Social Engineers Are Coming for Your Children: Disney Airs First Gay Kiss


Gayness is now being peddled by Disney; however pay for play between two consenting adults continues to be verboten in the Anglosphere

As if the Red Pill man ever needed another reason to cut the cord, Disney is now pushing the LGBT bacon cheeseburger agenda on your kids. Some animated series called Star vs. The Forces of Evil just aired a gay kiss that was predictably lauded by Establishment media.

Entertainment Weekly (still exists?) wrote:

It’s the smooch reverberating far beyond the Magic Kingdom: Disney’s first gay kiss was featured in an episode of the animated children’s cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

“Just Friends,” a recent episode of the Disney series, finds characters Star, Marco, and Jackie attending the concert of their favorite band, Love Sentence. The music inspires most of the audience to lock lips with their significant others, and a few same-sex couples are included.

How edgy! Barf.

Before going any further, it needs to be said I am a sexual libertarian on most issues. What two adults do to pleasure themselves is their own business. (Incidentally, this is why I believe prostitution should be legalized in the States.)

That view comes with two stipulations. Gays don’t need to shove their sexual preference in my face, and they don’t need to confuse our children by force-feeding their agenda on a children’s television network. Gayness always has been and always will be a fringe preference. It does not need to be mainstreamed any further.

Interestingly and on a philosophical level, there is a cultural reason why gayness is no prevalent in Anglo countries among men. As elucidated by Rookh Kshatriya:

What Anglo-American cultural features dispose men to homosexuality? The answer is very simple: poor relations between the sexes. Interaction between the sexes is so unpleasant and mercenary in the Anglo-American bloc that many men derive more from relations with their own sex rather than women. This leads to exceptionally high incidences of homosexuality among Anglo-Americans.

In a crude sense, homosexuality is the best way to experience plenty of sex in a repressed society where women are taught to commodify themselves from infancy. For men of low socio-economic status, whom Anglo women automatically strike off as potential mates, homosexuality is simply the only way to get bountiful supplies of free sex.

Relations between the sexes are pretty miserable in America. Maybe that’s why social engineers are pushing gayness with such fervor? Maybe they see it as the easy way out rather than making women reform their wicked ways, i.e. treating men as more than just utility objects and walking, talking ATM machines.

Who knows. All I know is I don’t want our kids exposed to this.

Of course, social engineers pushing this agenda will never listen to the requests of peons like us. So, we need to start hitting them where it hurts: their fucking wallets.

Thinking of taking your kids to Disney World this year? Pass it up. Have cable? Cut it off. Thinking of seeing a Disney movie? Boycott them. Dollars and cents is the only language the corporate world speaks. When their agenda starts dragging their bottom lines, they’ll start to notice.

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  • When I was a kid, before I understood sexuality I knew that it was a terrible thing to be a “gayboy” from all the other banter amongst the boys in early elementary school. This was a time before puberty when you started looking at girls, R. Crumb talks about having no direction for your erections, humping a pair of boots etc. When things really start to take of when your hormones start to activate you definitely want to make it absolutely taboo in the mind of boys to point that thing at each other to get off. You’d hear of a few dorks in school who’d do shit like this, about half turned out gay the others allegedly grew out of it and went on to be normal. Just like that song “why can’t I get just one fuck” where the lyrics also have a line describing this “don’t shoot shoot shoot that thing at me, you know you’ve got my sympathy, just don’t shoot that thing at me” which describes this phenomenon of a very horny young sexually frustrated boy who resorts to attempted homosexuality to satisfy his urges. If boys are bathed in this pro-gay message instead of the “no it ain’t OK to be gay” message from a generation back a heck of a lot more might start “shooting that thing” in the wrong direction as hormone blinded pubescent boys and we could well have a much higher rate of gays.


  • I wanted to ask someone this: Dose no one consider that parents might have a problem with the scenes because it abruptly comes out of nowhere, it implies everyone just went into a kissing orgy and the show is trying to make peer pressure look romantic?


  • Makes me glad I don’t own a TV. And to think that The Godfather was R rated back in the day…


  • I have intentionally boycotted Disney and its products for over 40 years. Walt Disney was a known pedophile 50 years ago. Most, if not all, of his productions involved witchcraft, paganism, idolatry and; the idealism of feminism and the accommodating emasculism which we see rampant in western culture today. Furthermore, it is spreading rapidly around the world as other cultures, languages and people are indoctrinated by Hollywood whores of both sexes. Sad but inevitable.
    Welcome to the Brave New World.


  • “All I know is I don’t want our kids exposed to this.”



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