Bros Before Hos


When will guys learn? Bros before hos!

It’s happened yet again.

A friend of mine is shunning me as I return home for a short visit before heading back out on the road again. I want to hang out and he’s gone into radio silence mode, not answering my texts. But why? He’s come under the influence of an aging Anglobitch, and she’s manipulating him is my educated guess.  Let’s call my friend Joe for the purposes of this article.

Joe’s ho sees me as a threat to her schemes and her cushy lifestyle living in his house.

Here’s a little background about Joe’s this “catch of the day” that should be thrown back into the water, in my opinion. She has a couple of kids, and is splatting into The Wall even as we speak. Interestingly, she does not have custody of her kids. Immediately, alarm bells should be going off in any man’s head when this fact reveals itself.

She has nowhere else to go. Her options are running out. She’s got the “good girl” act going on but I’ve been around her enough times to know she would immediately revert back into wanton harlot mode around any combination of bad boys.

How can I say that?

In short, I just know white chicks all to well. That’s why I won’t have anything to do with them beyond pump and dumps. Just before I dropped her to run off to the Caribbean, I was fucking a 22 year old white girl (I’m pushing 40) who tried to lasso me into a shotgun marriage with constant talk about me knocking her up. She took out her IUD. She wanted me to shoot loads in her. She openly displayed baby rabies by shoving Facebook baby pics in my face 24/7. But I dodged the bullet. She’s now married to some dumb fuck. Haha. But I digress.

In short, based on a lifetime of observation and experience of women, my analysis is Joe’s ho has got herself a nice meal ticket (a place to stay, so she don’t have to live with mommy and daddy at age 35) and I pose a grave threat to her arrangement as I not only encourage my all friends to live a lifestyle with prettier, sweeter, thinner women without baggage, I am a walking advertisement for HOW to do it.

And she has seen my success in action. She’s seen photos of the girls I bang from all over the world. I must scare this girl to death.

I have no doubt Joe will stop shunning me after this chick monkey branches to another unfortunate soul she thinks she can get the infamous Bigger, Better Deal out of. But it just sucks that a guy who has been frivorce raped is allowing a post-expiration date chick to yet again assume unwarranted influence over his life. He’s supposed to know better!

Bros before hos!

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I noticed as much in my Dad when he remarried. She just flat took over. I used to see him regularly, but it got a lot less reular and she always had to green light it.


  • I’ll keep this short and simple about my philosophy on women. My most precious resource is time. Money represents a store of my used up time. We should not forget this, even if we guard our money carefully. I let women know that I need my personal time because I work overtime. Anything I don’t want to do, I won’t do.


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