Two American Companies Push Makeup for Men as the Androgyny Agenda Continues


Makeup for men is now being mass marketed as the agenda to blend the sexes into one continues

Anglo America continues to sink deeper and deeper into a sexually confused, androgynous quagmire. Unfortunately, it wants to take the rest of the world with it as it sinks. Evil elites (the people who really run the world) seem hell bent on turning every one of us into sexually ambiguous pods who are only allowed to exist as long as we mindlessly consume, consume, consume and obey their wicked commands.

What’s the elites’ latest diabolical project? The consumer waste machine is now pushing makeup for men. That’s right. CEOs want men to wear all the things women wear – eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, powder, and more!

Introducing mass marketed male makeup and telling millions of young boys to wear it is yet another sign something is terribly, terribly wrong with men and the sexes in Anglo America.

It’s also a sign the Cultural Marxism agenda is still rolling ahead at full steam behind the scenes. It’s going to take more than Brexit and a presidential election to stop them.

Manny Gutierrez (pictured above) is becoming Maybelline’s first male makeup ambassador. It seems the globalists want to take direct aim at the last remaining vestiges of masculinity in the Americas as Latinos are now being targeted for assimilation into the sexually confused collective. Gutierrez seems happy with the gender-bending arrangement:

Honestly I couldn’t be more honored [or] thrilled! Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!

What the actual fuck? At face value, one might wonder who really cares if some boy wants to put on makeup. But the awakened man knows to read between the lines. A large and powerful cosmetics company putting the weight of its organization behind getting your son to cross dress reveals many troubling things going on in the centers of power in the West.

But wait, there’s more.


Meet CoverGirl’s new “CoverBoy” James Charles

CoverPods Coming Soon

The Maybelline announcement comes on the heels of CoverGirl’s announcement of a new CoverBoy to market their wares to a new generation of young men. Proving the elites’ androgyny agenda is already making inroads into the next generation, their new poster child made this announcement:

Hey guys, my name is James Charles and I’m a 17-year-old makeup artist! Today I am living out one of my biggest dreams and I’m currently on set for my first-ever TV commercial with CoverGirl. That’s right, I am a new CoverGirl.

Yep. A young man is now claiming he’s the new CoverGirl. That’s no less than two companies painting their lipstick on your son.

The party is only getting started with the unveiling of Gutierrez and Charles by the cosmetics industry. I’ve long known Latin America, my refuge from the insanity of Anglo America with its Old World masculinity and femininity would someday be targeted by these people.

Having Gutierrez as the poster child for this new makeup for men agenda reinforces the fact the aim of assimilating Latinos into The Anglo American Matrix is only one check mark on the clip board. The end goal at the bottom of the clip board is neutering the entire population of the world.

Charles only confirms the low level white boys have already fallen to as a result of this agenda.

If the elites/globalists/Satan incarnate realize their goal, forcing the English and Spanish speaking world under the thumb of the gender benders, there’s not much world left for the social engineers to conquer.

The push to completely obliterate sexual dimorphism works like this. Social engineers are taking a two-pronged approach: Penis Envy is pushed by feminists while metrosexual men blur the lines between male and female even further.

Philosophically, destroying the sexes in the name of profit and power is a terrible and confusing end for the Faustian longing for the fulfillment of Western Civilization’s Prime Symbol of infinity, in which the West literally tries to turn human beings into the equivalent of machines to power an infinite growth economy that benefits the 1% at the expense of everyone else’s humanity.

What remains to be seen is what effect (if any) the awakening of the Silenced Majority will have on the androgyny push. Men everywhere need to remember just how truly evil the people who are trying to neuter your son and sew a penis onto your daughter really are. A purge of these people from the levers of control in society is in order.

Hopefully, the upheaval currently going on in America and Europe led by the deplorables is only the beginning of a righteous cleansing of the cultural cancer foisted upon us by those who seek to manage us like human cattle living on a labor and tax farm.

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  • Am I an evil fuck for wanting to break the elite’s new toys? I mean, yeah they are still technically human beings, but they have pledged allegiance in mind, body and soul to their overlords. They will faithfully follow their masters and accept microchips as readily as they accept the cumshots of their dominators. They will also gleefully watch as the last rational and natural humans are detained, tortured and killed. I say kill the New World Faggots before the elite seal the deal and realize their wet dream of an androgynous brave new world of genetically modified, laboratory grown abominations!

    Yeah I am evil. Been reading The Savage Lifestyle too much.


  • I read this article the other day and it made me sick to my stomach. To see these poor guys being efeminized like that is gross. There must be a masculinity movement to fight this androgenic disease. It’s time we men stood up and finally made our voices heard. Voices that scream our declaration of war against this and thus deliverance of our fallen from this disease.


    • … And a real femininity movement! Not a man-hating woman wearing a vagina hat, but women that love being a woman and love and appreciate the differences between the sexes!!


  • Good article and something that is just another piecewise progression into total emasculation

    Men growing their hair long….
    Men getting piercing and wearing jewelry…..
    Men wearing skinny jeans….
    Men dying their hair with bright colours as the lost feminists do…

    In the end we will have effeminate boys wearing dresses and makeup….. and they would have failed the giant societal shit test.


    • Esther Bunny Brown

      If I were a man (most likely a Chinese man), I would rather keep my hair long and bound as a symbol of Confucian filial piety. The other “choices” I would rather boycott.

      As for the androgyny agenda, I could run some objective processes on men and women who I suspect to be programmed to be androgynous, and to remove various Wernicke’s commands from them.


    • I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with long hair. I’ve had long hair since I got out of the Army. It’s easier to take care of than short hair, warmer in winter, cooler in summer. I don’t do any of the other crap you list, though. For me, I like having long hair, but it was just as much about practicality as anything else I mentioned. I haven’t paid for a haircut since 2004, when I was discharged.

      I also grow a giant viking beard when I do long thru hikes, living in the woods for 5 months at a time doesn’t work well with most of the standard grooming things we are used to in society.


  • Good post. The gender confusion stuff is definitely a major part of the Cultural Marxist/NWO agenda. It accomplishes the twin goals of depopulation, and feminization of men which makes them more docile and less likely to resist. Boys obsessed with shoes and makeup don’t grow up to be revolutionaries. It also undermines the traditional family unit, and the values Western Civilization were built upon. Plus, the Baphomet thing many elites worship is hermaphroditic, so there is an occult aspect to this agenda. The other day I noticed that one of my fakebook friends, a beautiful 24 year old woman, has changed her name and the gender in her profile to male. Her profile pic looks like a woman, and she says she is interested in men. So she’s a woman, who still looks like a woman, and she identifies as gay man. Poor thing is so brainwashed she’s lost.


  • I saw those Cover Girl ads with that James character a few months ago. Absolutely disgusting. The whole commercial was a SJW’s wet dream celebrating every type of diversity that they could fit within a 60 second window. What’s worse is they played the same ad EVERY commercial break through a movie I was watching so I was either forced to watch it or start flipping channels.

    I figured it was a brief stint they were going through right before the election, but if what you say is to be believed, it looks like they’re doubling down on the narrative…or are they tripling down at this point?


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’ve been documenting the androgyny agenda for some time. Too much going on creating gender confusion for it to be an accident.


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