Stories from the Road: Indianapolis Headed to Mexico


Saddle up

Trucking may be the ultimate career for the roaming nomad.

I’ve seen basically the entire U.S. in just a few short months, banged bitches in different cities, and since I live in the truck I don’t have any expenses beyond food and entertainment. As Willie Nelson put it, “Living on the road my friend, is gonna keep you free and clean.”

Let me tell you, the nation doesn’t impress me much. Nothing to do except mindlessly consume and throw money around for no real reason at all. The nation is obsessed with materialism and novel restaurant experiences with bad, overpriced, ersatz food.


I’m days away from women like her

Still, I manage to keep myself entertained.

I went to a black strip club in Indianapolis last night, and came away thinking how everything we say about American women in the manosphere is so right on. It was another disappointment, leading me to believe social engineering is now sucking the life out of the black community. Anglos were always boring.

Foreign women put American women to shame in almost every quantifiable measure. All I could think was, “I can’t wait to leave this fucking place again.” I knew I could get more, better action for much less money this weekend. Or no money at all.

It’s almost time. After 23 days straight on the road, I get to take a week off. I requested time off in the Rio Grande Valley so I can skip this repressed, coast to coast shopping mall and eatery for some good times in Old Mexico.

I’ll definitely be banging out some sexy Latinas while I’m there. In fact, that was all I could think of, with a bemused look on my face, as these Ameriwhores rubbed their sexuality in men’s faces, clueless as to why nobody was spending money on them with tips. Bitch, we don’t want to give away our hard earned money away just to see your ample frame in a bikini and get rubbed on.

America loves to tease men with sex but give them no satisfaction.

Incidentally, I just reread part of Havok: How Anglo American Feminism Ruined Society in my spare time. What a relief to discover I’m not alone, many authors, artists, poets, and writers fled this culture either spiritually, literally, or both. Among them: Christian, Hemingway, Blake, Byron, Shelley, Rosetti.

Here are a few excerpts from the Chapter detailing how creative and intelligent men fled sexually repressed Anglo America for a cornucopia of sensual and sexual delights abroad.

So I’m in good company.

At this point, I only come to America to refill my bank account with cash. It’s a mercenary relationship. Since I’m cockblocked from participating in other world economies due to statism, I have no choice for the moment except to lick the boot and save all my pennies for a better life abroad. Shopping and eating out and latent Puritanism don’t interest me. Good times and interesting people and freedom do.

As I’ve said before, America offers the least personal freedom and liberty of any place I visit. It is quite literally the world’s largest outdoor prison.

That’s why trucking is the perfect plan for the man who wants out…spend 23 days driving, 7 abroad each month, then take a 6 month sabbatical from the land of conspicuous consumption each year as I return to the Caribbean and venture out into parts unknown in the rest of the world.

Better men than I did the same thing, except they had resources and I have to work for my resources. My travel plans this year still include Africa, South America, and of course, my haven in the Caribbean.

Meantime, I’ll be in Mexico next week. With stories, of course.

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