The Sublime Beauty Of The Housewife


Few things are more beautiful than housewives

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Much has been said about the sorry state of western women.  Many men are turning off and tuning out from a system designed to demonize them.  While I support starving the system and otherwise withdrawing any hands of provision to the western whore.  I also support anything which serves to uplift women into the best roles for themselves, their families and society as a whole.  As men we know that female behavior is dependent on the males who are the real culture creators and lawgivers.  We cannot have an upright and upward striving people if we do not FORCE our women to follow the roles best suited for them.  For any red pilled man we know beyond any shadow of doubt that female bad behavior will never rectify itself on it’s own.

In fact said behavior is a direct reflection of the society and the males they grow up around.  So, the only way to change this malignant strain of inferior specimens is to first cut off all support from undesirables(weak males and carousel riding career skanks).  Then we must at the same time offer the right way for them to behave and encourage and guide them into the roles to which biology and God has created them for.

The Housewife

I am fortunate that even before I was thoroughly red pilled I still made it a point to surround myself with the types of men who were similar to me or even further along the path.  Because of this I have direct observational experience at witnessing the sublime beauty of the Housewife and her happiness at making home and hearth her dwelling place.  A labor of love she endures in giving birth to her husband’s children and also making the home an inviting and nurturing place for her little ones.  While the husband is off to do the work of his calling she keeps herself busy aiding him in clerical duties and the immense work of  caring for their future.

The housewife is truly a role only fit for women who bear the most regal standard in their hearts.  The highest calling to which her biology agrees.  Her womb is the future of her and her husband’s genetic legacy, as well as their people as a whole.  To treat her body and the fruit of her womb with the kind of disdain we see from women today is only fit for the most retrograde and recalcitrant death cult mutants.  I have seen with my own eyes the joy of the housewife in preparing dinner for her family.  We as men must reinforce this role with any suitable women we may find and also aggressively encourage our friends and family to do the same.


Slut shaming was one of the ways society effectively controlled wild female sexuality in the past

Bringing Back Shame

One of the largest motivating factors to shape female behavior is societal shame.  As men it is our duty to bring back the social stigma attached to loose women along with the abusive mockery and debasement suited for these types of sewer rats.  Yes we must shame them relentlessly!

Before we direct our ire towards these wayward women, we must first target our anger and our contempt at the weak males who enable this sort of behavior in women.  That means as a man you must with horrifying aggression attack the white knight faggot wherever you may find him.  I have written about this recently in my piece about punching a white knight in the face.

Everywhere we look today there seems to be an endless throng of “nasty” women screeching from their bullhorns their great delight in attaining the status of a wretched harridan.  We must point, laugh and sneer with open disgust at them.  When the grotesque blob of low t males come to her defense we must unleash all of our rage and anger upon every last one.  Do not let these punks escape your wrath!  For the great black hole of terrible female behavior is a direct result of these types of males.  They must never be allowed to escape judgement.

A Man Brings Judgement

The masculine principle is Order.  That is what we bring to the world.  When said world is completely out of balance and lacking in order we must bring down fiery judgement on all the sinners.  We must cast them to the hell of their terrible decisions without remorse.  No one is going to change our world except for us.  Sitting by hoping and praying that one day women will see the light and repent of their behavior is the want of the weakling.  If we see that something in our world needs to change it is on US to make it happen!

If we have seen the orderly and righteous house that belongs to a man and his loving housewife.  We must with all our strength work tirelessly to bring it to realization in our own lives and the world around us.  We simply cannot wait for anyone else to do it for us.

For modern women I am sure that many if not all you have witnessed the abject fear and revulsion that is caused in the modern harlot anytime that word JUDGEMENT is used on her.  The wicked witches of the west recoil like hideous ghouls to such ego obliterating truths.

We must aim this weapon like Poseidon rising up from the depths, hurling a Trident of Truth right through their mother fucking skulls.

If you don’t have the balls to smash a white knight’s face in or publicly point and shame a ho then don’t you ever open that mouth to complain.  You are either the hand of reckoning to bring down ruthless judgement on a twisted world full of human insects.  Or you’re just another fuckboy awaiting your day of annihilation.  Either way.

Judgement is coming!

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  • Slut shaming was pandemic, especially in the early 00s. Everyone and their mother used to enjoy slut shaming the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and any young woman who wanted to be like them. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of the hookup culture.

    Unrelated, yet same principle, fat shaming has also been pretty widespread for many years, yet Americans are continuing to become fatter each year.

    What makes you think shaming women into housewife submission will work?


    • A pandemic? Are you fucking retarded?

