See With The Masculine Eyes Of Janus


In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings

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People today think the old gods are dead.  The weakling male prances around and fancies himself so sophisticated, so progressive.  He panders to women, to children, to every fucking thing.


Because long ago he lost the ability to think and act for himself.  He bows down prostrate before the wretched witch Equality and pays his penance while she drains his blood.  On the altar of tolerance he happily lays down his will to power so that he may virtue signal amidst the bloated mass of androgynes. In hopes that he too may be accepted among the borg.

As the filthy whore lady liberty spreads her legs to his enemies, the weakling smiles and keeps his head low.  He’d better keep that faggot mouth shut.  He would never dare offend his muliebral masters now.

The modern female whore still serves up her children to the outstretched arms of Moloch.  She burns away her fertility and her unborn in the Baal fire.

Indeed the gods are not dead.  They devour more blood and more flesh than ever.

They have just changed their masks.  In fact witchcraft is alive and well today.  Feminism is largely a modern form of witchcraft and every slobbering skank, every unashamed harlot is just a modern witch cast under a spell.  The dreamy portal showing her infantile mind how pretty and special a perverse life is.  A life which destroys her family and her womb.  When the portal becomes a mirror later on she ultimately sees the ghastly horror of an old and bitter hag about to die.

The spell was cast on you my dear.

The worst types are those who say they are atheists.  For these are the most deluded and the most easily manipulated by the new(old) gods.


The ruins of Ancient Rome still stand as testimony to its once greatness

Masculinity And Dead Gods

Ancient Rome was a grand civilization which straddled the world.  There were many gods worshiped within their pantheon.  A culture where men were expected to act and behave like men.  Their gods, likewise reflected that bright light back down and into their hearts.

Janus was one such god.

His worship dates back to Romulus himself even before the founding of that great city.  Janus is associated with doorways and he was regarded as the god of all beginnings.  Whose name was spoken before any other gods in liturgies.  It is important for the modern man to understand just who this god is.

In fact the beginning of the day, month and year were sacred to him.  The month of January is named after him.

Janus was depicted as a god with two faces.  He represents the masculine principle.  The beginning of all things who is both looking to the past and also to the future.  He is the force at the beginning of all time as the guardian of the gates of heaven.

He presides over all beginnings and even the gods themselves.

Only a solar god can be the god of time and change.  A man who is self actualized is like the god Janus.

For he is the bright star that all other bodies revolve around.

With his eyes always looking to the past so that he may learn and grow from it.  He does not back and feel regret or sorrow.  All things happened as they did and he must learn.  So also does his other face stay looking forward.

To the future and the vast unknown towering at the doorstep.

To the road ahead, the trials that await and the glory……the shining jewels and endless treasure that come from a man who is constantly moving, changing and evolving.


Resurrect the warrior spirit in your heart

Resurrect Janus In Your Heart

The modern world pretends it has laid to rest all the old gods.  You must never follow the path of the filthy masses.

What does a god care for ants?

As the profane, cosmopolitan world descends into chaos and destruction, remember the old gods.

Remember the masculine eyes of Janus and the beginnings of all things.  It is this beginning which you must come to understand.  For it’s secrets lay hidden in plain sight.

I tell you this.  The beginning of all things, of civilization, of true progress and upward striving is very simple.

It is a motherfucking MAN.  A man’s vision and will to achieve it.

It was men like Romulus and Remus, raised by a wolf who founded Rome.  It was men who raised up her forums, her coliseums, her aqueducts and roads from the stones of the earth.  Forming perhaps the greatest civilization the world has ever seen.

It has always been MEN.  It always will be.

Men whose vivid dreams and otherworldly longings moved them to unfathomable greatness.

Gaze with open disgust and contempt at the decrepit hordes of imbeciles who all live by the bounty and benevolence of men.

Janus is the god inside your own heart moving you forward to change.  Pushing you out of your comfort zone and into the great unknown.  He is the wise god who learns from the past and does not repeat it.  Always moving.  Always changing.

From glory to glory he soars higher and higher. 

Janus is the god welcoming you towards a new life of boundless freedom.  Where terrifying dangers lurk and a bright solar light calls out from the stars, beaming down into you.  Revitalizing your soul.

Never forget him.

The god to resurrect within you that spirit which strives ever forward and upward.  To be revolted at the weak and unwilling, turned rotten in stagnation.

See the world with the masculine eyes of Janus.  See everything in life as a test which pushes you to new beginnings.

Leave the pigs in their fucking pig sty while you ascend to heights undreamed of.  Squash the ants without a thought.

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