Two Skills To Become The Master Part 2


A man who faces reality realizes the cold and heartless world before him

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

In last week’s article we discussed two methods to fortify yourself against the poz (cultural degeneration of the west).  First a philosophical system which is grounded in cold truths about human nature.  Stoicism.  Second is the art of inner sublimation as a means to channel negative emotions and experiences into a motivating fire which launches you out of your comfort zone and sends you hurdling face first into a dark world.

A cold and heartless world unmasked before a man who no longer weakly whimpers and scurries away tail tucked from the brutal reality a man must face.

There is something you need to know.  Something of grave importance which you should never ever forget.  Think of all the things which you like about yourself.  All the parts of you which is placed the most value.

Think of each piece of your puzzle intently for a moment.  Now understand this and never forget.

You are fucking expendable.

Your value is only in your utility to others.  As soon as you no longer offer any utility you will be replaced by someone who does.  You are meant to be the nameless cog in a machine which will grind you to dust.  When a man finally accepts this part of life, he must consistently strive to make everyone deal with him on his own terms.  To meet HIM on his ground.  I’ve said this before.  He must become the bright star that all other bodies revolve around.  This is only possible by becoming a man who is no longer deceived.

The greatest lies are the ones you believe about yourself.

You see my friends, the realization must come that it’s your life and it matters to you the most, doesn’t it?

If you knew there was a way to give yourself more options in life, more freedom and ultimately more happiness, wouldn’t you be highly motivated to learn it?

Nature Of Deception

The most crippling kind of deception is self deception.  I would be willing to bet that at this very moment there are many if not multitudes of lies you believe about yourself.  So follow me here.  You are the genesis of your reality.  In essence from your eyes, you are the the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega from which all of your thoughts, will and emotion emanate from.  When your idea of your Self is based on false assumptions, everything that is You (thoughts,will, emotions) will be at odds with itself.

This causes everything in your life to result in turmoil, unhappiness and failure.  A male at odds with himself is like someone who has handicapped themselves on purpose.

Why?  For what reason would someone do this?  Just so they can feel special about themselves?

It hardly seems worth it right?

If you are angry about all the lies.  All the constant propaganda in your tv’s and your media devices.  You should put them down and start wondering about YOU.  Start wondering about all the propaganda, delusions and fairy tale bullshit you tell yourself.  All the things you serve up to your tyrannical little ego who keeps that carrot stick dangling in front of those glazed over eyes.

Why Stoicism?

Stoicism is probably more useful to very passionate/emotional types of men since it will be a grounding force to center yourself amidst the turmoil of unwanted emotional responses.  People think they need more things to achieve success and happiness.  What they really need is less of them.  Much less.

Instead of looking without for external validations and material things you need to look within and connect the dots of just who and what you are.

What fires burn brightest inside your deepest heart?

Meditation is a key practice here.  Meditation and deep introspection allow you to burrow deep into the darkest corners where you’ve been hiding all those nasty truths about yourself.  Start with at least 15 minutes a day dedicated to complete concentration while diving into your deepest self.   Find a quiet place where you are completely relaxed and comfortable.  You must connect with the most fundamental part of yourself as a living breathing flesh body and a will to power which may grow or wane depending on your self delusions.

You must train your mind to be starved of whatever it is you feed to your ego.  Whatever is keeping you on the hamster wheel.  Starving yourself physically by fasting occasionally and purposefully delaying physical gratifications will start to build a raw energy from within yourself.  With this vast reservoir of emotional and mental power stored within, you then must learn to sublimate this power and channel it into your desired direction and outcomes.

This is why Psychopaths are so good at manipulating others.  The lack of empathy allows them to better assess reality and how to get what they want from others.  Though psychopaths are not free from self delusion, they are able to use their minds in more efficient ways.  They can more easily predict what motivates others and what thumbscrews to turn on their prey.

Emotional Responses

A weak, untrained person will react in obnoxious and often comical theatrics when you push their buttons.  Emotional responses are not “bad” and you should not fear them.  The anxiety you may feel when cold approaching a hot chick or the trepidation of looming confrontation that seems to frighten you stiff.

