Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

What a relief
When the deception and dissimulation end
A man puts it all behind him
No more manipulation from a fake friend
The fog of treachery clears
The sunshine of freedom shines, and birds chirping he hears

Why climb mountains
Why swim vast seas
Why carry around her bag of bricks
When she only sees you as a creature with a dick
Why go through pain, emotional torment and stress
When a woman only sees you as a utility to fix her emotional mess

What a relief to realize
There’s nothing more between us
Is a statement of liberation and an end to her disgusting lies
It allows a man to enjoy his prime
After being kicked around so many times
A man embraces his doleful role
And has no fucks left to give about a bitch, or her wet hole

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  • Ecclesiastes 7:26 KJV
    [26] And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.


  • It’s funny that I found this website just yesterday through Henry Makow.

    What a true breath of fresh air!!!
    I’ve been preaching some things for years and men look at me like I’m crazy!!
    Such as…

    They’re all different till you get to know them and then they’re all the same…money suckers!!!

    They all have a different candy coating but are vile and bitter on the inside!!!

    Delayed prostitution…screw me now and pay for it later!!!

    I’m the type that just swore them off and am very happy with my life…don’t need it and don’t want it!!!

    On a happier note to you guys with kids.
    I’ve played the beta without knowing what I was doing.
    I had 2 boys and of course she was screwing left and right.
    The alpha in me kicked in when she got on meth during one of our many times apart and then decided on divorce because I didn’t like to share as a kid much and sure as hell wasn’t going to share my wife!!!

    I pursued and took notes and won the custody of my 2 sons ages 5 and 2 at the time by showing her the evidence of neglect and telling her she would either sign them over to me or we’d go to court and I’d humiliate her in public with the evidence and witnesses I had.
    She signed them over without a fight!!!
    It’s been rough since because I’ve been to court numerous times being accused of everything except being a molester.
    Cost me about $10k and of course she got nothing for filing false police reports.
    The simple fact of her being a meth head and signing them away was all it took for it to die in court or to be ruled in my favor every time.

    My sons are now 23 and 26 and I’m still collecting back child support.
    Got almost $12k last year!!!

    Just man up and be more sneaky than them and never back off or accept defeat!!!


    • You handled it masterfully. How I wish I had done something similar!


    • Forgot to post some more of my sayings over the years!

      A woman that can’t be happy with her God given looks can’t be happy with anything so don’t even try.

      A woman that hides her God given looks with make up has a whole lot more to hide than that.

      A woman is a 5 gallon bucket with a 10 gallon hole in the bottom of it.
      No matter how hard you try you’ll never fill it up.


  • In other words…what a Relief it is to go from a “A boy with illusions” to “A man of reality.”


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