MGTOW Grows: Marriage Rates Continue Steep Decline


Marriage rates are tumbling among adults under age 35

Marriage rates are in steep decline as men go MGTOW and otherwise avoid selling themselves out for subpar women.

After all, what mind in his right mind would sign up for marriage to an Anglobitch? Especially considering high divorce rates, plus the added threats brought on by a man-hating court system and the danger of losing everything for implied (but not guaranteed) use of a depreciating, moist piece of anatomy.

Nature’s magic credit card, in other words, which today’s women are already over their credit limits on isn’t quite the honey trap it used to be for luring men into The Marriage Trap.

Whether it’s MGTOWs or et cetera, men are avoiding marriage at ever increasing rates. Bloomberg, after seeing new statistics revealing the decline in matrimony recently reported Young Americans Are Killing Marriage. That headline is incorrect. Women and feminism killed marriage. It’s nothing but a legal, financial, and social albatross for the modern man. Here are some stats revealing the steep decline in marriage over the last generation and a half. From Bloomberg:

In 1980, two-thirds of 25- to 34-year-olds were already married. One in eight had already been married and divorced. In 2015, just two in five millennials were married, and only 7% had been divorced.

In other words, marriage rates for young adults have tumbled from 66% to 40% in that time period. There is some good news here: fewer men are being subjected to frivorces now than in the past. Divorce rates have fallen from 12% to 7% in that same time period, which means men are getting smarter about who they are choosing to legally tie themselves to.

Here’s why the blame for the decline of marriage can be laid directly at the feet of Anglobitches. There are some interesting statistics that show the themes we discuss on men’s blogs have validity, and aren’t just polemics designed to attack Anglo women. They deserve every bit of ire we send their way.


Want a marriage that will last? Go to Asia or elsewhere abroad as statistics prove foreign women are superior life partners

Marriages to Foreign Women Last

Many American men are choosing to make investments in foreign brides. The U.S. Census Bureau reveals a foreign bride is a much safer bet than an Anglobitch, as interpreted on City Data:

The divorce rate for American men who marry American women: 57%. But since the figures from several states (including California) are excluded, the true national divorce rate is likely closer to 65%. The divorce rate in California is over 70%. The divorce rate for American men who marry foreign women: approximately 20%.

Put more simply:

You can marry an American woman and have a close to two-thirds (66%) chance of getting divorced, or you can marry a foreign woman and have at least a 75% chance of success.

So, it turns out all us guys in the manosphere aren’t just ranting and raving. Anglobitches really are terrible women.

In addition, as the noose of the corporate-government complex tightens around the necks of those in The Matrix, more young people are working more today than their parents did. This is due, in part, to Anglo women deciding to become common laborers rather than moms and housewives.

But, nobody can say young people aren’t working as hard as their parents did.

There’s also no sign that young people today are lazier than three decades ago. In 1980, 74 percent of baby boomers reported that they had worked in the past week, the Census data show. In 2015, slightly more millennials, 77 percent, said they’d been to work in the past week.

In spite of the fact more Americans are working, they’re obviously taking home less as many are forced to forgo purchasing their own homes or renting their own places.

The chance that Americans in their late twenties and early thirties live with parents or grandparents has more than doubled. In 1980, just 9 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds were doing so. In 2015, 22 percent lived with parents or grandparents.

It should be noted marriage rates were designed to tumble as a wedge was driven between the sexes by 50 years of leftism and Cultural Marxism. This has made women and men compete with each other for scraps off the corporate table rather than cooperating with each other to produce families and legacies beyond those of empty materialistic consumption.

As has been pointed out previously by TNMM, the ultimate irony of feminism is it has made women worthless for men when it comes to just about anything but sex. Feminism literally turned women into nothing but sex objects, since they bring nothing else of value to the table!

And now, men have to go abroad to find a decent spouse.

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  • There is only one problem with getting a foreign bride: you have to move there and never bring her over or allow her to have any contact with a woman from here. The second she comes into contact with this idiology, she will be converted.


  • Greetings to all here, and TNMM, and particularly to Mr. Furioso. I stumbled across your site – and insights – several days ago and have spent quite some time reading through many of your blogs/articles, here. Your writing is engaging, well referenced and entertaining. I’m the author of several books that can be found at the website I provided when making this submission, and have decided that I would post a comment on this particular blog due to the woman pictured, centrally, within it and the general theme of it.

