Why Foreign Women Are Better Than the Anglobitch


Foreign women are often superior life and sex partners

My recent article criticizing the Anglobitch that first appeared on Return of Kings sparked a lively debate with its bold but personally well-researched claim that Western women (and especially those from the English-speaking world) have become the worst in the world, with some men defending their honor even as they plunge Western nations into sexlessness, fatherlessness, and take beta male provider roles away through careerism, rendering modern men nothing more than sperm donors and utility objects.

To some men the demographic destruction of Western nations, dying populations, hateful femcunt marches demanding the right to kill a father’s progeny without consulting him, demands for more gibsmedats from the cuckolding welfare state, a dearth of satisfying sex lives for millions of men – all don’t mean Western women are broken.

As the society around them crumbles, and Western women either breed with men conquering America (and Europe) or take cats home rather than bouncing baby boys and girls, some guys insist nothing is wrong. They take a “Walk away, there’s nothing to see here…” approach even as some notice the massive (pun intended) Anglobitch trainwreck unfolding.

No, somewhere in the Midwest or another hidden corner of America there’s a fertile damsel in distress just waiting to save the West if a man “alphas up” and finds her.

This attitude is why Western women suck, and why they’ll never change. There will be 100 white knights defending them for every one asshole that calls them out on the substandard companionship they offer and the destruction their wild woman ways are bringing to society.

While there was some reasonable criticism of the article, predictable boilerplate attacks quickly ensued from white knights and jaded American women who try to defend their sullied reputation with hot air. White knights and Anglobitches laughably say every man who’s not into them is a basement dwelling loser rather than someone who has discovered he doesn’t need or want them or their well used, moist piece of anatomy anymore. It never occurs to these myopics that maybe he’s found a far better deal in life, and is calling a spade a spade.

But there is an important point to be made when comparing and contrasting American vs. foreign women. AWALT still applies – All Women Are Like That. All women have wild and base sexual instincts, and it’s true that foreign women are just as bad as Western women IF their behavior isn’t modified by the culture they’re in.

The crucial difference is as follows: American women have been allowed to return to their wild instincts which quickly cause civilization to become unstable, while foreign women in many countries still have cultural constraints placed upon their sexuality. This crucial difference averts the return to a sexual Law of the Jungle that has descended upon America (and the rest of the West!)

Here’s why Western women suck, and how to fix them.


All societies and tribes in history that have loosened constraints on female sexuality have quickly declined

5,000 Years of Anthropological History

When women are left to return to their true nature with no cultural checks and balances on their behavior, we see the post-feminist clusterfuck that is quickly killing the West ensue. As I frequently point out in my writing, 5,000 years of anthropological history has proven this should come as no surprise, as no society that ever stayed civilized eased inhibitions on female sexuality.

Inhibiting and controlling female sexuality is the price of living in a civilized society. Anglo-America has forgotten this. Across thousands of years of human history, in J.D. Unwin’s study of 80 tribes and 6 high cultures, 100% of societies that loosened constraints on female sexuality, opening Pandora’s pussy box quickly degenerated and fell apart. Natural female instincts are destructive to civilization as the following happens, elucidated by none other than Unwin and Aldous Huxley and simplified into bullet points by me:

Huxley put it like this:

All human societies are in one or another of four cultural conditions: zoistic, manistic, deistic, rationalistic. Of these societies the zoistic displays the least amount of mental and social energy, the rationalistic the most. Investigation shows that the societies exhibiting the least amount of energy are those where pre-nuptial continence is not imposed and where the opportunities for sexual indulgence after marriage are greatest. The cultural condition of a society rises in exact proportion as it imposes pre-nuptial and post-nuptial restraints upon sexual opportunity.

Controlling female instincts with the proper cultural restraints is how a civilization is built up. Female “sexual liberation” is destined to end in disaster as it tears a civilization down. Other cultures still control female sexuality, and therefore the women in these cultures are superior to the Anglobitch for commitment and companionship.


Women possess an enormous amount of biological power over men; this power is checked by culture in a sane society

Checks And Balances On Pussy Power

Again, this isn’t because foreign women are innately better. All women are born the same. But proving that nurture is of utmost importance in the nature vs. nurture debate, foreign women are better options for sane men for three reasons:

  • Culture: Women are taught to respect men. Female sexual depravity is constrained by a patriarchal culture and slut shaming. Women with illegitimate (bastard) children are ostracized rather than praised as saintly single moms. Fathers are central to the family and not depicted as sex-hungry oafs and check writers as in the West.
  • Pussy Power: Women’s enormous biological power over men is checked and balanced by a patriarchal culture. Women can’t therefore can’t lord this power over men, using nature’s credit card to get what they want. Enforced monogamy means no beta thirst allowing low quality women to act like goddesses.
  • Hypergamy: Women’s instinct to “marry up” in social status means they’ll comport themselves better with men they see as useful utilities or who are part of a higher caste, i.e. Western men abroad or the average working man in the States when there is no welfare state sugar daddy.