      Also, you’re right, people used to openly shame fat people. Now retarded fat cunts walk around saying their healthy despite being 350 lbs. Sluts fuck their way through their 20s then say we’re sexist for not wanting them and their wizard sleeve twats after they settled down.

      Newsflash, women used to slut shame other women back in the day. Shaming establishes a societal standard so we don’t end up like we are now.


      • Tell me something we don’t already know. The point is, we have hookup culture despite active slut shaming in our culture, and increasingly fatter people despite the shaming of fat and gluttony. So why would the shaming that Jack proposes in the article be successful?


  • I’m not on the sidelines, I’m gone. And your ‘punch an SJW every week’ or whatever it is, is silly larping. Your total emotional investment in the gynocracy is so misguided


  • Why Is It Really, Really Good To Hurt People:

    You get to poke at their weaknesses. You get to find the chinks in their armor. You get a chance to tear them down. You get a chance to humiliate them. You get a sense of accomplishment. Hurting others can bring great joy to the hurter. It can also grow the ‘hurted’.

    Why It Is Good to Be Hurt By Other People:

    You get to prove how resilient you are. You get a chance to prove how strong you are. You get a chance to deny another’s attempt at breaking you down. You get a chance to humiliate the faux humiliator. You gain a sense of belief in yourself. You get a sense of who you are (sometimes not a good thing).

    Why Everyone Should Be Involved In Both:

    It builds character. It makes people believe in themselves. We get to laugh at people jumping off bridges! If for no other reason whatsoever, it’s why we have sports and grades! Ya…Ya…Yay!

    The Bottom Line:

    We’re not here to placate one another. Well…you may be. We’re not here to explore the depths of subjectivity. Yet many are, like Ronin. We’re here to push ourselves beyond what we previously thought possible. It’s supposed to hurt. Without pain, there’s no joy. Without loss, there’s no hope. Without suffering, there’s no reward. Life is a paradox within an ever-exploding reality, based solely upon our blessings, our own self-awareness and drive to understand the truth of ‘it’ – the goalposts of which move increasingly away from our grasp. That too is good. It pushes growth. That’s not to say, if your just some young schmuck getting started in life, that you shouldn’t just go with whatever flow floats your boat. There’s a reason why ignorance is pure bliss and why so many hope to remain wrapped in its comforting embrace. Just ask Ronin.


  • Ronin is a sophomoric boolshiteer. He’s selling something no man should ever dare consume. It’s as if a feminist joined the man-club and began a program of force feeding gynocentrism, toxic-masculinity, or some such stank.

    Gentlemen, whatever the hell that means, let me leave you with some good vids to relieve you of Ronin’s own shite smelling self-disembowelments. Ronin is likely are gurl looking to land a man, or is just a little short of becoming a man himself, in which case, I applaud his coming out:


  • The only men that get married today are either extremely naive or just plain ignorant. Marriage is simply a means to force wealth and power from men to women, as are Title IX, Affirmative Action and Affirmative Consent. Tis also why men do now and have always paid the majority of taxes while women receive the greatest benefit from those taxes. Tis also why we have the male-only draft, a primarily all male front line combat force and why men have traditionally worked all of the dirty, dangerous, life shortening jobs. Tis also why the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women. In other words, social constructs are set up to traffic, exploit, use, manipulate and then dispose of men for women’s advancement.

    Feminism is the epitome of conspiracy theories, used to hide the real conspiracy, which is male disposability and deeply entrenched cultural misandry – better known as gynocentrism. All objective evidence proves it, which is why feminists rely on subjective evidence. Feminists don’t want the truth to be exposed and will gladly destroy anyone that speaks to such glaring, inconvenient facts.

    The jig is up. The news is out. Game over.


    • While you may be correct regarding most males and their decision to marry. There are exceptions which I have seen with my own eyes. I know of several happily married couples whose wives are stay at home mothers. A few of these marriages are over 10-15 yrs old now.

      I don’t the expendable nature of males is any conspiracy either. It is a fact of our human existence and it will remain so until the last human dies off. As Heartiste says, men are expendable while women are perishable. The fact remains that most males are disgustingly weak and will never come to that conclusion. Even if they did I don’t believe most would take the hard road out of hell either. They are content with their scraps off the table which their matriarch throws their way.

      This is why I say for the men who still breathe and burn with fire, such men must declare all out war on the modern world. We do not seek to live peacefully within a system which hates us. We will make our own rules and live by our own ways. Naturally the women we take along for the ride will be doing so as well. I have always known that within this system in order to have a faithful woman. She must fear your wrath much more than anything else from a governing body or any other such entity. If you are religious/spiritual you should know that as a man YOU are the living representation of God the Father on earth. If your women do not look up to you as such, as a kind of earthly god, then you are simply doing it wrong.

