Free Community College Further Devalues College Degrees


If you want to become a “proud Walmart associate” get an Associate’s Degree

Want an Associate’s Degree so you can become a Walmart associate or secure some other low-paying corporate job where you’re treated as an expendable line item on the quarterly profit and loss statement?

One can hear the figurative whip cracking now. Get back to work! Earn that $7.25 an hour!

Move to Tennessee, whose politicians are playing games with public sentiment. They’re now offering two free years of college education at little “Harvards by the cow pasture” or community colleges, but devaluing and debasing college degrees at the same time by doing so. They passed Tennessee Promise a couple of years ago and Tennessee Reconnect just passed this week. Both programs are designed to make government officials look good, but as always their true aims are more nefarious.

Here’s the reality.

Imagine a deal struck in a smoke-filled back room between evil CEOs and their legislative prostitutes. “You know what, Senator Hikeskirt Up, I’m really sick of paying people extra because they have a degree. Why don’t we just give everybody a degree so I can start paying everyone poorly, not just the uneducated?”

“Great idea! We’ll get it passed!”

As reported by a Fox affiliate, the type of lamestream media outlet whose “journalists” always put a positive spin on college:

Tennessee Promise was initiated to give all high school seniors access to two years free of community college and technical education. But it only applied to those who graduated high school after 2015. When Tennessee Reconnect goes into effect in the fall of 2018, everyone who graduated before 2015 can have those benefits as well.

My, oh my.

This, even though an Associate’s Degree is basically toilet paper in the modern economy, and community college is a pointless repetition of high school for those going on to turn themselves into debt slaves for a four year degree. It’s never highlighted that 40% of college grads already can’t find a decent enough job to pay their non-bankruptable student loan debt back. There are already too many college degrees out there. The government’s solution? Get even more of them on the market!

Every time government tries to help it makes things worse. Somebody needs to teach supply and demand economics to legislators. Here’s how it works. When you make degree mills ubiquitous in society and lower the standards so everyone passes, suddenly a rubber stamp means nothing beyond being a feel-good palliative. Employers scoff at them. A degree is economically worthless because the workers who have one are as common as grains of sand on the beach.

I even had an employer bluntly tell everyone in a staff meeting when I was a TV star: “We don’t care that you all have college degrees. Everybody has a degree these days. You are all replaceable.” In other words, bend over the barrel, and if you’re lucky we’ll use a little lube.

Lawmakers know supply and demand. Make no mistake about that. They just don’t care about you. They never have, and they never will. Government servants of corporate capital are just doing what their masters tell them to do. We The People have not been their masters for at least a century, going by some historical accounts which we’ll discuss at a future date.

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  • The World Is Yours

    College is still the smart move for the real money. By the data, almost every single person in high paying jobs ($150K+) has obtained a college degree. Oh, but Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc!! Outliers. And even those high profile entrepreneurs who dropped out of college got accepted to top institutions first. If you’re fine making around $50K and bragging about being a nomad, have at it. What will you do if you get a major health problem? Want to trade 6 months of your year for the rest of of your life being in America driving trucks and dealing with blue collar rednecks just to be able to have 6 months of freedom? Are you going to work into your 80s? What skill could become a business that generates *real* income? This mindset on here is one place where you’ll get disagreement from me.
    Wall Street Playboys have a much better strategy (top grades, top college, good job in either wall st, silicon valley or high end sales, followed by saving money and starting a side gig then making it your main gig when you have the means to do so, by 35-40 you’ll be worth $1mm+ liquid and have the *skills* to start a business). Most people who don’t go to college will never get a good job that teaches them the skills to start their own company. Those who get rich and start businesses without ever going to college are simply the 0.1%. Don’t bet on being an outlier.


    • The problem with this mentality is that it doesn’t make sense in today’s world. College is just a road to debt slavery for most people unless you are willing to completely sell your soul and hop into the world of finance. Retirement is a myth for most Americans because most of the physical capital is concentrated in a few hands. The American healthcare system also sucks and is not affordable for most people. Plus, the Puritan work ethic and empty consumerist culture of America will make most Americans sick regardless.

      Rel has pointed this fact out before, but a man really only needs the basics covered when it comes to material things. Of course, having more is nice but not necessary. Living life according to your intrinsic values is much better than working a soulless job for six figures.


