What’s Your Evolutionary Strategy


Fight, flight or adaptation: These are the three options for a man who has discovered the toxic cultural stew into which he has been placed

TNMM commenters are ahead of the curve. It’s enjoyable reading the responses from astute gentlemen who bring the Wisdom of the Crowd to this humble publication. In this case, John Smith knocks one out of the park with his observations on why men are going MGTOW even if they’ve never heard of the acronym.

He discusses three evolutionary adaptations men have when it comes to dealing with the Decline of the West.

In a toxic environment all organisms will find a way to survive by fight (if there is a chance to win), adaption (if the toxin is not immediately lethal), or flight (when neither of the first two strategies is feasible). Fighting a winning battle against the toxic gynocracy is impossible, simply career and social suicide in a doomed cause. The toxic stew of the gynocracy in the past was slow death (adaption) whereas now it can be immediately lethal with a Tinder date gone bad, a drunken hook-up morning after regret rape charge, or a misinterpreted Tweet. Flight from the toxic environment is simply a rational choice demanded by self preservation, the ultimate life goal. And that is all MGTOW is.

This both an valid scientific and social commentary.

Fighting is what the traditionalists claim to want to do, even though they do little more to encourage reform other than hurling insults and posting polemics from their cybernetic keyboards.  Adaptation to a matriarchal society of female masters and male slaves is not surprisingly off the table for any man with an intact scrotum. That leaves flight, which is exactly the strategy adopted by the editor of this publication.

Flight is what freedom-seekers the world over have done since time immemorial. The United States was founded by those seeking freedom from an unjust political system. Unfortunately, everything these brave souls ran away from hundreds of years ago has grown back with a vengeance as we once again find ourselves in the clutches of an unjust government.

Incidentally, getting out while the getting is good – with a practical game plan for the average man is also going to be the subject of an upcoming book. I recently floated the idea on social media with a few guy friends and they loved it. The premise is: How to escape a system that has fucked over men so many times, while pursuing a life of leisure, freedom, and hot bitches abroad.

Whether a man goes his own way, or tries in vain to plug the damaged keel of the Titanic even as it takes on water by pushing for a Renaissance of traditional values while society’s downward spiral accelerates, the differences don’t really matter as much as what unites us: knowledge that we are sacrificial lambs for the assembling New World Order agenda of electronically enforced Communism.

The day will come the flight mechanism won’t work anymore. The fight option will be all that’s left. Until then, there are those of us who will be waiting for critical mass while enjoying the limited days we have on this planet the best way we know how: beachside, away from the insanity and toxic cultural stew.

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  • Ridiculously Intelligent Obnoxious Thug

    Ever seen the movie “Flight of the Intruder”?

    There’s a scene where Willem Dafoe’s character calls in an ordnance and napalm strike on himself.

    With that in mind, here’s your fourth strategy: make things in your local environment so horrible that you might not survive the situation, but that your enemies definitely won’t.

    When the enemy sees that you are not running like blazes the first chance you get, the enemy becomes complacent, and that they believe you won’t put yourself in harm’s way.

    Let’s rephrase one of your quotes just a bit then: in a toxic environment some organisms will find a way to survive by making the environment more toxic.

    I’m all for weaponised apathy, for starters. There are nearly limitless things I simply cannot give a toss about, but where the blowback from inevitable consequences makes me smile.

    As for the remaining things, sunshine can often be a wonderful treatment, and I suggest applying it in highly unorthodox ways. Weaponised attention is nearly as good as bleach, and in some cases it not only cleans but also wounds to a more than adequate degree.

    I’ve been living near a university where some of the young females think it’s completely appropriate for them to have XXX-rated conversations within earshot of people of a considerably more conservative bent. I wonder how organised purveyors of weaponised attention could make the environment much more toxic for them, simply by providing sunshine in the form of a few anonymously released videos of these young females behaving as they feel is appropriate in public.

    Undoubtedly they’re being subsidised by their parents, so why not allow these parents to see what their efforts and their money have achieved? Why not show the few unlucky young men who are quite likely unaware of the true natures of these young females what they’ve been busting their backsides for?

    Naturally, I refer to such people as young females because they lack the potentiality of innocence of girls and because they lack the potentiality of maturity of women.

