In A Broken America, Only The Dishonorable Are Rewarded


When a man supports the system but gets fucked by it rather than rewarded, he either Goes Galt or turns into Walter White

John Edwards, the disgraced, slack-jawed lawyer turned Senator was fond of telling his populist “Two Americas” story before his life imploded with – you guessed it – another classically Anglo-American sex scandal. Squeamish about all things sex as this overly repressed culture is (when people actually have sex rather than looking at it on a screen or advertisement), and as worshipful as it is of women, how many men have we seen brought down in the last generation by sex scandals? That’s a story in and of itself, but we’ll discuss that another time.

Edwards’ story did have some merit to it:

During the campaign, I spoke often of the two Americas: the America of the privileged and the wealthy, and the America of those who lived from paycheck to paycheck. I spoke of the difference in the schools, the difference in the loan rates, the difference in opportunity.

It needs to be revised, however.

Let’s tell a tale of two Americas. A story that is never told in the lamestream media and by lying politicians. The story of what happens to a man who makes a solid effort to pull himself up by the bootstraps and earn himself a slot in the middle class, and the story of a guy who mooches or government dibsmedat programs, fucks hoes and enjoys recreational drugs. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you can pay for it yourself!)


Metallica said it best: New blood joins this earth, and quickly he’s subdued, through constant pained disgrace, the young boy learns their rules

Beta Provider Guy

Meet Contestant #1. He was instilled with a solid work ethic from youth. He’s worked since he was old enough to be of use to anyone, and started “official” employment at age 16. All while earning top grades in school and prepping himself for college. Totally ignored by women in his teens, he is assured that if he “does the right thing” there will be a reward waiting for him at the end of his long road.

He endures liberalism in the public education system and suppresses all his natural male instincts to fit into the female-favoring education environment. He spends the best years of his life studying rather than partying, staying out of trouble rather than enjoying the rowdy lives boys want to live, and graduates college 4 years later with a rubber stamp and an average of $30,000 in debt. Not to worry, with his newfound credentials, he’ll be able to pay off his debt and earn his place in the middle class.

Well, not so fast. The industrious, give 100% go-getter WILL BE punished with today’s Socialist schemes.

The more he earns, the less he gets to keep thanks to a progressive income tax scheme. Even with his median $43,000 a year salary, he finds himself nothing more than an indebted rat in a wheel, spinning as fast as he can only to watch money come in and money go out each pay period. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your student loan guarantor. It’s time to start making $300 a month student loan payments. He soon discovers he is trapped by rather than freed by his education and J-O-B.

He still can’t get laid without making Herculean efforts since women find him BORING because he works 70 hours a week and has no free time on the side to do anything except sleep. Bitches don’t realize Betas are boring because they have to be to keep the world they enjoy functioning.

It doesn’t take too many years before he has a Walter White moment, realizing the system he faithfully supported has fucked him, and at the same time turned him into a villain because of his “success” in the economy. His job is soon off-shored to India and he finds himself filing bankruptcy.


Who’s smarter? The hard-working Beta who gets taken advantage of by the system, or the layabout who takes advantage of the system

Total Loser Guy

Meet Contestant #2. Total loser guy does whatever the fuck he wants from boyhood through adolescence into adulthood. Of course, women find this irresistible. Total loser guy spends his teens in and out of trouble with the law. He can’t keep women off him because every girl loves a bad boy. He knocks one up. Then another. Then another.

He can’t pay his child support, though. That’s okay, the tax money from the try-hard dupe will cover his kids’ expenses. And his exes don’t pursue him for back child support in the court system because he doesn’t have any money for them to take. He’s in and out of different jobs until he “gets injured” on the job, sues, and then fakes a disability and goes on Social Security Disability.

Even though he does nothing but lay around and smoke weed, he doesn’t go without women because they come offer and offer themselves to him to get into some of his stash. He scams tax-free money on the side selling dope, paying no taxes on what he earns.

This guy gets taken care of for life, because he’s “disabled.” It’s not his fault the system failed him.


This is why we can’t have nice things

More than Hyperbole

This is exactly how our government works in America. People who are industrious, give 110% go-getters are punished for their industriousness while those who contribute nothing to society are rewarded with free money. Well, as we all know, nothing is truly free as the government steals tax dollars from the contributors to society and “redistributes” it to those who are “less fortunate.”

This story might sound like a farce but it’s about half autobiographical. I’ve personally lived and seen much of what is written here.

It goes without saying women also avail themselves of the industriousness of Contestant #1 as most government spending benefits women. This system is unsupportable, and an abomination on free men. Politicians do not care that the oblivious Beta Provider Guy is being screwed over by their system, because his tax money is how they maintain their power. As long as they can buy Total Loser Guy’s vote, and Beta Provider Guy stays quiet, politicians and other miscreants can continue to ride the gravy train.

