Why You Must Think Like An Outlaw


Behaving like an outlaw will give you a stronger position in life

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

The problem with kindness is it should be used like salt.  That is to say, just a pinch here, a dash there.  No wasteful ejaculations of overeager altruism.  In the realm of power and influence as well as seduction, too much kindness will mark you as the biggest sucker in the room.

To be fair, none at all surely will cause problems as well.  The answer lies in cultivating the ability to use calculated kindness.  This can only be found by asserting yourself out there in the world specifically with this in mind.  To form and utilize scenarios through conversation or what have you to practice calculated kindness as a means to achieve your own ends by gaining the affections of others, their trust as well as respect, etc.  But I digress.

The Social Contract And You

First things first.  Every male today living in the west needs to realize one essential earth shaking truth.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, grab your fucking nuts and listen up.

The social contract is BROKEN.

Doneso. Toast. Arrividerci.

Tear that thing to shreds and toss it in the snarky face of the closest New World Faggot.  Then spit all over them both!  Because that’s what the government and society at large has been doing to you for your entire god damn lives.  Most of you have just dropped trough, taken the govt cock and the programming like a good little cuck.

Don’t you think it’s time to finally live on your own terms? 

Do you know what that is?

No.  It’s not merely behaving in a reactionary, defensive manner either.  It’s not time to turtle up or look with soft, dreamy eyes at distant shores.  With that mentality I guarantee you will land on those far away banks only to have the relentless rain of all your previous problems find your punk ass there too.

Don’t you think it’s time to start acting with aggression?

You may have heard it farted out the mouths of slobbering cucks to turn the other cheek.  But I tell you this.  If a man strikes you with his fist, grab a baseball bat and strike him back.

If a man insults you in front of others, blind side him unawares and strip him naked.


Protect yourself and your livelihood rather than worrying about risk

But Jack I Might Get In Trouble!

If this was your first thought then you need to realize one thing right now.  You desperately need a paradigm shift in your thought process to ever become a self aware man.  Lemme put it to you this way.

If someone were to try and break into your home, vandalize your property or steal from you.  What is the first thing most anyone would think to do?  That’s right.

Call the police!

Now think about that a second.  Especially for all you guys who know the score and claim to be doing your own thing.  You know the government is against you.  You know the system is designed to break you.  Yet you can’t help yourselves from appealing to a higher authority.  That is to say you, little johnny fuck boy need the real men to come handle your problems and clean up your messes.

So the same guys who rail against the system with such fervor should never ever be calling on that system or that authority to solve your bitch ass problems either.  I’m not going to explain why that would  make you a pathetic hypocrite.

Most every male in the west who works a regular job, pays taxes and has been college educated thinks along these lines.  They are the perfect little sheep to keep inside their little pens.  If you are this male you need to with the shock of a fucking lightning bolt snap out of your stupor.

Yes it is daunting.  I have been there.  We all have.  Life is fucking tough and men have always been expendable.  Get over it and handle your god damn business.

You need to realize this is your future and your freedom here.  Do you need a governing authority to tell you that you’re free?  Do you need a regulating body to give their stamp of approval for your every fucking breath?

No.  You fucking don’t.

Freedom Borne In The Mind

Freedom begins in your mind and heart.  First the mind must with courage accept the cold truth of things.  No matter the immediate pain or the soul crushing bleakness.  The pain is good and necessary.  For you must be cleansed of the lies.  The candy coated turds that society has force fed you since birth.

The conscious and willful expression of disgust must form in the mind.  The desire and mental effort must be exercised in purging these elements from within you.  Learn to recognize the inputs and cut them all off.

To live free my friends means that you must live dangerously.

Society wants slaves.  They don’t want free men.  Why?  Because a free man is a fucking dangerous man.

There is no freedom without danger. 

You want to be safe?  Live within the west.  Accept it’s laws, it’s prescriptions, it’s regulations and the endless litany of offenses we must answer for.

Live safe and comfortable.  Within the turd vagina of the Matriarch who squeezes out New World Faggots like the Brood Queen shits out those parasite eggs in Aliens.


