En Route to Bangkok


On my way to spend a month in the Land of a Million Smiles

In lieu of a regular article today, I’ll be posting a link to some popular throwback articles from The New Modern Man archives. I’m en route to Bangkok, and will be working on a travel guide detailing the opportunities for men for exploration, debauchery, and fun.

I also hope to have a full writeup on my recent experience in Chicago with a stripper I was able to use pickup artistry on. She was a stunner, and had a mouth like cocaine. It was the best experience I have had with an American chick in a long, long time.

Stay tuned.

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One comment

  • Just returned from Bkk. I have been there many times. Back in Europe now, wont be back to SEA until late April. Where u going after Bkk?
    Its a great city, very busy. Thai girls tend to have the worst English in SEA, though and many are quite materialistic, so you could say quite Westernized in that respect. Still a lot better than Western girls of course, you dont see many fat Thai girls.


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