Take these bulwarks against female depravity away and you will destroy foreign women as well. The reason Western women are so bad is because the West has removed all three of these protections for men with the institution of feminism, female “empowerment” and the resource cuckoldry provided by a beta male robbing welfare state.

When it comes to culture, commenter “David” makes my case very well:

Personally, I speak enough Spanish and Italian now to see that foreign women have a general respect for men that Americans don’t. They look men in the eye when they talk and they don’t interrupt when he’s speaking. Even with strangers. They love their family and are respectful of their fathers and brothers. Asia was the same. For that reason, those men don’t need that weird “clown game” for attention that Roosh refers to. They are given attention as a man.

…Every American girl I know is estranged from her dad. Probably because her mom divorce raped him and shit talked him.

Women are all the same sure. But those patriarchal societies are happier because the women have less power. No woman in Colombia would win a custody battle against the bread winner, or a rape case against her fucking husband or boyfriend.

A crucial point is made here: Once patriarchy is overthrown, women have almost unlimited power. And as Lord Acton knew, when it comes to human nature, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


What’s most unreal about the West’s woman problems is men who defend Western harlots

Patriarchy Vs. Degeneracy

Patriarchy is the only counterbalance to the immense amount of power women enjoy by virtue of their biology. It is what made the human species different than the lower animals in the animal kingdom. If there is one constant in biology, it is that the male is disposable.

The Black Widow kills and consumes the male after the mating act, so does the Preying Mantis. In countless species, the male exists to do little more than survive and pass his genes on to the next generation.

Humans were different in that they offered the male a seat at the head of the table of the human family, a role which he has demonstrated an aptitude for as his guidance of the human family led us to the abundance we enjoy today. But, no sooner than the Western male completed his job as a utility object giving the world abundance like it has never seen, are some ready to throw him overboard and reduce him to his former role in animalistic world of the matriarchy as sperm donor and laborer.

That’s where the West is headed. It’s not going to take me with it.

So, while it’s true AWALT/All Women Are Like That, there’s no doubt foreign women are superior to Western women where checks and balances are still applied to their biological power and they’re shaped and molded by a patriarchal culture rather than a degenerate culture.

This isn’t an illusion, it’s just an inconvenient fact until the wild women of the West either destroy themselves and their men, or Western culture as a whole grows a set and once again tames the wild beast known as female sexuality.

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  • Read the Bhagavada Geeta and it had clearly stated long long back the same thing which you have stated in your article, translated from Sanskrit it means ” When the women of any particular tribe or caste degnerate it doesn’t take much time for the tribe or caste itself to degenerate ” Lord Krishna himself said this. And as Kalyug is upon us in the form of “The century of women” civilization as we know it will be over and done with…




  • I object a bit to the “the Anglobitches are all sluts” line since I find most of the American chicks to be quite frigid and NOT slutty, at least with me. They all seem to want the “go getter” type and have such high standards that they are ending up cat ladies. OK there is a huge assed chick at work who got knocked up at 15 or some ridiculous young age and has a miserable life of teenage daughters that look more like her sister than her kid. But even she shacks up and does the serial monogamous thing with one wife beater after another every couple years. I like the K-girl sluts at the local spa, all you have to do is show up and lay a Franklin down on the table and you’re in. This is the type of “democratic” sluttiness that the media pretends exists for every male in the West but is pure fiction, the product of either a deliberate lie, or homosexual screen writers putting their own romps in the gay bars on TV under the thin guise of heterosexual characters. On TV or the Silver Screen there exists a totally fictional concept, The Heterosexual Gay Bar where women go to have casual sex with any random stranger the way homosexuals do. The preachers and moralists rave against this non-existant place, so did my parents, so when I was 18 and away in college I eagerly anticipated walking into one of these bars and having hot chicks come up, tap me on the shoulder, and ask me if I wanted to have sex. Much to my chagrin I discovered that these just don’t exist. Maybe in Thailand, but then you have to pay, and even there any completely strange “girl” who it immediately too blunt about sex the way the “me so horny” hooker acted in Full Metal Jacket is probably a dude in women’s clothes. (I call much of the transexual claim to be women trapped in a man’s body out as bullshit by the way Transvestites seek out random sex for the sake of sex just like a man. Not at all like the frigid hypergamous Anglobitch.) Nope, while women these days aren’t virgins at marriage the way the may have been 3 generations ago, they certainly aren’t the sluts and prostitutes the rightfully angry rejected beta male makes them out to be. Even the slut are practicing serial monogamy and have only a fraction of the numbers the Cad or real prostitute racks up.


