Misandry On Parade: Men Pushed to Symbolically Geld Themselves at “Masculinity Confession Booth”

Won’t you join us in our crusade against men?

Anglo-America really has a problem with men and masculinity. Some would say it always has. It exhalts women and denigrates men at every turn. Here’s a new twist on the same plot, one that has been plaguing Anglo society since the days of Puritanism. The University of Regina is taking this insanity a step further for cucked Canucks.

Come and share your sins so we can begin to discuss how to identify and change our ways!

So go in, fess up, and let these girls how tell you how to be a better man! But don’t you dare tell these girls how to be better women!

Just what sins are they referring to? Why, acting like a traditional man, of course. Remember the androgyny agenda TNMM has reported on in the past? This story also falls under that banner.

Feminists and other sorts of man-haters are always eager to throw worn-out, boilerplate phrases in our faces. Like telling guys to “Man up!” whenever they want to use masculinity against men. So what do they want? Here’s the official pablum:

At the Man Up Against Violence initiative, we challenge mindsets and behaviors with regard to the social construction of masculinity and its relationship with violence. We work together to bring light to the causes of all types of violence related to gender, race, socio-economic status, ability level and beyond.

Here’s the translation. Women say they want men to act like pussies, but never fuck with or breed with those type of men. Also, they want white men to become pushovers for everyone under the “some animals are more equal than others” banner on the Animal Farm.

Shit tests never end.

Tyler Perkins, cucked football player made this contribution to the leftist propaganda on the Man Up Against Violence web site. He says:

We don’t have to continue to live in a misogynistic society. I think [changing this] falls on everyone and especially men because quite frankly we are the problem right now.

Speak for yourself, Ty. Some of us think Anglobitches are a pretty big problem.

The irony of using a defensive line football player, whose competitive lifestyle is based on “toxic” masculinity and his ability to dominate other players on the field, in a “violent” game of knocking people down, to talk about the need to save the world from male violence is as lost on the University of Vagina… er… Regina.

It’s almost as “ironic” (using a progressive code word) as when Hollywood stars whose lives are based on making pretend in front of a camera with fake guns condemn gun violence.

Or, when Snoop Dogg condemed gun violence on one of his singles a few years back, since his entire career is founded on the image of being an outlaw brandishing weapons.

Some might tell these femcunts we don’t have to continue to live in a society that pedestalizes women who don’t deserve to be pedestalized. And that we don’t have to continue to paint men as scapegoats for all the ills of the world.

One of these days, if this agenda continues, possessing a penis will be a crime. Seriously.

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  • HAHA “cucked canuks”. Very fitting.


  • The MSM has done their best to ignore us. They’ve belittled, ridiculed, jeered, shamed and laughed at us. They’ve done all they could to mischaracterize us. Why? Because we’re right and they don’t want all men catching on. We scare them, which is good. “Shhhhh! Don’t talk about those…those MGTOW. People might wise up!”

    Keeping people stupid is what the MSM, the status quo and governments do. Why? To enrich themselves off the suffering of others. The MGTOW mindset is a grassroots, geopolitical force. No meetings to protest. No leadership to attack. No taxpayer funding. No one’s career to destroy. No chance for the needed social and financial ostracization necessary to force men back into their slave status beneath women. Trillions of wealth and power are on the table.

    When you drive down the road, everything you see, including the road, was built by men. All of women’s rights and privileges over men were handed to them on a silver platter and were bought and paid for the the trafficking, exploitation, usury and disposal of men.

    If women think they’re going to ‘culturally appropriate’ all that men built, I wish them well in their illusions and enchantments. They’ve got another thing coming. Game on.


  • All this talk about sins and confessions really shows the Christian Puritan origins of Anglo feminism.


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