      She must fear her man, his wrath, his power. Fear and long for him in her moistening loins at the thought of his terrible power.

      That is the only way. I told an ex of mine when I knew she was in love with me that if we were to ever have kids and she tried to take them from me or call the law down on me that I’d put a bullet in her pretty little head. I said this as I chambered my pistol in front of her. She regarded me as the most important thing in her life and that is how it should be. Anything less and like I said, you are doing it wrong. So yes I do believe it is possible to have a loving housewife in this day and age or perhaps several if your game is tight enough. The question remains, do you have the stones to make this a reality?


      • You’re crazy six ways to Sunday. Bugger off. You’re so full of shite that shite hates your stank.


      • Crazy. Perhaps. But you’re on my post telling me to bugger off? LOL That’s some colorful fuckboy irony you got there.


      • Sammatter? Can’t handle a little reality cutting through your subjectivity? Sup with your stones, bruh? Your post is shite and I called you out. Stop posting with a comment section if all you want are accolades. You too can be a CNN contributor.


      • I’m still trying to figure out exactly what you are “calling me out” on? That you disagree with the post? Well that’s all well and good. You obviously took the time to read it and comment angrily. Keep reading little buddy. We’ll make a man out of you yet.


      • Make a man of me? Make a man of me? You’re talking ‘real man’, aren’t you!? You simplistic, degenerate, sellout, azz kizzing, bish-borne, creepy, should-a-been-aborted, Reagonistic, no-fault-loving, forced-transfer-of-wealth pimping, limp wristed, weak willed, obsequious, no-excuse-for-for-life-whatsoever, Ronin. I loathe you like the Jews hate Hitler. I despise you. You wreak of the stink of the many sellouts before you – a long, long line of disposable. I’m not only going to tear you down – I’m going to humiliate you in ways your mother never dreamed. You are the scum of the earth. You are every man’s worst nightmare. You’re that smiling, happy pizzant standing there with hyperbole and platitudes, spouting your subjective boolshite to justify your existence. Doing it in the hopes of profit? Yeah you are! You haven’t the slightest understanding of the depths of human tragedy in which you traverse. Help me help you. Help me destroy you. You, Ronin, are a cancer…and I’m your chemotherapy. Help me…help destroy you!


      • Timmy’s triggered! LMAO.

        Your obnoxious spray of words in this effete outburst sound like lyrics from the faggot Trent Resnor. Why didn’t you kill yourself as a tween? Coulda saved a lot of the emotional trouble you’re having now.


      • This latest manosphere meme, that a man is judged by his ability to reform the Western women through alphatude is just a bunch of guys being fooled twice.

        This is not the manosphere to me, this is not ghosting or going galt. This is just fools being lured into the shitshow and being manipulated…again. It’s some form of silly alpha larping that doesn’t belong in the manosphere.

        You advocate punching white knight’s. Why? How are they worth your time (in jail) or at least resources? That’s you being a part of their world. Why do that? Also you want to threaten murder and commit some form of kidnapping in pussyhat/victim worship America? You want to set yourself up on a tee like that for some gash? That’s just stupid. Would you also brave a burning forest just to salvage a dog turd? If you have to resort to those kinds of threats to keep a girl then you’re not seeing some really obvious things. This is just another way in which you’re being duped into servitude by a shit test. And the women here are not nearly worth it.

        I know your answer, “But muh civilization.” Well it’s evolving. And intelligence will help it evolve properly. Just playing enraged Conan to their bullshit will only fuel them. Better to leave quietly. Apathy is the strongest play right now. It’s also the most physically rewarding. It also allows you the most free time to do what you want. People can’t be helped. Fuck ’em

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      • You jump to a number of spurious and false assumptions. It is amusing that the first post I make in which I dared to say a man can direct his fate through his actions, that you chime in to deride me.

        Bitch move.

        Yes. Punching white knights in the face is a great thing. You see, I’m actually gonna do something about the problems around me. You can whine, complain or be as apathetic as you like. I’m going to be making shit happen. So keep criticizing from the sidelines. You look pathetic doing so.

        Even more ironic is that you fail to realize you are speaking to a perpetual bachelor who enjoys the company of women and the very little they have to offer. I simply offered in this post my observations regarding men who have families and stay at home wives.

        Do you know why you think it isn’t possible?
        It’s because you’re a fucking weak bitch.
        That’s why.