      • The World Is Yours

        Well I suppose it all comes down to- whether you want to be wealthy or not. America is a complete consumer machine fueled by its corporatocracy. The path I outlined is A1 for anyone looking to become wealthy. If you value travel, nomadic freedom and slaying non-western pussy best, then the above is not necessarily the best path.
        A good option for those who value the non western nomadic freedom would be to build a top resume until 27-32yrs old then use that finance knowledge to become a freelance consultant to startups and emerging enterprises while living abroad, enjoying fewer hours and having a happier social and sex life abroad. It could realistically make 50-100K USD as a freelancer.
        But to reiterate, this all depends on whether you want to be rich or be a nomad. Either path is okay, however it seems the latter is not viable long term as you don’t see these guys in their 60s+ making 30-40k and living out of a $600/mo apartment, driving a motorbike and fucking non western women(by that age you won’t be fucking them anymore). It’s not feasible long term unless some real income can be generated somewhere along the line.
        I am preaching to the choir on here however as there will be opposition to this viewpoint of mine. This is the one place where I disagree with Rel. Not everyone is meant to be a nomad.


    • I have to go with Rel on this one.

      Your comment (The World is Yours) assumes we all care about being rich.

      I worked with those big banks and investment firms and yes those folks are smart, but it’s not a life. They are one-dimensional, which is ironic considering how hard they worked to achieve those positions.

      Goldman Sachs built a new headquarters a few years ago in Manhattan. I’ve been in that building for board meetings (worked at a company that was partially owned by Goldman) and the designers thought of every human need. Eateries, work out facilities, etc. Why? So they can keep smart men and women locked up slaving away 70 hours each week. They’re not shy about that purpose either.

      If you subscribe to minimalism and understand what makes a man happy then you don’t need it.


      • It can be a vicious cycle. You graduate in top 1% at a top university for what? One option – To live the easy life working an easy pace, taking advantage of your 1% status to get the high paying job in a company in a reasonably priced town. OR To go compete with other 1%ers in New York City, where rent is 5x what it is in rural America, and the boom / bust cycle and bonus culture of Wall Street means you could still have a miserable life for years and years before you pay off debts and build savings to withstand any downturn. After a while, you wonder if working your ass off with a bunch of other smart, back-stabbing (and stressed) assholes is worth it for the privilege of living in NYC.


      • The World Is Yours

        You’re right on with that. They do that to keep you near the bank so you work more.

        That being said, I have to say not everyone is cut out to be a nomad, same as not everyone a high stress financier. My point is that Rel doesn’t have long term sustainability with this lifestyle unless he can generate a higher income. Is he going to still be making less than ~50K for the rest of his days? Is so, if he gets a major health issue its over financially. What about once he’s 60? Are you going to be a 60 year old nomad still hoping a Colombiana will want to suck your cock? It’s not a long term strategy for a comfortable life. Making real money then becoming location independent as “your own man” is great though. So I guess it comes down to money now, not lifestyle. Even as a minimalist(money goes out fast even as a minimalist when traveling a lot) it is tough.


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    PhD is the new Bachelor’s


  • While I agree with the general sentiment of this post I think you are a little of the mark regarding community colleges. Setting aside the Tennessee plans for a moment community college still represents an excellent value in education for the average person.

    An associate of arts is basically worthless except as a cheap way to earn credits for transfer, typically into a four year liberal arts program (which is also largely worthless). An associate of science is better, intended to transfer into a stem field, but of limited value by itself.

    The real usefulness of community college is in pursuing a one year certificate, or a two year Associates of applied science in a specialized vocational or technical field. A certificate in welding or as a diesel mechanic will lead to a better job than working at Walmart. There are a variety of two year degree programs in medical or computer related fields. Technicians and technologists of various types. You won’t get rich but it’s much better than minimum wage. Perform due diligence, choose carefully, and emphasize obtaining a marketable skill over getting a credential.

    I dropped out of traditional college after two years. I witnessed too many friends and family members with “generic BA” unemployed or underemployed. Going to back to community college to learn something useful was the best thing I ever did.


  • Backdoor to Hollywood

    “Worthless” by Aaron Clarey is an excellent book on the subject!


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