The Life Changing Power Of Introspection


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The ability to look deep within oneself and objectively examine your strengths and weaknesses is something the modern world is sorely lacking in.  We live in  an advanced technological age.  An age where communication and gratification is nearly instant.  In such a world those on the extrovert side of the personality scale are highly favored.

Social status, money and artifice over substance is the candy coated turd which everyone seems to embody.  There seem to be very little if any rewards for those who dive head first into their deepest selves.  Uncovering what demons and phantoms torment them.

Know Thyself

Today a man must become an absolute expert of himself if he wishes to soar above the floundering husks of mediocrity.  Though the modern world seems to offer little if any tangible benefits for self awareness, the ability to deeply introspect is a quality worth more than any of the dip shit corporate brands you flaunt or the terrible nutritional content of the big business food you shovel down that pie hole.

What does it mean to become a master over oneself?

Well it is very simple.  It starts with asking simple but poignant questions about yourself.

What areas am I most insecure about?

What core desires motivate me to speak and act?

Which things really push my buttons?

In what areas am I ridiculously weak?

These are all questions one cannot find without a fearless jump in their deepest selves.

Indeed without knowledge of self you are the blank slate that corporations and governments wish you to be. This allows them to give you meaning through their products and services.

If you have ever noticed the highly shallow facade that most people exhibit these days it’s because they are cruising through life on auto pilot with nearly all of their behavior existing of programmed and conditioned responses.

Why So Shallow?

Why does the modern fuck boy and the New World Skank seem to have such limited knowledge of themselves?  Why do people find themselves chasing material carrots that never seem to materialize?

These questions must be asked of yourself and they must be searched deeply within the confines of your beleaguered souls.  For introverts, they must realize that even though it would seem they are not rewarded for their natural inclinations to introspect it is a highly valuable ability to have.

For extroverts they must realize that to spend some time alone and coldly assess themselves is something that can only give them a great advantage in all areas of their lives.  Neglecting this area will only target them as the prey for the predators.  Indeed without the knowledge of what truly motivates you there might as well be a bulls eye on your chest for every con man and the infrared dot of your enemies upon your backs.

Stop looking for validation from outside sources and competing with the rest of the fagged out hivemind.  All in a race to the absolute bottom of human consciousness.

Set Sail Over Dark Waters

Humans are the most complex creatures the earth has ever seen.  Self consciousness is truly a gift and we must find ourselves by searching long and hard within the ultimate labyrinth, ourselves.  Anyone familiar with my writing will know that I constantly talk about taking the boat down the river your own Heart Of Darkness.

I also highly recommend you read the book of the same name by Joseph Conrad.  It is a literary classic and the story is a beautiful metaphor of a man who travels down this heart of darkness and uncovers the demons of his own soul and of humanity itself within it.  The terror and the beauty of a world without the neon draperies of the modern world.  This same beauty.  This same horror lives within us as well.  We are a microcosm.  A world within a world.  So there is something to be said about the fact that knowing one of these worlds intimately will give you knowledge of the other.  It’s time to take that journey.  The only journey that matters.

Never Forget This

A key distinction to be made when you finally say fuck it and dive into yourself is that you are not judging yourself here.  As an INTJ it is quite natural for me to introspect constantly.  When I was younger and dumber however I could never utilize it’s power because of my own insecurities.  If I looked deeply inside all I could manage to see was a failure and a weak person.  This filled me with fear and loathing about myself.  Why would I want to know myself when I felt so shitty for doing so?

The correct mind set to have is completely different.  Because you are actively deciding to look inside yourself and deal with your problems that takes a measure of bravery and courage.  So how can you be weak if that is true?  Indeed not many at all these days have that kind of courage.  So when you do decide to take that plunge remember you are the brave one.

Judging yourself is not ultimately a bad thing anyway once you understand what it’s for.  People, especially women are deathly afraid of that word Judgement.  They scurry away in fear at the mention of such monsters or the icky idea that yes consequences do exist.  The ability to judge yourself correctly will give you the necessary skill to see all other things and other people through the right lens.  You will choose relationships with others that benefit you both instead of leeching like a parasite off one another.  It will give you the right clues whenever making important financial decisions and effectively alert you to dangers.

Take time out for yourself in a quiet place everyday.  Sit alone and listen to yourself.  Make peace with who you are and work to improve where you deem it.

No one else is going to do it for you!

Final words from Lao Tzu, who says:

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

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  • Glad you enjoyed it and I agree completely. Whatever world we find ourselves in we must rise to the challenge and rise above the rest. You must climb up that ladder one bloody rung at a time. I used to be shy, skinny and weak. I was not content with my lot in life so I changed it.

    I believe any man can go higher than he ever imagines. He must believe in himself.


  • Thank you. I really needed to read that today. This part of the Internet is the one of the last hopes for the introvert inclined to save them from loserdom. This really is not a world for introverts, it’s becoming more and more stratified into the world of the Morlocks and the Eloi from HG Wells.


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