That is, until a man gets fed up and decides to work only to support himself and his interests, to starve the beast of the lifeblood it needs – his industriousness and tax dollars. Here’s a revelation: It’s doesn’t take much for a man to live on. Through the evangel of minimalism, men can turn this system on its ear. Find yourself enslaved by the economic system? Take a page from the corporate playbook and downsize what they’re selling out of your life. You don’t need ANY of what they’re selling beyond food to eat, clothes on your back, and a modest roof over your head.

All it takes is a critical mass of John Galts and Walter Whites to emerge and it’s Game Over for abusing the productive men in society. Just like the mooches, CEOs, princesses, and government larcenists, former hard-working, tax-paying, honest men who have been shit on will start to fist fuck what they want out of this economy. When a critical mass of former worker bees starts behaving like everyone else, the best laid plans of mice and men and government officials will go awry.

I’ve already made my fist with my trucking and living abroad half the year plan. Have you?

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  • Studied Buddhism for a couple hours. Realized what causes suffering in life: Desires. Wouldn’t have understood it whilst young, but it really hit home midlife. The nice house, the pretty wife, the money, the clothes, the expensive toys, the stuff, the career, the recognition – it’s all a trap set up to feed the ‘system’ (women, the state, lawyers, judges, politicians, the elite and the many various victim classes) – predicated on the weakness of the good hearted male – men’s thirst for women’s approval – all of which is dependent on the naivete and disposability of the common man – the mold into which each of we men were birthed.

    My youth was simply a gynocentric social programming class. After each approval of my behavior whilst in man-bish-training, I lauded myself as a disposable white knight born to sacrifice my happiness for the gynocracy’s advancement. It wasn’t even conscious really – this self-sacrifice and gullibility. Was proud of my disposability – without even being able to articulate or consciously understand any of it in the slightest. Instead, after all the gynocentric books, movies, TV shows, music, etc, I was merely following my elder’s training. There’s nothing like the blind leading the blind, am I right. For a while, I bought into the feminist narrative that women were ‘oppressed’ by the evil menz. Even experienced a fair amount of guilt. But nevertheless, after careful study, which took a ton of brain re-wiring and a constant stream of grief and deep anger (red pill rage), I realized that just the opposite was true. I realized that I’d been had. I realized it was all one gigantic lie. Men are truly disposable utilities – and every effort is put forth to prevent men from recognizing their ‘true place’ in the grand scheme of our deeply misandric culture. It’s all one enormous, white knight envisioned, mangina inspired, con game. As much as I hate to admit it, even I, a post-graduate of gynocentric illusions and enchantments, deserves a man-hate participation trophy.

    Now that it’s all so clear to me – I have the opportunity to participate in another way. I can add my voice to others like those here and disembowel the system whilst feasting blissfully and hungrily on its blood. I now have the opportunity to earn a different participation trophy – one devoid of illusions, enchantments and gynocentric programming – an endeavor in which I’ve participated heavily for the past several years. They’re going to be really sorry they screwed with us. It’s going to cost them trillions – and they’ll all wonder to themselves, “I don’t understand where it all went wrong.” Tee hee. I’ll see their heads on a pike. Life makes far more sense without the rose colored glasses, does it not.

    “It is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men… All of history must be re-written in terms of oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft” – The Declaration of Feminism , November 1971.

    Oh – we’re going to re-write history, man hating khunts. You can already sense the rapid undoing of civilization – and we’re only just getting started. Men built all that’s upon the earth – and we’re fully capable of smashing it into tiny pieces. Ye will reap what ye have sown.


  • Becoming a Walter White type of person is exactly what the fuck I’ve been saying needs to happen. Its the only way to live now. Fuck following these faggot rules and kow towing to worthless skanks.

    I bitch slapped a chick the other day for getting in my face when I pulled into a parking space to fast for her liking. I sat that bitch down with a huge man palm. The look of shock and pure fear as I stood over her with clench fists asking if she wants more was god damn glorious.

    Western skanks you get the world you fucking asked for and I am thrilled to give it you. One mother fuckin bitch slap at a time.


  • I hate those customer service job.

    I’m weighing trying out for border patrol or the military.

    How could I be a good little fist-fucker in those positions?


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It is a great post, depressing and all too true. What’s really sad is that all the rewards go to #2 while #1 is condemned to live in celibacy.


    • Only because #1s will not, and are not allowed to, simply slap #2s and take their stuff away. Top down, open structural alpha is the only way forward, for real and fast results. I know it won’t happen at the moment gentlemen, but start thinking this way now and it can become reality, no more ‘implicit’ gaming and trickery.


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