Model Search: Looking for Sexy, Traditional Minded Female Models


We’re looking for class as we push for reform in the relations between the sexes

Are you a female fan of The New Modern Man? Are you a traditional woman who would like to model for us? Do you know a traditional woman who would like to model for us?

Do you have a nice face and body?

We are looking for models who believe in the countercultural messages encouraging a return to traditional sex roles we support here at The New Modern Man and the rest of the manosphere, and want to show the men who write and read our publication they support us.

We are looking for models to feature monthly. Here’s what we want:

  • All models must be 18 years of age or older
  • 7 to 10 photos in a bikini or lingerie
  • Be willing to respond to a quick interview about why you believe traditional sex roles are important

Each model who is selected will receive:

  • $50 cash reward
  • Modeling photos featured on our growing publication, now reaching 100,000 views monthly
  • Modeling photos archived for free publicity

Pseudonyms (fake names) or stage names are encouraged for those who wish to protect their privacy. Send your modeling photos or any questions to the Editor.

Good luck!

Help us grow by making a purchase from our Recommended Reading and Viewing page or our Politically Incorrect Apparel and Merchandise page or buy anything from Amazon using this link. You can also Sponsor The New Modern Man for as little as $1 a month.


  • I struggled with whether I should post this comment or not but… wouldn’t taking part in this be the exact opposite of being traditionally minded (i.e. flaunting the goods, classical attention grab)? Being traditional = keeping the goods for a serious relationship/marriage.


  • This is a good initiative, but I’m skeptical how many women would apply for this. Nevertheless, keep up the good work!


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