New role models are needed to stop the decay of the West

Outlaw’s Freedom

The broken males of the west need to turn their eyes to a new kind of hero.  A better archetype to aspire to.  Not the dutiful cuck, the responsible and caring man who heaves the weight of the world over his slowly slouching shoulders.

Now he must look to the Outlaw.  The man who lives by his own rules, has his own ways and can’t be bothered to save the stupid.  Oh no.  Instead he gazes upon the weak and willfully ignorant with the eyes of a falcon about to swoop down talons ripping apart a hare.

The system has lied to us, cheated us, belittled us.

You owe NOTHING to that system.

Not even the acknowledgement of it’s power.  For the free man has smashed his shackles and torn asunder his chains.  He has a wild fire burning bright inside of him this world may not contain.

The punk, the bitch and the weakling fear the unknown.  Who fear to be cast off all alone from the herd.  They must not be reasoned with.  They must be ruled over. 

Remember this.  In order for the system to own you, there must be it’s tacit consent from you.

In order for you to be a slave you must consent to your slavery.

People do this every day in so many ways.  Just think about it for a second.

Become The Rule

A man does not need a government to tell him he’s right or wrong.  We know intrinsically what’s right.

Survival is good and Might is Right.

Our instincts are there for a reason and listening to them, trusting them is the way you rise to the top of the food chain.

Trust yourself.

People who go against their instincts live defeated lives.  Their unhappiness and painful bitterness stand out in their nasty faces and crippled body language with muffled speech and terrible posture.  Some are happy to be slaves and that is fine.  It’s not your job to change anyone.  For most it is a fools errand.

You must re establish the way you go about your life.  The way you think and act are conditioned responses that have been programmed within you for decades or more.

Start searching these out within yourself.

Dare to uncover who you really are and what you truly can be. 

In order to do this you must accept your life as outside the bounds of common(tranny,gay,fuck boy,AIDS) society.  Besides as men, we have already been given this status by our culture.

They’ve already declared us public enemy number fucking one.

You must become the ultimate Rule for your life and your reality.  To do so in today’s world means that as a man you must unashamedly become the Villain.  The savage Outlaw grown wild and hungry off the range.  Furiously ready to take umbrage at any attempts to constrain him.  Yes.

Learn to think like the Outlaw and become a little wild again.

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  • Any man who is awake or becoming awake is in for a struggle of which he cannot comprehend when first starting out. Not in the MGTOW since, but every man must discover his own path while literally re-wiring parts of his brain. It takes time. Do you stay and struggle? Do you go, to SE Asia or Latin American perhaps. Gnashing, thrashing, anger, depression. All part of the trip. Better to be an awake and aware wolf then a sleeping ignorant sheep.

    Anyways, great article. Makes great points, especially about claiming to be a “free man” but calling 911 at the first sign of trouble. Pathetic.

    Last but not least, you finally said the magic words. “Might is Right”. So very very few understand this, and even those who do are still loathe to embrace the notion. It helps to be sub-clinical.


    • You’ve got it right Paul. Understanding and accepting the grim truth is the only way to rise above the rest. Regardless of where your feet may land.


  • “It’s not time to look with soft, dreamy eyes at distant shores.”

    Oh yes it is. It’s called ‘life’ Conan. If it can’t be lived in the US, then I leave. It’s that American blood in me. When things aren’t optimal, I have the balls to go somewhere else. It’s because I’m a red-blooded American and I don’t allow myself to be shat upon.


    • Any man that wants to leave the US, can’t really say I blame them. BUT my thinking is that other places have problems as well. If it’s an inner problem that motivates someone to leave then I imagine they will have the same problems if not more in a foreign place. Also human nature is going to be the same across the globe.

      Most have agreed here that the western monoculture is reaching all corners of the earth at a breakneck speed. Soon there will be no escaping it.

      I plan on traveling. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dominican Republic. Not just from Rel but a personal friend too.

      My argument is that men should not think or act based on the permission of the State. That would go for any place you find yourself.


  • funksoulbrother

    Four words: Thick Face, Black Heart.


    Liked by 1 person

  • This mantra needs to be expounded every bloody week! Certain males to need to stand up be winners for themselves!

    Liked by 1 person

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