The End of Child Support Annuities? North Dakota Shared Parenting Bill Passes Senate


North Dakota has been debating whether or not to treat men as equal parents rather than making them legally subordinate to women

Tiny North Dakota (population wise, anyway) almost made a big move when it comes to ending the 18-year child support annuities Anglo women currently enjoy. House Bill 1392, the “shared parenting bill” just passed the North Dakota Senate. That’s the good news. The bad news is the bill was revised and doesn’t really do anything of importance.

Don’t get your hopes up yet for real reform. Inforum reports:

Advocates for the shared parenting bill feel the Senate gutted the legislation this week, while the opposing parties are not entirely satisfied either.

Indeed, men are always fighting an uphill legal battle when it comes to battling the self-proclaimed eternal victims, women. It’s hard to beat the master of victim card playing in a society that pedestalizes females from birth. Even when men are saddled with severe legal and financial disadvantages in a nation that’s supposed to worship “equality” under the law. Arnold Fleck, attorney and advocate for the bill explains how courts currently walk all over men when they award child custody to women and award financial slavery to men:

What social scientists tell us is that shared parenting should be in the vast majority, we’re talking 90-plus percent of the cases, and we’re not even close to that.

The exact opposite occurs, as women are awarded custody 84% of the time. Men also pay the lion’s share of child support payments, and fall behind on those payments less often than women. That’s something you won’t hear from the lamestream media, who love to sound the “deadbeat dad” trumpet whenever possible.

Fleck went on to tell us the government has once again failed North Dakotans in that the bill received a tepid “do-pass” recommendation from the judiciary committee but it fails to bring true reform.

I am not quite sure that the language that came out of the Senate is going to create an atmosphere that isn’t a little bit more confusing for the courts and parents versus what I had suggested.

In other words, lawmakers want to act like they’re doing something but they’re really not doing anything as the bill is bogged down in what is essentially a legal swamp. The real takeaway is attorneys who profit from breaking up families and enslaving men don’t want their livelihoods messed up, and they have a lot of influence in state capitols.

It’s just a nasty game of politics, and apparently money and political careers are put above the needs of our children. That’s the way I’m seeing it. It’s just really sad, really sad. The Legislature just keeps failing us in a big way here.

Indeed, assailing The Predatory Female is tricky politically. The good news is at least the issue is coming up for a vote, even if sackless lawmakers continue to uphold the misandrist status quo. Fleck continues:

From what we’re hearing, the public is becoming more and more on our side, so we’ll just take it to the public again.

Attention Anglobitches: The pendulum is preparing to swing away from feminism.

But, it may be a generation or more before we see true reform, in what remains of the rapidly swirling the toilet bowl West after that time. Meantime, dads need to keep writing those checks to totally unaccountable women.

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  • Great article, you are doing an amazing job with this site. I think people are starting to wake up to the liberal corruption that is going on. I am sure you have already seen the documentary names Divorce Corp. if not it would be right up your alley. Child support is modern day slavery.

    The States getting billions of matching dollars from the Fed, which is supposed to be for tracking down deadbeat dads is now used for any father who gets a divorce is pure corruption.


  • It’s coming .. as soon as women would be on the hook more than men.


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