Amusing Beta Male Meltdowns


Amusing Beta male moments from shitlibs up in arms over Trump

America is a nation that has devolved to hate the very Alpha males who made the country into the superpower it is today. Whether you love Trump or not, you have to admit is is thoroughly delicious to watch totally powerless leftists throw tantrums online as their New World Cuck ideology crumbles like a sandcastle washed over by a tidal wave of Realtalk inspired, ZFG assholery.

I would go so far as to say the Penis Envy that Anglo women are imbued with extends to certain Beta, Gamma, and Omega males who envy the power Alphas have, while their supplication to females goes unsexed and unnoticed. Specifically, the type of gelded men who inhabit liberal islands of insanity amidst the sea of red that makes up Real America.

Check out this Beta male rampage I found on my news feed this week:

If you know me, I never rant, but I just can’t hold it in any longer! How could we make an egotistical prick like Trump our president? I’m not saying Hillary was the answer, but this is a bad dream that I can’t seem to wake up from. He could care less about the people that make up this nation, unless you are benefiting him in some way, and my guess is you are not. We as a society deserve better than this, and so do our children. If you unfriend me that’s okay, it will be some time before you here another peep out of me on politics, and I may have stopped following you during the election because I’m so outraged. I just don’t get it……and to believe that Fox News is the only media source outlet reporting facts is an even bigger joke than our current situation. FOX News sux, I said it, open your eyes America. This isn’t an out cry for debate, and I will not respond to negative responses. I just need the world to know that I am not okay with this piece of S–t as my President.

In that status update, I see plenty of virtue signaling, lots of pent up frustration at a resolute leader who doesn’t follow the globalist, New World Cuck playbook, and too much Clinton News Network (CNN) and More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks (MSNBC) cable news watching. Rather than try to challenge him logically, I posted this reply:

Dude, take a Xanax and turn off the cable news channels.

Other liberals had been throwing similar temper tantrums and acting like the perfect little angels they’re not in the comments following his diatribe, but my comment seemed to throw them off kilter as nobody responded, and the thread promptly went silent.

Sometimes, it’s best not to debate shitlibs (borrowing a CH term) as it is to ridicule them into further fits of hair-pulling insanity.

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