) and forced wealth transfers from earners to predators (males to females in the legal system) women can finally show us just how great they are when they carry the weight of their own materialism, costs of their own medical entertainment, cost of supporting their own offspring when they kick loving fathers out of their lives, and the costs of their own empty lives returning to the cock carousel after disposing of a provider male in a divorce.

As an added bonus, there’s a lot of slack to be made up in the workaday world, ladies.

Feminists will have to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and change the above statistics. We especially need to see women going into jobs as truck drivers, construction laborers, electrical workers, garbage collectors, loggers, and other blue collar work because to leave those jobs to men is sexist. What…do you think just because we are men we deserve to do grunt work while you ladies take all the glory?

These changes to our operating agreement will finally balance the scales that were tilted when feminism shifted women to having all rights and privileges but no responsibilities in society. So, I’ve told you how to end the Female Free Ride through life. Now, will the YouGoGrrls step up to the plate and show us just how manly you really are?

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