Why Strippers and Legal Working Girls Are Better Bets in Anglo America


Most Anglo women today already have high mileage and high cock counts, so why not get a girl who knows what she’s doing

I’ve banged girls of both high and low status on the socioeconomic ladder. I’ve come to the conclusion I am only dealing with strippers and legal whores when I’m visiting the States. The truth is, in this day and age there’s nothing beyond sex women in Anglo-America are good for, as the supreme irony is feminism has actually turned them into nothing more than sex objects.

I detailed that inconvenient truth in a recent article. They don’t know how to do anything else that is of value to a man other than lay down and spread their legs.

Anglo women can’t cook or clean, they’re statistically sterile as the white population is literally dying off, they’re no fun to be around on a personal level, they’ve made themselves slave owners of men legally, and philosophically are empty souls attempting to fill the void with material things. What else do they have to offer but sex, since all of the above are true?

Why do I prefer strippers and legal whores in America? It’s really simple. They give me what I need, occasional sex, and offer no drama or hoop jumping in return. (Yes, sex is a psychological and physical NEED as revealed by Maslow’s Hierarchy.) That, and I’m tired of dumpster diving on dating apps and performing Herculean psychological maneuvers using day Game in order to land another boring ass date with an Americhick.

High status girls are always sizing me up for what kind of living they could get off my back or other material and financial benefits I could provide. They also are flakier, less fun in the sack, and have astronomical expectations for the low level companionship they provide. Low status girls are most often just out for a good time.

Guess which ones give a man less stress on the nerves and wallet?

I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk when it comes to the topics discussed here at The New Modern Man. So, when I am in The Matrix extracting more money from the economy to use to power my Going Galt lifestyle, I typically only deal with strippers who I can bang for free by using PUA techniques on them, and professional working girls when I’m lucky enough to be in Nevada where prostitution is legal at dozens of brothels statewide.

Commenter “John Smith” left this gem of a response to a recent article I wrote for Return of Kings, explaining the rationale behind why pro girls are often a man’s best bet for sexual satisfaction in a culture that is already swirling the drain. Here’s the litany of reasons I seek out good times in strip clubs and brothels:

First of all, most of them are way better looking than the average Corporate-Slave Princess who looks good with her makeup on, but turns into the Bride of Dracula when you see her the next morning.

Secondly, strippers look at sex the way guys look at blowing their noses – no big deal.

Thirdly, they are way more open-minded about sex and will basically do anything you want to do.

Fourthly, they tend to be way more skilled at sex than the average empowered femicunt who works a day job.

Fifthly, if you are good in bed, they will tell their stripper friends and that gives you access to even more hot sluts, while opening the door for threesomes (and/or moresomes).

I have “dated” runway models, actresses, single moms, Corporate Princesses, working twats – all that shit. That was back in the day, and I much prefer getting my needs met these days by somebody who is really good-looking, knows what she’s doing, and isn’t sizing me up for divorce-rape.

I still pick up “normal” women occasionally, but once you get some hot strippers with great sexual skills in your rotation, you’ll never go back – unless you want a wife.

To each their own.

Boom. No more calls, we have a winner.

Until there is a major cultural shift in a declining Western society, and women are forced back into biologically and demographically sustainable, traditional female roles the best bet is to limit any financial and legal risk with them. Hitting it and quitting it is not just fun, it also might just save you from frivorce rape. Dealing with strippers and whores will also save you a lot of stress and unnecessary drama.

Banging pros is my preferred modus operandi only in the States. Abroad, I don’t need strippers because hypergamy and culture both work in my favor. But it’s every man for himself in Anglo-America these days as the sexual Law of the Jungle has returned post-feminism.

Hence, the reason I keep a Strip Club and Brothel Guide for my brothers in the manosphere. Going for the goal is the Red Pill man’s best option. Now you know why.

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  • It depends on whether the area that whores live in has a long history of legalized prostitution that has been properly merged into the general culture. The reason that most American hookers are so messed up is because of the anti-male sexual repression that exists in most of America.


  • as this job usually is their only source of income, most will not bang you for free. at best they ll give u a discount.


    • Relampago Furioso

      You’d be surprised if you know how to push those buttons.


      • to each his own, but these girls arent my type. Some may do drugs to deal with their rough lifestyle or are generally pretty messed up. And you better check you wallet after she left.
        I agree with your writing a lot, but i the hookers + strippers i met have been pretty messed up.


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