    I believe the term you might be looking for when it comes to the model itself is “the reverse self-cleaning oven”, in which all things nestled safely inside the oven don’t get cooked, but everything outside it does. This will do well to confuse the types of people who will become somewhat loose with unreason if you attempt to use another much shorter term that outlines the fundamental relationship (or lack of it) between those on the inside and those on the outside.

    Ah, but where’s my humanity, certain overly concerned readers might ask? History has more than an adequate number of cases to present that should show that it is nowhere near past the sell-by date in this regard …


  • TNMM, thank you so very much for your kind words regarding my previous comment. I consider it high praise indeed.

    I would like to comment on your last paragraph in today’s article. In particular, the truth of when flight is no longer an option and the battle must be joined regardless of the odds. I have posted on other sites that I would gladly join in the fight, although doomed to fail, to save my culture if I thought it had a snowballs chance in Hell of winning. I have the blood of such men coursing through my veins.

    My great great grandfather was in the 4th North Carolina during the War for Southern Independence. He volunteered in June of 1861 and survived the entire war without being wounded, a miracle. He was with Lee at Appomattox for the surrender.

    The Bloody 4th, a nickname earned at Seven Pines. The 4th went into the battle with 545 men and officers of which 486 were killed or wounded in the charge that captured the Yankee breastworks. It was the bloodiest charge by any regiment on either side in any battle. I cannot even imagine the carnage. The roaring cannon. The screams of dying and shattered men and horses. The peculiar stench of gunpowder mixed with blood and viscera. The hand-to-hand combat at the apex of the works. My kin was there.

    He was also in the Bloody Lane at Antietam. And the first day at Gettysburg. And Chancellorsville, and The Wilderness, and Petersburg, and finally Appomattox.

    By the time of Appomattox the Army of Northern Virginia, the greatest citizen army in the history of the world, was reduced to 25,000 starving barefoot scarecrows clad in tatters reduced to sometimes throwing rocks at the enemy. Only the hardest of the hard remained. And they were willing fight on.

    Lee, with no hope of resupply since the fall of Fort Fisher, abandoned the last glimmer of hope in uniting with Johnston in North Carolina and continuing the fight. Lee wanted to fight on, but choose the bitterness of surrender over leading the remaining heroes of the lost cause to certain death. My kin was there.

    I am a son of the South and admittedly have a case of ancestor worship. The South of my youth is rapidly fading into the mist of the forgotten as battlefields are paved for condo complexes and shopping malls, the battle flag is denigrated and taken down, the history of the conflict is barely taught anymore, and what is taught is an even more incorrect politically correct version. The same thing is happening to my culture.

    I think comparing the cultural war of today to the War for Southern Independence is apt. The men of today that still have testosterone are more than willing to fight for their culture. But unlike in 1861 the ability to organize does not exist for any effort to do so will result in the immediate crushing of the individual man as a message to all others.

    My ancestor had a chance to win. Instead of fighting the second day at Gettysburg all Lee had to do was march north and burn Harrisburg and then Philadelphia or Pittsburg or Cincinnati, as Sherman would do to Atlanta and Columbia a year later. If he had done so the war would have ended by September in a Southern victory.

    But Lee was not the animals that Sherman and Grant were. He was old school and faught by the old rules of not making war on civilians. This is the exact same mistake the tradcons and MRAs of today are making. It is the exact same mistake the West is making in dealing with Islam.

    When your enemy is waging a war of annihilation you are destined to lose if you fight a limited strategy in reply. Women, whether feminist or not, are waging a war of annihilation against men. Islam, whether radical or mainstream, is fighting a war of annihilation against the Christian West. The response of men to women is appeasement so as not to hurt feelings or be called names. The response of the West to Islam is a reluctance to recognise the barbaric nature of Islam by fighting to win to, again, not hurt feelings of be called names. The very definition of pussified.

    Who do you think is going to win both wars? Give Western men a reasonable chance of winning and they will fight like their glorious ancestors did at Thermopylae and Vienna and Waterloo and Gettysburg and Verdun and Iwo Jima and Danang. Dying for a just cause with a chance to win is noble, as my ancestor was willing to do. Dying for any cause with no chance to win is just plain stupid.

    With no chance of winning, the best evolutionary strategy (to return to the article) is to run. Hence, MGTOW.

    Sorry for the length of this. Sometimes I get carried away with thoughts of the man my great great grandfather was and I can only hope to be. Cheers.


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