Big Daddy Government and His Cuckolding Welfare State


Anglo America and the West have banished men from their kingdoms, but not before stealing male productivity and using it to power a dysgenic welfare state

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is becoming the victim of an interloper. As the horrors of the modern West continue to reveal themselves to the thinking man who collaborates with other awakened men online, an interloper of the worst possible design has revealed himself. He regularly cuckolds the Western man using his own money and productivity.

This insidious sugar daddy finances and even encourages women’s terrible life decisions with seemingly bottomless pockets, and worse he expects no sex or responsibility on the part of the women he steals money from men to finance.

As a result, Western and especially Anglo women become total bitches. Feral, ill-mannered and out of control as they no longer have to submit to the “evil” demands of men. Demands that they remain demure, civil, and non-degenerate. You know, all that stuff the patriarchy demanded of women.

The tragedy is women have figured out a way to benefit from male ingenuity and productivity without dealing with men themselves. They just have an iron-fisted, Socialist enterprise steal what women want from men. They then call men who challenge the validity and morality of this theft sexists. It’s the biggest end-run of all time.

What a wonderfully sickening and duplicitous method of extracting resources women now enjoy. It is a marvel, the manipulation the predatory female is capable of. Villainizing the very men she steals resources from to power an empty, vain, child murdering, materialistic deathstyle. Women exploit the resources of millions of worker bees and offer nothing but contempt in return for the favor.

The interloper is, of course, Big Daddy Government, who runs a welfare state that cucks men financially. As a result of the welfare state Big Daddy Government provides, there is no longer a system of checks and balances on female behavior as women still control sex but men no longer control resources.

Big Daddy Government’s welfare state is an abomination of humanity, and an utter corruption of the sexual marketplace. Big Daddy also degrades the human condition, as so eloquently stated by Morgoth’s Review, who provides a rundown of how far culture has fallen since the claven banished men from the matriarchal kingdom, but hypocritically gorges itself on male tax money.

Predictably, the claven also marginalizes slut shaming so women can enjoy a Sex and the City lifestyle on Johnny Beta’s dime.

To fall pregnant out of wedlock resulted in the ruination of a woman’s reputation and financial ruination if the baby was not put up for adoption. All of this changed when the left seized control of the West in the decades following World War II and implemented what was claimed to be a safety net to prevent extreme hardship, but ended up being the passport to life of indolence devoid of personal responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions, the welfare state.

In the final days of the West, single moms are not shamed for having bastard children. They’re praised as the new archetype all women should follow. Men are nothing but walking, talking ATM machines in the New America. Not fathers and husbands and pillars of the community.

Women love free resources without an unnecessary meat bag hanging around wanting affection and sex. The free Beta Bucks allow them to live an eat, prey, love lifestyle, cock carouseling around with the Alpha bad boys they truly desire. Morgoth continues:

Now not being able to provide for a baby was no impediment to having one. Illegitimacy rates have soared. In 1911 just 4% of the babies born in England and Wales were out of wedlock. By 2010 this figure had ballooned to 47%. Women do not need to take the trouble to select a father who can provide for her children when the state will fill that role.

Here’s an interesting footnote to those statistics. Convicted felons have an average of 3.0 children in our modern day dystopia, while the Beta male masses of society can’t even have enough children to avoid demographic suicide.

The genes of criminals are literally proliferating society as a result of the end run around male authority the welfare state represents. My, how far we have fallen. The result will be an Idiocracy. Literally.

The heritability rate of IQ is 0.75 (on a scale with 0 being not heritable at all and 1 being 100% heritable). If the least intelligent members of a population reproduce the most, the average intelligence of that population will decrease with each successive generation. Prof. Richard Lynn predicts that western IQs will fall at a rate of 0.58 to 3.0 points per generation, excluding immigration, as a result of current fertility patterns.

Social planners had to know the West’s anti-male, cuckolding policies would lead to a mindless mass of humanity, easier for them to control as New World Order Communism became the end game of elites last century.

The welfare state and its wicked step sister the child support mafia have collectively rendered good guys worthless. Both institutions have deballed the male population, and dared men to protest. They’re both symbols of a culture that hates men and hates the idea of masculinity, designed to steal male utility value and subvert male authority over the resources he provides.

The welfare state is yet another way the West is devolving in the early 21st century. It is the reason dads are marginalized and mocked, it is the reason subpar women act like goddesses, and it is the reason women with all rights and no responsibilities are literally steering the Caucasian population of the world towards extinction. It’s also the reason Americans and Westerners in general get stupider with each passing decade.

In order to restore balance to the sexual market and steer the culture upwards rather than downwards, Big Daddy Government and his gibsmedats programs must be terminated.

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  • This is a brilliant summation of the average guy’s situation today. He is trained to run straight off Lemming Point into the jaws of the Machine as surely as boys charged the barbed wire a century ago. The difference is they’ve figured out how to keep him alive and churning out cash for an extra few decades. It is still, in the end, pure and simple slaughter.

    There are rumblings in the Western world … Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, Orban are seismic tremors from a demographic deprived of a voice for decades. The NWO is certainly not having it all their way. If the truth became widespread they’d be strung from lampposts, and they have to stay two steps ahead of all the lies they spread. No rest for the wicked either.

    They are ruthless, their hatred for us is venomous, and they have been waging an all-out culture war while we’ve been asleep. I can say as a former hapless Beta boy that the reality is truly horrible, but no more so than the life of a man trained for a lifetime of Step’N’Fetchit. It is not a blissful ignorance anymore. The average woman has become too awful. The cultural puppeteers could have dialed back these bitches a decade ago but there was too much money to be made.

    All we have to do, is stop oiling the Machine with our sweat and blood. It will overheat and grind to a smoking, groaning, shuddering halt. Long before Cosmopolitan and Brides are no longer displayed together the lunatic twats will be panicking.


  • That was an outstanding summation. Kudos.


  • You have real estate up your own ass too. Now get back to work and pay for that infrastructure that I use when I come home from my adventures. Thanks bro.


  • This is modern warfare; identity politics and taxation. That’s why guys practicing Kendo in their backyard to ‘stand and fight for their families’ are just clowns. If you’re paying for it, you’re losing. No matter amount of combat training LARPing even matters anymore. The ‘rabbits’ who ‘run away’ are actually the boldest warriors in the modern war of identity politics/taxation.


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