    It’s possible she’s Chinese, but after having been married to a Japanese woman – and having lived and worked in Japan – for a ten year period, I myself have written a book about my experiences that is aimed at, essentially, warning young men of the dangers of blindly entering into marriage with a Japanese woman and a homogeneous culture who are innately adept at dissimulation; a culture who’s education system, ironically “prevents” cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, and particularly the acquisition of the English language; a culture for whom marriage is “arranged” based on a contractual-fiscal-viability (and hypergamy) easily on a par with what we currently see in “Westianity” and the Anglobitch.

    Japanese is a culture of which few foreigners, seemingly, really know anything about. My experience (marriage) was not, apparently an “isolated” failure. I worked, socialised and became fellow-sufferer with many foreigners who tell the same story; the same experience. And it is an experience that is now well documented as can be seen by simply googling the keywords “Japanese marriage”. Additionally, the Japanese have – centuries ago – adopted a superiority delusion to such an extent that – as Carroll Quigley cited ‘… a foreigner [holds] little more status than that of an animal’ (Tragedy and Hope).

    My advice essentially agrees with yours: why on earth would you ever give someone legal leverage over you, by entering into marriage (contract) with them? And, more specifically, leave Westianity to find women whose culture still see value in – and afford respect to – men, and of which you are a better bet (utility value) for the local women than their own men. Women who are beautiful, humorous, attentive and respectful. But, Japanese? Fair warning guys! Take it or leave it and do your own research? P.S. I would cautiously add Chinese and Korean to the alarm system, as well, if I were as qualified to do so. Best bet – in any event – “pump and dump”.

    I hope it is clear that I’m not attempting to “promote” my books nor my website here, but I do, indeed, hope that you Mr. Furioso take a look at my website. I’m certain you would find my research of interest as it covers similar topics regards “The Matrix”. Who did it and why, and how we can escape it. In fact, if you email me, I’ll send you free copies of any books you like.



  • Why would that make any difference?? Women may be different in different societies, but that is because of the society, not the woman. ALL women are born with certain neural pathways that are different then men’s. That will not change regardless of where they were born. Entropy increases- the universe strives toward a increase in disorder- so a Filipino woman -for example- born there with those values will be a good partner as long as she stays in her native country. Bring her to New York lets say – and lets see how long she maintains the values she had in her home country. IN GENERAL the longer she is in anglo-skank land, the sooner she will she start to act like them. Unfortunately entropy is not reversible so a woman born in New York who is a bitch in New York will be a bitch no matter what society she inhabits. You take a woman here or there – no difference, you are taking a huge risk. The risk can be decreased, but it will never go to zero. Your liability to her however will always be at 100%.


  • colddeadhandsdays

    So Asiais the only place you can go to find a potential wife ? Well I don’t want to wife I’ve already been there and done that fuck that shit. The thing about Asia for me as I’m not in the least bit at all attracted to Asian women or black women for that matter. I like my women or Spanish Italian some Latino. Asian women especially do not do it for me. basically if they have the smaller nose and characteristics of Anglo Celtic Scandinavian Germanic women and their skin is a little dark it’s l basically if they have the smaller nose and characteristics of Anglo Celtic Scandinavian Germanic women in their skin is a little dark fine.

    So where do you guys like me to go?


    • Try writing with legible grammer. Perhaps we can then answer your question.


    • For the features you’re describing, southern brazil or further south in South America would work for you. Everyone there is of German and Italian ancestry, with of course the latin influence as well. Gisele Bundchen is from this part of the world, for example.


  • What is this about ‘Anglo’ women? That’s dodging the real issue. ALL societies in which women are allowed to vote eventually succumb to leftism and misandric laws. The Anglo men just happen to be the first ones compassionate enough to have given their women the right to vote. Other societies that have followed suit are on the same road to destruction–merely at an earlier position on the road.

    The problem is women’s nature. Not ‘Anglo’ at all.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Feminism started in Anglo countries, and is simply a modern expression of centuries of latent misandry embedded within the culture. I recommend the Anglobitch blog for a full history.


  • check out Ryan Reeves video on early Christian monasticism.


  • Yesterday I had an Anglobitch in London complaining about me being misogynistic and wondered if I’m straight if i hate women so much. I told her that I don’t hate all women, only Anglo women.


  • American women and American cars have something in common… 😉


  • An entire generation of Anglo women will have to spend their dotage in complete isolation, immersed in the liquid-fire emotional pain they subjected their ex-husbands and children to while they were living La Vida Loca. The rapid thinning of the white population also means their last years will be spent with scornful minorities changing their Depends “when they get around to it”; since the money for proper health care will not exist. Their votes will count for nothing when they’re aged out of the work force and Gov’t nationalizes their registered retirement funds “for their protection”.

    The West is not in a Decline; it is being murdered by slow poison.


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