Two Skills To Become The Master


Stoicism and the Way Forward will help you become a better man

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

No matter how the weaklings of the west like to dress up their realities with flimsy facades and rainbow colored draperies. The cold, hard truth is that life is all about survival, competition and outlasting the rest.

Life is a battle of your will that burns inside you versus the motherfucking world.

The fire that compels you to wake up every day and face an uncertain world. A new day riddled with possibilities of loss, suffering, and even death are lurking everywhere.  The pampered Fag O Trons of the west have spared no expense in covering up these nasty truths with as much obfuscation and cognitive dissonance possible in their malignant brains.

Truthfully all of life is a battle of wills.  Since the west embraced long ago the ideals of lassiez faire capitalism, a radical individualist ideology has marinated in our minds for generations.  What this means is that for the white man, he no longer possesses his natural faculties to out compete and outlast the rest of the world.  We are all atomized individuals.  Compartmentalized within the “melting pot” of the American dream.

The only things the masses share in common are which corporate brands they like/consume the most.

The truth is that dream is a fucking nightmare.  A murky soup of elements that will never go together until we all have been engineered into the Morlocks of the modern age.  All of our efforts and labors will go to feed the vampires whom you may call “globalists” and such.

Western civilization is like a black hole imploding for us.  The types of peoples who lived, worked and died to create what we have are now being replaced.  The whites of the west have had their natural instincts socially engineered out them.  The level of technology and massive government bureaucracy have achieved total control of the youth and young adults.

By embracing the radical individualism promoted by so many in the past few centuries the white man has helped to destroy his nations, his peoples and his families.  By embracing an ideology that relegates a man to an economic unit he has destroyed his future.  From allowing his daughters to be unashamed whores and accepting all manner of filth and degeneracy into their gluttonous bodies.  To marrying road worn skanks that fleece them for all their worth.  We are living within a massive death cult who embrace their biological demise.

Growing up in suburbia I remember distinctly the idea from my parents and friend’s families as well, that at 18 years old its time for you to get the fuck out of the house.  Go to college.  Get the steady job and then go have your own consumer driven lifestyle of abject consumption just like everyone else.

Family?  Ah who cares?  Mom and pop are divorced now and have other spouses.  They want to go have their own happy time.  Away from those terrible shitbird kids who are so annoying!

So they can eat all their turd sandwiches in peace and watch all their turd tv shows with no interference!

As the western male cucks himself for his women and every other ethnic group, his females were busy making sure they don’t EVER have the misfortune of those icky babies to deal with.  Or they just hired a contract assassin to murder their children for them.  Children who might now lift them up and be their future.  No.  We are on the demographic eclipse and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

You know something else?  Everyone who embraced these things and taught them to their children fucking deserve it!  It’s absolutely pathetic to see the degeneration of once great peoples devolve to such caricatures.

Such slimy creatures and spineless invertebrates! 

For those who still have the fire.  The will to power which burns bright inside, there may be hope for you yet.  A man has to accept the cold winter, the dark night.  The brutal call of horns and wild enemies at his gates.  To rise above the shit pile of human entropy requires dedicated and constant training of mind and body.  Two major methods of achieving these goals is through Stoicism and Sublimation.


Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements which grew out of the Hellenistic period.  A defining tenet of it’s philosophy is that emotions, especially strong ones like fear, envy, even strong sexual attachments are a result of false judgements.  Stoics held that the sage, the stoic who has achieved intellectual and moral perfection would make no false judgements and even be free from all misfortune.

I knew very little about this philosophy and never really considered myself one.  Even though others would describe me often as “stoic”.  Once I learned about the history I realized that much of the teachings had already been internalized throughout my life.  I was in agreement on some core principles.  I have spoken of the Master/slave dichotomy before and I was amused to see that stoics even suggested that only the sage was free(the Master) while everyone else were slaves.

This parallels exactly with conclusions I have came to.

A man must have no urges that he cannot control.  He must first become a master over himself before it is possible to dominate others.  Stoicism incorporates something I call pleasure delaying.  I have withheld various things from myself simply to harden my mind and will.  I have written about a man’s hunger before.  Today the males of the west no longer have this hunger.  Their fat bellies are filled with every corporate mass produced turd available.

Since they aren’t hungry they won’t ever strive or compete in anything.

Which means they are fucking losers.

Disgusting dead weight which should be cleansed from the earth and never allowed to propagate again.  Regardless they will all be replaced within a few generations.

I would fast for a few days at first for religious reasons but later because I had to cut weight for fights.  Starving myself while getting beat up day in and day out made me so god damn ferocious I honestly felt that no man could stop me.  I wanted to fucking kill the guy I was fighting because I had to go through this shit for him.  I was going to make him pay a dreadful price.

That is the kind of hunger I needed to awaken within myself and rise above the complacent hordes.

The Way Forward

It has been proven that the kind of man who will survive and thrive in this New World is the one who has a suite of traits.  These are found to encompass what is called the dark triad.  Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism.

It is said that you must be born with the psychopathic trait or suffer severe trauma early in life.  While those without this trait may have some levels of empathy, through stoicism one can suppress and ultimately sublimate this energy into something else.

When a man’s logical and thinking faculties utilize the raw energy of his emotional responses through sublimation, he can become a god damn powerhouse.

If a man says he is logical thinking yet is swayed in the slightest by emotion, that man is a liar.

In the next part I will discuss Sublimation and wrap it all together using Stoicism for becoming The Beast.  A vicious terror to enemies or provisioning hands of sustenance to whom he chooses.

Brutal honesty with oneself and the fierce drive of a man who hungers for more is the only way you should be thinking.  Your stupid feelings don’t mean shit to anyone but you.

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