    • Sex for women is more of an emotional need while for sex men sex is an more of an instinctual drive.
      When sex is nontransactional, Women usually only have sex with men that they would consider attractive enough for a relationship while men will gladly have a fling with a with less attractive woman that he would never consider for a relationship.


  • There are good American women. But, there are not that many of them.

    But, there are so many foreign women who are beautiful inside and out. They can make many men (American, Western, and foreign) fall in love with them not only because of the women’s looks but also the women’s behavior and attitude.

    I support international dating all the way. If an American or Western man is tired of being single, alone, mistreated, rejected, etc., he should go to Ukraine, Philippines, or another foreign country, meet foreign women, and fall in love with one as a possible girlfriend or wife.


  • Rel, another spot on article.

    I read your article over at ROK (5 Ways Anglo Women Have Turned Themselves Into Sex Objects) and was a bit shocked how so many of the regular heavyweight commentators over there gave you shit.

    I get what “lolknee” was trying to say… but his experiences and advice are the exception NOT the rule.
    Therefore, that makes his comments kinda null and void.

    My summation is you’re trying to address the average man.

    So is there no hope or solutions for us men here in Anglo America?

    Is Pump and Dump the only way to go?

    Are we to give up our dreams of having a family someday?

    If all is lost (it’s pretty fuckin’ depressing)….


    • Don’t forget “Ghost of Jefferson” the resident overlord of all that is alpha on ROK. He really dug in to defend the hot ass everywhere in Wyoming among other places. He’s been sniffing his own ass on ROK for years now. I also couldn’t believe how many idiots were digging in to defend the absolutely sick state of American women. But like one guy said, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I don’t know how much more obvious it could possibly be.


  • I get lots of e-mail from predatory mail order brides ages 28 – 35 from Russia and other FSU states looking for a green card and frivorce cash and prizes. The feminism that Lenin started over there is still thriving under a veneer of traditionalism.


  • I think that Eastern Europe is much better off than Western because the people have a very healthy skepticism of government. As for the women, I think there is a State Dept. study that concluded that only twenty percent of marriages to foreigners ends in divorce. Return of Kings had a post a while back that drew form a Swiss study which broke things down further. To Eastern Europeans, Swiss men who married saw only fifteen percent of marriages end in divorce, while, for Swiss women, the ratio flipped. Eighty five percent ended in divorce. My guess is there is something wrong with Western women. At a guess, the whole orientation of EE women is different. I think they are serious about forming a partnership.


  • Rel,

    You often cite JD Unwin and his groundbreaking work, which is, of course, spot on. However, what you may not know is this: Unwin was a liberal (i.e. had socialist leanings). He didn’t WANT to find out what he did; he was hoping and expecting to get different results from his research. However, he was intellectually honest enough to pass on his findings unfiltered; he was honest enough to share the TRUTH of his research. The fact that few in America even know his name, let alone his findings, is a crime of the highest order…



  • Great article. Plenty of other writers in the manosphere can’t see the forest for the trees. Your perspective is wide and your advice to men is spot on. Keep up the good work.


  • Hey Relampago!
    Nice to see you continuing to refine your argument and building in the best of he feedback.
    Don’t let the naysayers get to you – you have nailed it!


  • especially from the english speaking world?? do you know German or French women? they are just as bad, trust me! well, anyways, keep up the good work. Enjoy your western-women bashing articles, hehe.
    but pls dont think German, French, Swedish and all that Western European women are any better, just cause they dont speak English – they are very feminist. Sad.


    • I would chalk that up to toxic Anglo influence on the rest of the West. Non-Anglo women in the West are still not as bad as Anglo women.

      Once the Anglo world starts collapsing, I think that sexual relations in the non-Anglo West will start to become healthier.


    • Feminism originated in and is disseminated from Anglo America. I agree all Westernized women suck, but it started in the English-speaking world.


    • Italian women as well. Bad bad bad. Full of femicrap.

      Liked by 1 person

      • in Germany we dont even have a conservative media outlet like Breitbart, etc. – all leftist.
        Merkel is supposed to be from the conservative party CDU – still she acts totally leftist.
        Feminism is everywhere while there are no Alpha role models around.
        In the US at least you have Trump.
        In the UK there is Brexit.
        I honestly believe Germany is the worst.
        Or how about the all-women government in Sweden?
        I also dated a French bitch – completely arrogant and bitchy.
        You might not get so much news from those countries, as you focus more on the Anglo-world, but Western Europe is so awful and Eastern Europe is moving in the same direction unfortunately.


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