      • “I told an ex of mine when I knew she was in love with me that if we were to ever have kids and she tried to take them from me or call the law down on me that I’d put a bullet in her pretty little head. I said this as I chambered my pistol in front of her.”

        This explains why she’s an ex and not your wife.


      • “Pandemic”. Lol. I can’t take you seriously after a comment like that. If some sluts and their slut mothers hating on other sluts in the spotlight is something you refer to as pandemic slut shaming then you truly are a spoiled, privileged white girl.

        You’ve never had to struggle or suffer in life.

        The ex became an ex two years after I told her that. For reasons unrelated to that comment. Try again.


      • Interesting. But you failed to answer the question.

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      • You misunderstand. I’m not trying to shame any slut into a housewife. Statistics show that any woman who has had more than 2 sexual partners is 70% more likely to divorce someone.

        These women are broken beyond repair and I’m simply trying to remind any men with the sack and the spine left to cast them to the wayside where every defective creature belongs.

        This isn’t about redemption. It’s about judgement. I only care about doing this in my own spheres of influence anyway. The rest of the world can go to hell.

        Let’s say you are a baby murdering skank. I don’t give s rats ass if you are or aren’t. It’s just that I’m gonna call a spade a spade.


      • I see. It seems my intentions are similar but with my message to women. I have yet to get to the meat of what I intend to write, but I’m working on a book about how women can free themselves of the bad boy/jerk. I want to encourage women to choose better men – men who are good guys. Men who are pleasant, sweet, respects his woman and treats her the way she wants to be treated. I’ve learned that slut shaming isn’t the way to achieve this. You have to connect with your readers and be relatable, definitely not hostile, violent, or threatening.

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      • You’ve got your work cut out for you then. Not that I’m opposed to it. I.m all about calling men back to a time when survival was of the utmost importance. When only the strong and resilient survived and to have a a Family meant achieving the ultimate prize. Most males are extremely weak. They won’t survive or be able to protect any of their women from rapacious hordes if they remain as weaklings.

        I think some however still have a dormant flame inside waiting for the spark to ignite. That’s what I aim to do. Light this mother fucker on fire.


      • Well the guy has to threaten murder (and risk imprisonment) to keep his 7 in line. Laughable, whether it really happened or not. Serious pedestalization there. I think this Conan stuff is mostly meant to stir up the comment section but the message is clear; Get shit on by a culture and it’s all “thank you sir may I have another?” Come back at them with everything you got, with your heart bleeding and your broadsword flying, with your big, big ballsack, willing to be imprisoned, and put your life on the line to reclaim that bag of steaming dogshit.

        Who cares?


    • You’re a reverse feminist. You bash all women because it’s easy to denounce what you can’t attain.

      There’s a ton of skanky whores out there riding the CC. But, you can get and have a traditional marriage if your game is on point. You gotta own it 24/7.

      Liked by 1 person

      • K. So I got Ronin and Monolith, right? Let’s throw down, bruhs. I’m ready to crush you both, right here on this site. Me against you two imbeciles. You ready? Need more in your gang before you face me? Let’s have a separate thread on this site, because I’m going to rip a hole so deep in your subconscious that you’ll have nightmares for years, in your waking hours. I eat puzzies for you like breakfast. Bring it on. Date and time.


      • Agreed. Married with 3 kids and things became much easier when I started owning my shit stopped taking hers. Man up, maintain frame, and be the head of the family like God intended and marriage is completely feasible.

        Constantly cry about how unfair life is, be a weak slob, and have no agency and your wife will make sure you’re miserable every waking moment.


    • Someone give Timmy boy a prize. This has got to be the funniest shit I’ve read all week.

      “Let’s throw down, bruhs”?
      “You’re the cancer and I’m the chemo”?

      I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when reading these tirades or I’d be cleaning up my monitor. Relampago, is this you? Did you create a troll account to drum up some controversy on your site? If so, bravo. Well played, but next time I suggest making the trolling a little bit more nuanced instead of the incorporating the basic sledgehammer approach.


  • But which came first, the slut, or the player?

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    • A question that is superfluous to this discussion. Both existed as long as men and women have been on this earth I’m sure. Women being naturally hypergamous branch swingers and men naturally favoring variety. Both must be corralled in differing measures so that we may have an ordered and functioning society. It is known however that the most dangerous of the two is female sexuality unrestrained.


  • This means the end of the MILF/desperate housewife that was jump-started by the MSM & entertainment industry. Yes, I’m all for it.

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  • Fuck yeah man. Call these bitches out and obliterate any male who has handed over his balls.

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