The Cuckservative Glorification of Corporatism and Oligarchy


Adam Smith would be mortified at how corporations own every important avenue of the economy

Cuckservatives glorify corporatism with almost as much cuckolded deference as they do the womyns who enslave and mock them. Saiga12boy writes The New Modern Man:

I hate the conservative glorification of capitalism. Which is such a key part of the left-right dichotemy. Conservatives are supposed to get on the bandwagon of supporting the ultra-rich, “They’re just good hard-working Americans!” while they’re outsourcing our jobs, shipping in illegals to steal our jobs here, promoting women in the workplace to destroy our families, corrupting our food with sugar and GMOs, and many other evil things they do.

He’s absolutely right, and he means corporatism which cuckservatives mislabel capitalism. The current system is not free market capitalism at all, and the conservatives who defend it as such are totally clueless. The current economic system is a total corruption of the free market ideal. Once corporations were created and given the same status as living, breathing people under law, and monopolies became the norm, with the tentacles of each extending into and dominating virtually every important avenue of the economy, it was over for the little guy.

Suddenly, people providing for their families by mixing their labor with the product they produce got replaced by infinitely rich bastards dominating labor through the sheer force of infinitely deep pockets. They got so powerful they took the government out of the hands of We The People.

If corporations were people, they’d be utter sociopaths as they only thing the head of the beast (a CEO) thinks of is how to maximize profit for idle shareholders. This means lowering wages of workers, and obliterating the competition through everything from takeovers to bribing government officials to create barriers to entry into the market.

Maximizing profit for men on the board of directors who do nothing except demand more for them and less for everyone else means ruthlessly pursuing perpetual, infinite growth (Western civilization’s founding ideal according to Spengler) which eventually metastasizes into an economic cancer. The beast ultimately kills itself because it can’t continuously cut wages for workers, and expect them to produce more each year (ignoring the fact workers are human beings with limits and not profit producing machines) and yet at the same time expect them to lavish money on luxury and spend more purchasing its products.

Saiga12boy continues, with an apt analysis of how the corporate system (which is diametrically opposed to true, free market capitalism) is actually morphing into a Communist system as heads of corporations and government officials are in bed with each other and play a game of musical chairs as they rotate into and out of the public and private sectors:

We’re supposed to be against the evil commies and be glad we won the Civil War when In reality our rich overlords decided that we should accept all the social policies of Communism and instead of using it in an attempt to benefit the people as a whole, should be used to make them richer than they were before.

Preach on.

Conservatives need to stop kissing wealthy ass.

Indeed, the current American socioeconomic system of oligarchy closely resembles Communism in that yes, technically there is “private” ownership, but the means of production are in the hands of so few individuals and there is such collusion with the government what we actually have is Communism by any other name.

Rather than the State owning the means of production outright, the people who own the politicians also own the means of production. Here at TNMM, we call it the corporate-government complex.

If you want a level economic playing field, corporations (monopolies by any other name) must go. Cuckservatives won’t like that one bit.

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  • Personally, I do not think a true free market has ever existed in recorded human history. Maybe one existed back in our hunter-gatherer days. A free market now is just a void waiting to be filled by the richest guy. In the end, an economy can be controlled by most of the people or by the 0.0000001%. The ideal of a free market is impossible to turn into reality.


  • Admittedly, in such a short article it is difficult to hit on every point that’s relative, but; the top level corporations on the planet to which every other corporation is beholding are the Vatican and the Crown Corporation of London. Who do we really work for as slaves our whole life long?


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    Most people who quote Adam Smith have never read any of his books (wait, we wrote multiple?). On page 15 or so of WoN he says the only difference between the Duke’s son and the streetsweeper’s son is early training. The elite are not our “betters”. Also, “invisible hand” is barely mentioned once, about two-thirds into the book. And in Theory of Moral Sentiments he says to consume your time accumulating capital will buy you a bad life, but it is upon these people’s shoulders that society advances. Cuckservatives rarely understand the ideas they espouse. If they did, they wouldn’t be cucks.


  • Excellent article! Men who associate with conservative politics don’t often think for themselves on an issue-by-issue basis. They vote down party lines. Their unflinching support for right-wing candidates gives corporations (the prime constituency of such politicians) immense power. These men cuck themselves without a second thought.

    A lot of conservative men would cuck themselves as follows: Selling off their birthright in public lands (National Forests), accepting poor environmental controls resulting in contaminated water, deregulating businesses allowing more environmental estrogens into our diets, objecting to universal health care (which is standard the world over). Because “small government.”


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