These are not bad or wrong things to experience and often it happens on no conscious part of your own.  You must realize that whenever you feel strong emotions there is immense energy drawing up within yourself.  All this power!  You are about to expend it all wastefully though.  Wouldn’t you hate for this fire of inner power to dissipate on a useless cause in a useless scenario?

So then you must embrace your emotional responses.  All of them.  Then as you become fully aware of what is happening, your mind and emotions can link up in perfect synergy.

People that think in this simplistic, binary pattern of positive and negative have it all wrong.

They say only think positive things!  Think positive thoughts and they will come into being!  While there may be a kernel of truth there, people then rank everything in their lives and within themselves as being positive or negative.  The negative is baaaad and should be shunned.


Emotions that many would call “negative”  are actually massive lodestones of inner power and motivation.  Hatred is not a bad thing, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you say that you love something and adamantly profess those affectations then you must HATE the opposite of that thing with just as much zealous fervor.

If you cannot hate then you cannot love either. 

So what is the point of saying you love if you don’t embrace the hatred of it’s antithesis?  Get rid of your self delusions!

You must be able to look at yourself the way a mortician would examine a vivisected corpse.  Coldly identifying your weakest spots, vulnerabilities and wasteful urges.  You must become the master over yourself.  Someone who has subjugated their own ego with the force of an Imperial Conqueror.

Whenever you feel strongly about something.  Don’t run from it.  Don’t hide it away and try to shove it under the rug.  Stop pretending!

Just embrace it.

Embrace the chaos and the uncertainty. 

With open arms and a vicious smile embrace a dark world.  Don’t be the hero everyone says they want.

Become the fucking villain they deserve!

The will to live.  Is it in you?

What lengths would you go to in obtaining all that you desire?  What earthly ends would you scour and how many rocks would you upturn to find that which is most precious to you?  How ferociously would you defend what is yours?

If you know the answer to these questions then I will say well met.  For you are a man who is intimately aware of both his light and dark sides.  A dangerous man.

You have conquered your demons.  You have put shackles on the useless and opportunity in the hands who do your work.  We see each other eye to eye and gaze down at a beautiful and terrible earth..   A pantheon of fucking Beast Gods.  The world can only tremble and lay prostrate before the feet of such creatures!

Tripartite Agreement

The mind, will and emotions are like 3 warring factions within the same tribe.  All vying to be heard, all poking, prodding and incessantly annoying one another in confusion, strife and disagreement.

You must be the ruthless warlord to unite them all.

Through a stoic mindset which sublimates emotional and mental power into a consuming fire of motivation.  You may achieve staggering power.  With deep introspection in dedicated meditation you can achieve the frightening alignment of 3 factions now united.

A warrior tribe corded together as a weapon of pure will.  Limitless fuel to light up the brightest fires in your heart.  To ignite the flames of explosive arrows.

Ripping loose and singing furiously a song of hellfire into a faggot filled New World.

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  • Interesting story on life. It’s called “American Nomads” and can be found on YouTube. Feel a piece of myself reflected back in each of the characters. Have been each of them at one point or another – even if briefly or in part – except for the guy at the end. Enjoyed it because I aspire to become as brave, real and profound as each of the lives portrayed. Don’t know if I have it in me anymore. The longer I’ve lived, the more fearful I’ve become. The ignorance of my youth was truly bliss. Back then – the dangers of life surrounded me – and I hadn’t the slightest clue. I miss that naivete badly – that unearned, undeserved bravery and sense of invincibility. I can’t continue to live the false life I’ve lead for so long – chasing the pot of illusions and enchantments towards the ever moving goalposts of the rainbow. Fear has been my life’s greatest enemy – but also that which prevented me from early self-termination through ignorance. Tis a double edged sword, indeed. Am Darwinism’s greatest testament to raw instinct mixed with a touch of luck. Grateful to have the means to reboot and to hopefully, finally, meet myself. Hope others find this video useful:

    American Nomads


  • “Embrace the chaos and the uncertainty. 
    With open arms and a vicious smile embrace a dark world.  Don’t be the hero everyone says they want.
    Become the fucking villain they deserve!”

    Amen brother, fuck yeah!


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