“Luv Guv” Scandal Another Chapter in Anglo American Sexual Repression

Alabama Governor

Betas can’t act like Alphas in a society that hates men

Mr. Burns…er Robert Bentley just resigned as governor of Alabama and could face jail time. Why? Officially, it’s because he used state resources to hide his side chick. One might argue the nucleus of the scandal is because he had a side chick to begin with. Especially in a state where having sex (gasp!) is the third rail of “acceptable” discourse and behavior.

Hell, Alabama is so sexually repressed it outlaws dildos and other sex toys. It’s an offense punishable by jail time! Beyond the borders of America’s backwoods Yellowhammer State, in a country where sex has been deeply repressed for hundreds of years, one that is still plagued by latent Puritanism, add this to the long list of sex scandals that brought down politicians.

So how did someone as homely looking as Bentley get brought down by extramarital dalliances? Here’s the long and short of this latest obsession of the sex-crazed Anglo media.

On March 22, 2016, Bentley fired Alabama Law Enforcement Agency secretary Spencer Collier, citing misuse of state funds under Collier. An independent state audit found no issues with the agency.

Mistake number one. Firing a law enforcement officer for political reasons in this day and age, when a jury could indict a ham sandwich there are so many laws on the books in Police State USA.

Following his firing, Collier alleged that Bentley had engaged in an extramarital affair with his senior political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Collier stated in a press conference the following day that he had seen sexually-charged texts between Bentley and Mason and heard audio recordings of conversations between the two.

So, the Luv Guv was schtupping a subordinate behind his wife’s back. (Incidentally, Anglo men who aren’t getting any from frigid Anglo wives often resort to homosexuality in such a sexually starved society. Maybe he just needed to release some tension, and had someone willing to spread eagle for him. So…why not?)

Here’s the tepid conversation that led to the scandal, snoothed by intrepid reporters playing their usual “holier than thou” game.

On March 23, AL.com released an audio recording purportedly created by the Bentley family in order to determine whether Gov. Bentley was engaged in an inappropriate relationship. In the recording, Bentley stated to a woman he called “Rebekah” that he “worried about loving you so much” and that “when I stand behind you, and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts… and just pull you real close. I love that, too.”

The governor was a tit man it seems. Personally, I’m an ass man. But, I digress.

That convo and a few simple sexts were enough to seal his fate in a society that is besieged by its shame for all things sexual, and its innate misandry directed towards men since they’re the initiators of all things sexual. So goes the narrative, anyway.

What a “fucked” up place to live, if you’ll pardon the pun. Making matters worse, Bentley was the governor of a small, poor state in the Bible Belt which has its own twist on sexual repression – Baptist style. What this incident boiled down to was another case of gotcha politics in a society obsessed with style over substance and totally taken aback by the fact people like to fuck.

Why does anybody give a damn if he was banging some chick on the side if he was doing a decent job as governor? Here’s a hypothesis. It’s because Mr. Bentley committed the ultimate crime: looking and playing the part of a Beta male while having the power and status of an Alpha male. That’s a cardinal sin in a society that is totally weirded out when it comes to all things heterosexual.

The irony is Bentley would never have had a side chick if he wasn’t the governor or a wealthy dermatologist (his previous career). Women want money, status, and power and they want other women’s successful men. He checked off all those bullet points.

Women want to fuck a winner, no matter what he looks like. Never mind his birdlike countenance. Women will lay down for any man if he’s got enough cash, or they feel they can glean some sort of social status from the dalliance. “Girls, I been banging the governor. Keep it on the DL, now.”

Chalk another one up under “pointless sex scandal.”

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  • While the mayor of Seattle has been accused of kidnapping and homosexual pedophilia and the media is letting that slide for the most part.


  • We’re still first at the alphabet .. as far as the other items ..

    The citizens of Alabama (that I know .. and am one myself) .. didn’t care about the action on the side .. it was his wife .. other married women and the other party that made ‘hey’ about it.

    Frankly .. I only cared he reied to hide it .. a divorce is cheaper than jail time.

    As a side note .. he is one ugly goober .. just shows how women don’t care about anything other than status & wealth.


  • So right about puritanism in the United States. That, and the religious influence in general, has a real crippling effect on otherwise good men.


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