Keep Calm and Go Ghost


An update from the road, just outside The Windy City

Here’s an update from the road as I sit outside Chicago with a load of plastic consumer garbage destined for a Walmart distribution center.

MGTOW Ghosting has become a common topic of discussion among that community, and I must say I realize it has a certain appeal. After spending a full year in the Caribbean, then the month of March in Asia, I feel as if I’ve been dropped into a bucket of ice water coming back to the States. The women are a fucking freak show! People don’t even know how to say hello to each other! Everyone walks around in a daze! Nobody has time to do anything except work!

And to think, I once accepted this as the norm!

Even though I can pull ass at strip clubs or game my way into some chick’s love box (if I want to put time and energy into it) through online dating, I really have no desire to do anything except work my ass off, save every dime, and get the fuck out of this insane asylum as quickly as possible.

For example, I was going to go out last night and drink some beers while watching some naked ass and tits jiggling around. But, an Uber was going to cost me a total of $60 just for the roundtrip from the truck stop to the closest strip club a mere 15 minutes away. A piece of ass in many countries will run you the equivalent of $30, where prostitution is legal.

And that was just for the trip.

I’d have to spend the entire night selecting then gaming then putting up with some stripper who would have a personality about as interesting as a bologna sandwich.

Maybe pussy just doesn’t have quite the appeal it once did after sleeping with nearly 150 women and enjoying the female equivalent of filet mignon abroad. Maybe my time abroad has spoiled me. But when I’m driving my truck coast to coast, all I can do is look around in horror as to what this culture has become and what it represents. Vain, empty materialism everywhere and abandoned humanity in service of worthless garbage.

Let me just collect my check and leave again. Fuck participating in this freak show beyond cashing in on it. It’s a good thing I’m working 70 hours a week. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to request time off on the Mexico border. I need to get out of Anglo World for a few days to salvage my sanity.

Meantime, I’ll be ghosting along with you MGTOWs.

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  • Are you driving a truck for a while to make money? I noticed you live in the Dominican Republic when not in the states? Is that a good, cheap place for one to go to when one has some cash in his pocket?


  • Yeah, this can happen after a trip abroad. I once met a man who lived minimalistically, renting an apartment in a horrible neighborhood, taking the bus everywhere, etc. He was a finish carpenter and he would take four months off every four months. This was back in the economically normal days. But during his four months Stateside, he’d live monastically: work 80 hours a week, spend as little money as humanly possible, and go nowhere. His one luxury, cigarettes, were smoked three a day on a schedule. Then he’d be all saved up for a four month stay in a different foreign country each time. I mean he’d practically become a local, shunning the tourist lifestyle and all. Italy, Greece, Malta, Morocco, China, Peru, Iceland, you name it. Don’t know where he is now, but he seemed rather content.


  • Relampogo you are destroying my motivation to do much of anything.


  • I had to go downtown for business today. Denver area. Ran into you-go-grrrrls, a fattie who scowled when I said hello, old post-menopausal women cackling amongst themselves, and one particularly manly woman who whistled nonstop.

    Dystopian nightmare. Gods . . .


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