The Freak Show That is Online Dating in America

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Don’t even message me unless you are 6’4″ and make six figures!

Entitlement runs deep in Anglo America.

Install a couple of dating apps on your phone and take a look at the dating pool. Half the women on an app like POF or Badoo are obese. Most (including the fatties) make up stupid rules and throw out hoops for thirsty Betas to jump through. Almost all of them have an attitude, as if they possess something truly remarkable to dangle over men’s heads: a vagina. Wow!

Then, peruse the profiles. Get ready for an overdose of pablum like this as women boldly state what they demand from you inferior males.

  • No time for BS.
  • Don’t message me looking for sex.
  • Here are my rules.
  • I don’t like most guys, but…
  • I love to laugh. (Who doesn’t?)

Contrast this with the dating scene in virtually any other country. Women simply don’t act this way. They have class and charm, even if we all know in the back of our minds it’s only because that behavior is foisted upon them by their culture.

Culture, or lack thereof, what’s to blame for the abysmal dating scene in Anglo world. We’ve written about rampant Puritanism morphing into feminism and other social pathologies in modern times. Look up my article detailing that for the downlow of how that culture screwed men.

Since the social fabric of the nation has been atomized by everything from feminism to wage slavery and a work obsession that consumes virtually every moment of life, more people than ever are using dating apps. One reporter writes:

15% of Americans have used online dating websites or mobile applications, according to Pew Research Center. Usage by college students, primarily ages 18 to 24, has tripled in the past three years, and usage by Americans ages 55 to 64 has doubled.

That figure of 15% seems like a low estimate. People have no other way to meet each other in a culture that does nothing but mindlessly work, eat out, and consume material items. There’s no dancing at night as there is in the innumerable discotecas in Latin America. There’s the threat of DUI if one goes out to a bar and drinks. Women, quite frankly, act like total bitches in Anglo America. So, they’re unapproachable for most men at the supermarket or elsewhere. (That’s just not the case with women everywhere else I travel.)

But, let’s say you do get a date from one of the dating apps. It’s on to the dinnerview, where your catch of the day (more like your catfish) puts you through more rigorous testing. The Maverick Traveler touches on a theme that is quite common in this declining culture: The Competitive Conversation. Or what he calls The Culture of Endless Discussion and Debate.

Can you imagine sitting across the table at a bar from a sexy Brazilian or Colombian or Russian girl and having a rather serious and formal conversation about some sexual topic? Of course not. You’re a man. She’s a woman. It’s been established that you both like each other. You’re not on some public talk show on primetime TV. So, why keep it politically correct and continue discussing the pros and cons of some mundane topic?

Ha. That’s very true. I’ve never had to do a dinnerview with a foreign girl, or act like we are discussing matters on Oprah in Latin America or Asia. The entire premise of dating to relax and enjoy one another’s company has been lost in America. Much like the competitive conversation, the object has become not talking to enjoy the discussion, but to see who can dominate the other person.

Dating is much the same way. It’s about who can “win” the relationship.

When a man enters the world of online dating, he can expect even the most homely chicks to throw an outrageous list of demands at him and offer virtually nothing in return. Why do they act like this? My personal experience has convinced me its because there are hordes of supplicating men out there willing to do all those things for female entertainment. They just expect men to be weak and yield to their demands.

I met a stripper not long ago who told me of a Beta who was PAYING FOR HER $10,000 SURGERY just because she is fucking the guy. Holy hell. We are in a lot of trouble with these thirsty, thirsty Betas. I got her number that night and tapped for free what he’s paying for. LOLOLOLOL.

So, I told you all that to tell you this. Online dating is terrible in America. But if a man comports himself with enough class yet assholery and knows how to show off “interesting” photos, he will get some action online. I’ve had women with the laundry lists of demands sending me sexy pics after only a few minutes of conversation.

But, every time I’m home, I’m reminded of why I wanted to leave so bad every time I swipe left or right. This isn’t a culture anymore. I don’t know what it is other than a freak show.

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  • Fuck dating in general. The ho’s are not worth the time nor effort.


  • Ok so Relampago, now what should we (USA men) honestly do if online dating is out of the question? I can’t stand loud obnoxious nightclubs/bars so I feel there’s not really any other option for me…(and remaining involuntarily celebate doesn’t seem like a fun viable option either)


  • I haven’t touched online dating since over 10-15 yrs. Back then I banged one off AOL haha. What an old fart I am. I actually did check out POF a few months back. My god what a wasteland! The demands are out of control and just like you’ve touched on. The reason is the thirsty chumps. There’s just hordes and hordes of em who would sell their mother for a whiff of some road worn skank’s panties.

    I’ve been saying for awhile now that there are too many useless eaters. Western civilization has been the reason these useless eaters exist and live now. Without it nature’s cruel hands would’ve taken them long ago. This imbalance will likely be violently remedied at some point by nature itself.


  • Unfortunately it is not just the Anglo world anymore. It’s all over the globe now.

    And, having in mind all the red pill manosphere truths, there is one stronger principle at work here: simple supply & demand. On all the dating sites, there is at least ten times more men than women. At least. 10 agents competing for one resource. And so the value of the resource increases.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Frustrations with online dating is what brought me to this corner of the internet. A the time, there was a number getting thrown around. Ninety percent of men drop out of it after three months. For a good many of them, it is the last stop.


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