“Who Hurt You?”


“You are the problem!” -Feminist

The boilerplate attacks never stop from women, directed against men who don’t subscribe to popular myths and verbal palliatives intended to keep males in a subservient role in Anglo society. Here’s a predictable ad hominem that bubbles up from the feminist cesspool once in a while.

What woman hurt you so badly to be so jaded? It is so sad!!!!!

What does she really mean?

This is one of my favorite attacks because it reveals the biases of Puritanical Anglo culture. Firstly, the attack implies there’s something wrong with the author for calling women out on their sins and rationally analyzing female behavior from a male perspective. (I enjoy using one of the feminists’ favorite terms – sin – back against them, heh.) A comment like this also implies there’s nothing wrong with the society he is criticizing, that women set the norms in society and any man that doesn’t like their behavior is defective.

Second, the comment assumes the author’s entire life is focused on pining for “the one that got away” (as if any woman is worth eating your heart out over, again, a Puritanical response based on the assumption women are goddesses and men are utility objects) and not rejecting the entire, rotten edifice of pussy-pedestalizing Anglo society. The fact the author has slept with well over one hundred women since figuring out what makes them tick would never occur to someone this obtuse.

And of course, the “It’s sad!” pablum is the parroted response of sheepish followers intended to both marginalize the person they’re attacking, offer false empathy, and ridicule at the same time.

Now you know what feminists are really thinking and what they mean when they serve up this vapid, verbal shit test. It really is one of the most common attacks. The best response is to laugh in their face and move on.

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  • Tis fear disguised as pity. Usually get this attack whenever I post in the MSM. My usual reply is something like, “I’m not dumb enough to give a woman or the state that kind of power over my life.” It’s true. I’m not. Well, I used to be, but I’m not now. Then the shaming really starts. One must learn to have fun with the shaming. Reply in a completely unexpected way.

    There was a time in my life, like most men, when I was a true believer in male disposability and cultural misandry. Why? Because I didn’t know what they were – nor was I meant to. I was ignorant and naive – and I was meant to remain that way for life. I bought into the illusions and enchantments. It’s taboo to discuss otherwise and goes against the hyper-gynocentric feminist and state propaganda, so the definitions and clarifications stay underground – and are kept that way to the extent possible by women and the state.

    This propaganda taught me that my life was disposable, that men were all evil and that all women were saints. It’s sociopathic. It’s criminal. Massive distortions of history were involved. It’s both mass physical and psychological abuse by women and the state against all men. It worked for a long time, too. How? Movies, books, TV shows, music – all constantly bombarding men with blue-pill propaganda. Why? Women and the state thrive and advance off the hatred and disposal of men for women’s and the state’s advancement. Tis why we have the male-only draft, affirmative action, affirmative consent, the majority of state and federal spending on health, education and welfare going to women, women getting a fraction of sentencing for equal crimes, the vast majority of ‘maintenance’, asset division and child support (alimony++) payments flowing from men to women, men paying extra for insurance from which women primarily benefit – and soon – paid period leave and mandatory paid maternity leave – the cost of which will be shouldered, like all the others, primarily by men. Most don’t realize that men have been paying a very steep man tax for several decades now and that the tax has been constantly rising, right in plain sight. Women as a whole are net tax losses, yet they live the longest and gain the most from social security, which is primarily funded by men. Wage gap? Really? 1 in 4? Google ‘cohabitation assets’ and keep an eye on the law or your girlfriend will soon own half your stuff. Forced wealth transfer from men to women and the state through cohabitation is all the rage in Canada, Europe, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and is well underway in the US as well. Ya gotta love lawyers – they’re inventing wealth transfer schemes from you to themselves, the state and women as you read. Keeps ’em employed and rich.

    It’s all one gigantic forced wealth and power transfer scam, but one has to have eyes wide open to see it. It’s so big, most see it as normal, which is the whole point. It’s ‘cultural appropriation’ on a scale so large it’s too big for most to even recognize. It’s everywhere and all about you. All upon the earth was built by men – and women and the state want it all for themselves. Everything I’d been taught was one gigantic lie to forward a hyper-gynocentric state and federal welfare agenda, but the truth has set us free, provided us with peace of mind and has given us a chance to solidify our sovereignty before running out of time. The prison gates have been forced open and the prisoners are rapidly fleeing their jailers. For this reason, MGTOW will be hated, derided, shamed, ridiculed and become a target of social, legal and financial ostracization. Why? To women and the state, male disposability and cultural misandry are entitlements and the one and only, true ‘third rail’. For this reason, countless millions of men’s lives will be used and disposed of in the future – and only a precious few will even remotely be aware as to why and for whom.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    “It all started with my mother, but , now, I see women for what they are.”
    Would that work?


  • If you date or fvck a woman above your station, never, EVER marry it. You will be forever thought of as the guy who got lucky, who is out of his league. The person to whom the woman has done a favor. I realized this and it seems so obviously true as to be an axiom. The woman who marries below her station will forever think less of that man, whether she admits it or not.

    In other words, never think a woman is above you. NEVER! They are, all of them, below you. If you can’t think that way then forget it. You will be well and truly fvcked if you LTR them.

    Take it from a man who has been married three decades to a woman above his station.


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