Men Should Be Living Aggressively

Living aggressively can lead men to more fulfilling lives

Living aggressively can lead men to more fulfilling lives

Snow is The New Modern Man’s fitness guru. He designs wellness programs for men and also helps them become mentally fit with his insights. You can visit him at Snow Training Systems.

When you wish to be aggressive you need to move forward.  You do this by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple science. You shut up and you start working.  This is what works to move forward.

Moving forward doesn’t require you to be a genius.  It requires you to work and take action.  When you’re busy moving forward you’ll develop an aura about yourself that is hard for people to understand.  They’ll say that you just have it.  The “it” factor is what they call it in pro wrestling.

The “it” factor means that when you walk in a room people notice.  You have presence, you have charisma.  Charisma is something that can be taught.  Unlike most people I have learned this.  You’re charisma doesn’t have to be the greatest.

You just have to learn a few things and start doing things differently.

Unfortunately, people haven’t learned how important it is to develop charisma.  When you’re aggressive about pursuing what you want you’ll notice and understand that people don’t like the present moment.  Most people would rather be at work when they’re on vacation and they’d rather be on vacation when they’re at work.  Find a way to do the opposite.

Train yourself to want to be exactly where you are.  This along with developing your ability to concentrate are valuable skills to learn.  If you can’t concentrate you won’t succeed.  People know this and they still don’t care enough to learn how to concentrate.  Pick up your pieces and make it happen.

When you learn how to concentrate you’ll be able to shape the world.  This is due to the fact that concentration is a rare skill.  We all have it, some just concentrate on the wrong areas.  Concentrate on doing things that will bring you success and keep doing those things.

I will continue.  That phrase will help you with your level of determination.  I’ve been reading the book the power of concentration and that phrased is used a lot in one chapter.  People don’t understand that they can’t accomplish anything if they fail to concentrate.  Keep your attention on what you want to do and don’t stop until you accomplish it.

This single minded focus on a mission can teach you what you need to know about success.  Treating something as a mission will help with your levels of motivation.  When you’re learning to concentrate you’ll have numerous distracting thoughts.  It’s important to focus and then refocus on important and necessary tasks.

Keep moving forward and keep being aggressive.  Being aggressive works.  I don’t care what anyone says I have witnessed first hand how effective living aggressively is.  When you have the capacity and the discipline to think about what you want non stop, that is when it will come to you.  Just keep attacking each day and squeezing whatever you can out of each moment.

Once you stop and think about what you’re doing it will feel awkward.  Just power through and finish the task at hand.  People are experts at sabotaging themselves.  Instead, do the opposite.  Be your own coach and force yourself to get success.

Success comes when you’re busy and focused.  Get busy and focus on success.  Busy and success go hand in hand.  If you want something done give it to the busiest person in the room.  Keep moving forward is a great life philosophy that I got from Victor Pride’s book New World Ronin. This book is great.  I’m a Ronin in training right now.  A Ronin is considered to be a slave without a master.  We all need a purpose and a mission.  When you have a mission you’ll be able to help yourself succeed.

Just focus on taking actions that advance you and avoid actions that keep you stagnant.  Taking daily action is more important than dwelling and coming up with perfect details.  Over thinking will crush you.  Think just enough to come up with a good plan and then get to work on executing the plan.

No one has ever accomplished anything without a decent plan.  Life will punch you in the face.  It’s up to you to punch back and execute your vision/plan.  Plans only work if you do.  A good plan poorly executed is worse than an average plan violently executed.

That’s why focusing on what you want is the most important skill anyone can develop.  If you don’t focus on what you want, you’ll live your life focusing on what other people want.  That’s no way for me to live.  I refuse to do that and I won’t tolerate it.

Keep going forward and keep building your momentum.  The best businessmen in the world are the busiest.  Keep business first and everything else second.  In business take nothing personally.  This is easier said than done.

Great things only come to you when you’re busy.  Stay busy and keep attacking each day with force and fire.  Use your mental will to get things done and direct the will towards important tasks.  If you can’t get the important tasks done, you will be a failure.  Focus on doing what it takes to be a success.

Being a success requires the same amount of energy as being a failure.  More people should be successful since they instinctively know this.  Keep your attention on what you need to do and do it.  When you clutter your mind with useless thoughts or on garbage that has nothing to do with you, you will forget about what you came to accomplish.  Keep the end in mind and make things happen.

Keeping the end in mind is part of Stephen Covey’s famous book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  If you want to learn how to be productive read that book.  That book is a personal favorite of many readers.  When you learn how to focus and pick the right activities that will move you forward great things will begin to happen.  Pick activities that benefit you and increase your value.

This in turn will increase your value as a person.  When you’re busy getting things done and moving forward you will never want to stop.  This will allow you to become the conqueror you were born to be.  Stay greedy and stay ruthless.  These two attributes and turn a failure into a success.

When you learn how to focus you’ll be able to attract anything you desire.  I’m in year 3 of this website and I will do what’s necessary to make it grow.  I want it to be big and have thousands of readers daily.  To do this I have to write more, produce more and kick more ass.  Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for things to happen isn’t my style and I refuse to play defense.

I will move this site forward and I don’t care how long it takes.  Like Victor Pride says “It takes as long as it takes.”  Worrying about the how will only push you further away from your goal.  Keep your mindset focused on what you need to do to accomplish your goal.  What, not how.

If you need to do a keto diet to get ripped do it.  The end is more important than the means.  Do whatever it takes to make it happen.


  • You need to be aggressive and constantly look for opportunities to advance.
  • Move forward relentlessly.
  • Think only about what you want.  If it’s something you don’t want or care for, banish it from your thoughts.
  • Keep your mind focused and on task.
  • The end is more important than the means.
  • Think about the end, not the how.

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